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Natural Beauty To Behold

Whenever I go visiting to Taiping, I never missed going to the lakeside because I am really fascinated by the trees! These trees are not the normal ones, they must be more than a hundred years old (i think) ... so gigantic and strong...the way the branches lean over to the lake, let me tell u... they are really a wonderful sight to behold! I can just stand there and feel amazed.... hahaha.. I guess, next to food, these beautiful sights never fail to escape my eyesight... using my handphone to snap these in a way...doing them some but if u see them in real u will know what i mean...

A Brief Getaway To Taiping

I went for a brief getaway yesterday.... where? Taiping... it is around 70km from Ipoh and we reached the town in 50minutes. What purpose? hehehe.. apa lagi, pergi jalan-jalan cari makan (what else but to go for a eating spree again!) I forgot to take pictures of our lunch meal....silly me, I thought I have taken it but when I checked with my camera just now, they were not there.... sigh.. We stopped by at this Taiping coffeeshop after our dinner (letswallop post) and this man recommended us to take his yam cake. Proudly he said that his yam cake was authentic styled, learnt from his grandmother/ancestors... something like that, my hokkien is no good, so I agak-agak he must be talking about that la... After his short "speech", I "obliged" by ordering a small plate... (still full after dinner) when it came, i was like...gosh! looked so yummy one... it tasted better than it looked! hmmmm..... then we ordered some taiping rojak.. so much grounded nuts, man... s

Abacus Meal

Been eating heartily for the past few days, thanks to Elinluv and I adamantly told her that for days to come, our lunch should be either skipped or taken in lesser portions. She laughed cos she knows I cannot resist food when it comes to that! She is the slimmer one cos she exercises a lot! As for me, I only know how to sit and eat... I always got my own excuses when it comes to brisk walking, either it is going to rain or my girl is having tuition and needs my chauffeuring... LOL ... Ok ...back to my topic... our measly lunch.... for both Elin and I... " abascus " it is made of yam and flour... very nice to " ngek ngek " the fellas.. this of course is some type of yam thingy too.. each of us had a piece of this... So.... do u think I can lose weight if we continue to share our meals? hehehehe ....

Sweet Thoughts Are Made Of These..

When I reached home from work yesterday, I saw one parcel on the table addressed to me. I was thinking aloud.."wow, another pressie? who can it be?" Like a kid, without hesitation, I tore off the pos laju plastic and inside was a white box. Then only I looked at the sender and it was written C.A.K.E. sdn. bhd. At first I thought it was a fruit cake from a blogger whom I read was making some sales baking fruit cakes! hehehe... guess who she is... I was wrong. It was from this lovely blogger here who has a daughter named Ashley. LOL.. I bet many of us know who that is, right? Yes, she is the one. What a lovely gift, it was so nicely packed..... nice to have a cup of coffee with this... A box of sweet goodies (Barb, u thank me, I thank u!!)

What's Up, Cook?

After a sumptious dinner last night, I prepared a simple one for tonight. During lunch time I "consulted" my sifu Elin for some suggestions, I told her I have a small slab of pork meat, what shall I do with it? She suggested that I could mince the meat and then steam it with 2 normal eggs and one salted egg. Ahhh.. a good suggestion.... Went to The Store to get some vegetables and ended up buying some frozen cod fish as well. I thought it would be very expensive but to my surprise, it was very very cheap... for three pieces, they were sold at RM8.90 only... Gosh!! Got fishy smell or not, I asked her.... so cheap one! Then Elin taught me to put more garlic... Fried it dry dry... Then put some kicap when the oil is hot... and...pour over the fish after that... no smell one, she said.. very true... eat while it is hot too!! then i stir fry this vege...with lots of garlic too.. (apa panggil, i tak tau) aaahh...this is the steamed minced meat with 2 types of eggs (kai tan and

Something's Good Tonight

After my "pawning" post yesterday, my nice fren Elin must have felt some "sympathy"for me ( LOL ) and thus, this evening, I was treated to a very sumptuous dinner at this BBQ Korea restaurant called Riche Montana... funny name for a korean BBQ... sounds more like a cowboy name to me. Back to Elin , I wanted to say a Big Thank You ... for such a delicious dinner with u and your lovely Joanna as well. I am indeed very touched for giving me such a super yummylicious dinner, my first time ever in a korean restaurant. (Know what? I cannot even sit while posting this! I have to type standing up... guess tonight I have to stay up to sleep with such a heavy stomach! hahhahaa ....) the front view we were the 1st patrons for the evening... the big chef...doing her "stint" don't play play... part of the food... part of the soup... my desserts... Elin , thanks again for the lovely dinner

I Went To Pawn....

