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My Feedback On Digi Day Discovery Plan

In my previous post on Thursday and Friday , as I have written, I have chosen the Yellowman instead of Mr. Maxis. I never leave home without it during the day..... but when night comes, I choose to use another broadband, Mr. X... Streamyx... Okay, about the feedback on the Digi Day Discovery Plan RM38.00, it is true to its word... the line is fast indeed BUT note the time, ie. from 7am to 7pm as mentioned..... after which, if you continue to use, you might end up "puffing for air" or "stand up, walk around first" or having these signs coming from your mouth !=@#$%^#.... hahahaa..... From 7pm onwards, the RM38 Yellowman Plan is taking his REST.... So... conclusion... if you want a cheap plan for daytime usage only, by all means, choose the RM38 Day Discovery Plan, it is really worth it! As for me, I pay only RM33 cos of the rebate if direct debit to my credit card, more or less only a 1.10 per day.... very reasonable... But if you want to use the Yellowman Day a

Sing Berry, I Will Sing With You Again!

It was a hot afternoon on Saturday, after picking her up from school, we went to Ipoh Garden South for some cooling refreshments. My girl suggested Sing Berry, she heard from her friends that the place sells the best passionate drinks and desserts! Hearing the word "desserts"... nothing can hinders me from going there, I drove round and round that area for a parking.... gosh... they were really full... never wanting to give up, I managed to park some distance away from the IN Happening area..... These were what we ordered.... all cool and refreshing..... Special Passionate Strawberry Shake... RM9.90 From her face, you know whether it is good or not, right? we ordered an Oreo Cheesecake to savour... RM6.90 the lady boss recommended Sweet Strawberries.. "Try.. then you will know how they taste like.. " She mixed something like assam inside the strawberries.. Indeed they were so refreshing!! they came in a big glass bowl...RM13.00 Not sour... but sweet!! This is real

Sweet Tempting Delights

Desserts never fail to tempt me to bits! Anything sweet from baking, I am in! Unfortunately (or is it a blessing?) I do not know or have interest in baking, what I love is to get to taste what Others have cooked or baked.... If I am into baking and cooking good, I think I can call myself Lady Glutton by now.... cos I simply love to eat! During the previous week, I was "blessed" with such glorious sweet delights from who-else-but Elin from Sweet Delights... She baked French Apple Cake and brought me a few pieces to be "satisfied!" munchhhhh.... don't ask me how it tasted like.. i only know how to say thank you and they will be "gluttoned" ... LOL... the recipe can be found HERE Then another new morning came... two strawberry strudels were brought in... I guess I don't need to mention what happened to them... For this recipe, she has not posted it up yet but for more delicious recipes, just go visit her blog HERE How about that?? Promotion via Food

Scotty McCreery In His Finale Song!

For days I was waiting anxiously for Friday to come so that I could watch the finale performance of Scotty and Lauren in American Idol 2011. Last night I was sitting in front of my television at exactly 10pm, tuned in to 8TV.... and ain't I shocked when it was the RESULTS show instead?? Gosh, what a blunder! I didn't least expect the show to be shown on Thursday and I took it for granted it was always Friday on 8TV. Aiyoh!! So I missed their songs la! Just now I logged in Youtube to watch their performance... chey... nothing like the real thing on TV! By the way, will there be any repeat??? Guess not... huh... but I can still listen to his single here.... AND His finale song when he was announced the winner! SCOTTY MCCREERY I LOVE YOU THIS BIG!!

Yellowman Followed Me Home...

Finally I got my STICK! YES!! How did I decide? First, I went to the Maxis centre, besides enquiring about the broadband, I wanted to change my handphone package too, from the RM80 plan, I opt for the RM30 plan now. I do not call much nowadays and it is a waste to pay 80rm monthly..... As for the broadband, Maxis is offering RM48 monthly with 1.5GB, and it is faster from 7pm to 7am...... I nearly signed up the plan if not for Elin whispering to me that I should check out with the Yellowman Digi.... Upon reaching Digi, I was informed that the monthly plan is only RM38 with 3GB! It is called Day Discovery plan, something like that, meaning the speed is faster from 7am to 7pm... JUST WHAT I NEEDED! Furthermore if paid through direct debit every month, I get another RM5 off the bill so in other words, I only pay RM33 only! Immediately I signed up... paid RM130 for registration and advanced payment and I was given this beautiful STICK! Beautiful, isn't IT? Digi should pay me for t

Maxis Or Digi?

My third post for today.... 2 bad news... one in office and one at home.... Morning reached office only to find out that the modem is "kaput." Internet connection is practically NIL... I was so devastated.. how am I to survive without the Internet in the office??? Called up Elin.. crying SOS.... and she "comforted" me by lending me her "oxygen tank" for the first half of the day. (oxygen tank means broadband!) With her broadband sticking to my computer for half a day, I managed to blog hop and wrote a post on American Idol. Time flew... and when lunch time came, I had to return the "oxygen" to her... Afternoon dragged on ..... thirsting for the connection that never came.... Came home... watched badminton... Malaysia lost again ...3-2 to the Koreans... Wanted to use my laptop in the room... and guess what?? The laptop refused to have connection too!! No matter how many times I restarted... it refused to connect! Sigh.... Now I am using des

Sudirman Cup 2011

Lee Chong Wei is playing LIVE now on Astro 811... this is a badminton team play... and there is only a slim chance of winning against the Koreans actually... actually no chance...from the way I see it.. :) Last night Indonesia has won against Malaysia and now the Koreans... tough teams to breakthrough... But win or lose, I will be watching them play... Tan Boon Heong is partnering is Hoon Thien How.. I haven't seen them partnering before on TV... Koo Kien Keat played mixed doubles this time and they have lost in the first game... OK, I better get back to the showdown.. Lee Chong Wei against Park Sunghwan... first set!

