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Famous Siew Pau In Seremban Town

ON OUR WAY BACK TO JOHOR, WE MADE A DETOUR TO SEREMBAN.....  It has been many years since I last visited this town, more than a few decades in fact.  I cannot recall any landmark at all.  From Kuala Lumpur, the drive took around one hour or so to reach Seremban.  With the help of the GPS, we managed to find what we were looking for...
Another 2 km, get ready to turn.... 
Going towards the place where we have googled... 
Saw the word Cendol there... 
But no, we didn't stop to try though it looked tempting!
Passed by a beautiful church....
And after some minutes, we found the place!
Siew Pau Master?
First time I heard of this shop... but it was first on the list when we googled...
Just look for this street.... 
Jalan Seng Meng Lee
The shop is just opposite this famous Yi Poh noodles restaurant...
Many shared their food in their blogs...
But no, we didn't try cos our tummies were still full, too bad!
We just Q up to buy some Seremban snacks...
Siew Pau, Egg Tarts and the Kueh Bahulu...
The small ones are the Best!
Our little loots... just buy a few of this and that... 
Still fresh from the oven...
The aroma of the freshly baked Siew Pau and kueh bahulu filled up our car...
Yes, despite our full stomach, 
We still managed to "squeeze" in what we have bought!


  1. Yi Poh's Seremban Hakka mee best lah!!! The sio pao. so so only. I prefer the Mr Sio Pao ones from their stalls all over the malls in KL but those very small, and more expensive too, I think.

  2. We wanted to try the cendol but no place to park so did not. Good that you all took time to detour to Seremban to buy some siew pows. You have heard of Siew Pow Master before when you left a comment on my post below but I guess you have forgotten about them - no point keeping unuse info in our brains - waste memory space only, hahaha:

    1. Yeah, I have forgotten la... my son googled it before leaving KL..

  3. Siew bao & bahulu are my favourites. Nice especially fresh from the oven. Yummssss

  4. You mention Seremban only, I think of siew poa's already.. They're really nice, I can eat 5 terus! I like the porky ones, very sweet and sticky, yummzzz...

  5. Did those siew pao last all the way back to Johor? Or gone halfway? If me, I cannot tahan one, self torture to sniff at those wonderful smell without eating them all up.

    1. We bought 8 only.. yes, they lasted.. cos I was concentrating on the bahulu...

  6. If me, i sure cannot resist temptation, buy liao, quick quick wanna eat liao, hehe...

  7. Seremban famous for siew pau, right? Was it good?

    1. Can eat one and that is it... but the smaller cakes, I can wallop a lot.. hahahaa

  8. I really love to eat their Siew Paus and Egg tarts too!
    In fact all different shops have their own baking styles but they all tasted nice to me when fresh warm from ovens.

    1. I agree.. what is fresh from the oven taste great!


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