Labbie my dog "wrestled" with me last weekend and my bracelet broke... I didn't realize it was missing from my wrist until Aaron told me. The bracelet was hanging itself on the iron grill at the door... maybe my Labbie hung it there for me to see... (i think my dog is quite clever one... quite..) hahaha.... Since my bracelet is broken and the price of gold has gone crazy and haywire, I decided to let it go.... So...for the first time in history, I "pawned" my gold... I didn't even trade in for some other styles. I preferred the cash...and cash I got! For a simple bracelet, the goldsmith gave me RM650 after minus-ing 26% off the actual price of gold. I remember buying it for half of that price those 8 years ago... Well, since it was already "broken" and I am a bit "broke", the cash is most welcoming... (guess Aaron and Andy will be most alarmed to read this....)

We Love Big Face In Penang!!

Yes, my kids and I love to eat "Tai Kau Meen." Nowadays in IPOH, these type of stalls are very scarce, not easy to locate them anymore. So whenever I go to Penang, I will search for them, there are aplenty in Penang and the best thing is, they come in many types of fillings. I found this man in Jelutong, I said, "I want each of everything"... His reply was, "I have 20 choices, how many do u want?" wahhhh....20 choices, man!!! Then finally, we settled for 10 choices...hahahaa... my gosh....each one different variety and we ended up paying 22rm for the 10 choices.... the young boss... he was doing my 10 choices.. heheeee... i love the coconut fillings best!! simple and nice.. this one ham & meat floss.. gosh!! what a combination! some of the 5 sweet types another 5 were made up of ham, cheese, meat floss and goodness knows what... all we did was to walloped them!! so how about u? Do u love these "Big Faced Pancakes?&

A Crazy Badminton Fan

A relaxing Sunday....whole afternoon spent in the room.. never wanted to come out. If Merryn and Cleff were to do that, there would be a outcry, a happy outcry.. LOL.. But as for me, a whole afternoon spent in the room and mostly on bed was a bliss today, especially with one laptop on the bed and eyes on the big screen.... Watching the Malaysia Open 2010 today was enough to lift up my spirits high....hahahaa..... Double bliss was when Lee Chong Wei won the men's singles and Koo Kien Keat/Tan Boon Heong won the men's doubles. The last time Malaysia won was in 2007 and today 2010, we won again.... "WE"...hahahaa... I was standing up and applauding each time they got a point. Each time time I clapped, my dog Labbie barked...serious!! Really, and I tried clapping again, yes, she barked again too..... hahaha...she must have sensed my jubilation! my blissful moments... hope they show the repeat tomorrow :p

The Reds & The Greens

soft and nice... the red ones are filled with bean paste the green ones are coconut fillings They are called Ang-koo-s... is that how it is spelt? These are miniature ang-koo-s which I bought in Eaton, Penang. Each time I go Penang, I will try to get some home, after all, I sure pass by there while driving back using the bridge way... Who likes to eat angkoos besides Me?

I M Twiddle The Second...

What was I thinking of?? I reached home this evening a bit later than usual, parked my car and was gathering my handbag, tupperware, preparing to get down from the car, when suddenly my eyes caught the sight of Fernie's schoolbag behind the passenger car seat. For a moment, I was thinking, "hey, why is her schoolbag here?" OH GOSH!!! Then I suddenly panicked.... I had lunch with her this afternoon and dropped her back to school after that....AND THAT MEANS.... I WAS SUPPOSED TO FETCH HER AFTER WORK!!! YO!!! Quickly, I started my car again and Zoomed at full gear to her goodness, it was already 5.30pm, well over her time to go home. All the while driving, I was thinking why had I forgotten to pick her up.... The first thing Fernie said when she got into my car was "Mi, u never thought of me?" I didn't have the heart to say "Yes" ... Sorry is a much better word...

Let It Go

My mind was in a turmoil for the last few days, due to some business which was not actually my "biz" and it was wearing me out. I couldn't sleep too well lately, my eyes cried, "close them" but my mind said,"no, i wanna think...and ...think...why, why.." Today I found the solution... I reached my was sort of a relief.. at least for now and in days to come. Whatever is bothering me doesn't seem like a burden anymore. I have been worrying for "what is not my business." My poor head has been growing more grey hair lately due to this disturbance. Well, not I am thinking of Elin's Korean Barbeque dinner and looking forward towards IT! So as for that problem, just Beat It!

A "Sadistic" Sharing From Penang

I just came back from dinner with some of my outstation frens... it is quite late now and I have yet to put up this post... so tonight it will be a very short, sadistic post... not only for U but also for Me... Why? Cos while my kids were having a time of their life in Swenson, I was not around with them...when I was with them, we ended up eating typical chinese food, not "sinful" ice cream such as THIS!!!! isn't this a beauty? whose spoon was this?? hmmmmm...... ahhhhh..... oooohhhhhhh..... wordless & speechless


This cool rugged handsome man, Eugene is planning a Bloggers' Meet All in KL. When? During the school holidays. Where? In KL most probably.... Who? So far, no participants as yet, except for Eugene, I guess.. LOL..... So who wants to start the ball rolling? Perhaps all of us can chip in to suggest what, when, where and the who's. But make sure the host of the Ball is there, the Big Man himself, otherwise no fun, right, everybody??? Don't lets talk only... MAKE IT HAPPEN!! Anywaysss, for those who have experience in this type of Bloggers' Meet, please do help us with some useful information, something that we should know. (Eugene, over to u.....) Let's start the ball rolling ... THIS IS IT!!! ( oopps.. better not use MJ's theme) (pui hau sui, kong kor) LET'S MAKE IT HAPPEN.... THE BLOGGERS' HAPPENING!!! *i talk so much now, i might be the one who cannot make it* LOL.....

Kitty, Smiley, Sweetie...

Hello Kitty... Hello Smiley...and Thank you, Sweetie for sending these to me by Fast Post... When u asked me whether I'll be home on Monday, I know I will be getting some nice goodies.. hahahaa... My brother received this on my behalf and it was in his place till this morning. I quickly took from him and tore the paper off... (macam first time receiving pressie! :) oopss...take pic first before stripping it off totally... thank u, girl, for remembering that I love IKEA cookies.. now after this... i will Hide Them First!! (just kidding :)

I Pick Up Mandy

I had a lovely surprise call from Mandy this evening. Mandy is STP's radio fren whom I met when STP aka Cikgu Arthur and contingent came to visit IPOH last year around November, if I am not mistaken. We sort of "clicked" almost immediately, she is such a friendly lady and I am sure anyone will feel very comfortable being with her. Am I right, STP ? (oh, should I start calling u sir or cikgu .... but then again, we are almost in the same league, right?) So... I said to Mandy, "Can I pick u up after 7pm?" She laughed... normally she picks up people, she said... but this evening, she is special, she was picked up instead... that is the priority of being a guest! After picking Mandy, we went to "pick up" Elinluv as well.... how can we leave her out... cannot... She is a MUST HAVE person too... Together these 3 Charlie's Angels (overgrown angels, I must say), went to Ipoh Garden East food court for our dinner.... we took porridge with..... s

At Hard Rock And Walking Tall

After dinner we went to the Hard Rock Hotel... my kids and Gab wanted to go and look see, look see... the last time I went was during the eve of the opening ceremony of the hotel.. this time when we went, the hotel was like in full swing.. live band at the lobby and it was actually very classic... We were like "ah lians" and "ah bengs", Gabriel with his equipment, snapping pictures at almost every corner.. hehehee... even this pillar below was not left out... my girl wanted to take this picture badly.. know why???? well, it certainly made our legs looked so slim.. we looked tall, right? a picture to remember Hard Rock by.. one day, we might come here to stay a night, yeah???