Scotty Is American Idol 2011 !!

Latest news on American Idol...... fresh from the oven, so they say... Congratulations to Scotty McCreery!! He is the American Idol voted by the Americans for this season 2011..... Actually I was thinking about it this morning when I came to work... wondering what time they will be showing LIVE... then just a moment ago, I received a SMS from our mamarazzi... she knows I am a great fan of Scotty... so kind of her to inform me that SCOTTY has won! hahahaa.... I was thinking... he has won.. I am happy and that is it! hahahaa... I don't have any share of his prize, right..... just sharing the Happiness of this Cute Little Fella...... credit picture Just now my friend asked me why I am so happy... "You got share in his prize money ah?" :)

Sorry, Mr. Ratatouille...

Someone smelled a rat and thought it was a cat... My mum heard something scurrying about on her ceiling, she thought it was the " sui cat" running about ... Then one day while she was in the kitchen cooking, she screamed out loud... At a corner below the gas stove stood Mr. Rattouille!! My mum told me that it was really standing at the corner .... very steadily too! The one who was really terrified out of her wits was my MUM! She told us that she had never seen such a "cool" rat before! Well, maybe it was waiting to be served by my MUM.. lol.... Knowing my mum, she would not sleep comfortably if there is Mr. Rat looming about. That night itself, she prepared her "weapon" and put it near the kitchen stove..... Well, seems like my MUM's "weapon" is very effective.... The next morning... she found Mr. Rat trapped! Sigh... Mr. Ratatouille, such a pitiful look... It was still standing when I took a picture of him/her.. But sorry ye..., I ca

Tragedy Due To Forgetfulness

This morning I saw the Star newspaper on my colleague's table.... I thought it was his so I quickly browsed through the pages.... then he told me that our office has free newspaper already and continued to tell me that I could read it at my own pace in my own place... *hinting to shoo me off...* Anyway, I was not bothered until I read this piece of news that really bothered me.... this incident was kind of sad if you all read today's STAR paper ... it is about a 3 year old toddler who was left in the car sleeping while his father attended his cousin's funeral. He practically had forgotten all about his girl until an hour later, he finally remember and realized it.. Unfortunately it was too late, his girl had passed on....died of severe heatstroke.... imagine inside the car under the hot weather... What a disaster..... sad case.... It can happens....especially when our minds are so distracted on something else that we are oblivious of others around us. That is a wake-up

American Idols - Scotty & Lauren

Yes, I am very biased... even the title, I put Scotty name first instead of Lauren... so guess who I want the American Idol to be??? Scotty McCreery of course!! Too bad I cannot vote over here, otherwise I wouldn't mind putting in a vote or two.. hahahaa... Come Wednesday, Americans can see them perform live.... as for me here, I have to wait till Friday night to watch and by then, the results will be splashed in the newspaper already.. no LIVE results.... in a way it is good, my heart will not beat fast like watching those badminton matches! LOL.... so who do you think will win? Lauren or..... Scotty? I bet on this fella.... and I can't wait to buy his CD! (gosh, do I sound a bit... "overboard?")

Mama's Treat

This time round, my mum gave a dinner treat to us in Kok Thai restaurant... Yes, KOK THAI again... looks like we have signed an agreement with that restaurant, right? In time to come, we would have tried all the dishes already.... as it is, my mum likes to order back the same old dishes... hahahaa.... Thank goodness for Elin, she suggested three dishes that I haven't tried before... Here are the three that she recommended... (before the Rubbish Pork series came out otherwise I think twice first... hahahaa.....) Pork knuckle with mini dumplings... sliced pork on top of jelly fungus... bitter gourd fried with 3 types of eggs.. salted egg, century eggs and chicken eggs... :) ginger steamed "village chicken" my mum's MUST dish... and....greens at last... sweet potato leaves.. and one more Thai Fish dish... (wonder why the photo was missing actually!) and now for the happy faces... my mother and her "Pet" grandchild.. hehehe... the before and after... last time

Sweet Flesh

Though it is just me and my girl, it is quite easy to cook a meal to satisfy our hunger during dinner. She does not like chicken so I always have to look for something called Fish. Our meal is quite simple at times.. just 2 dishes... something like these below.... I bought a big fish and cut into two parts.... one part for one meal as in this picture above.. the fish head with lots of ingredients as toppings.. red onions, garlic, wolfberries, red dates... with plum sauce, a bit of sugar and salt.... after steaming for 10 minutes or so..... it is ready to be "attacked" sweet flesh dipped with sweetened sauce... a big bowl of spinach soup... and a small bowl of rice, this is OUR DINNER....


I thought I would be looking forward to a relaxing weekend.... too bad it was spoilt by a last minute phone call from a colleague in another department. I DID IT AGAIN!! Mistake, mistake!! I did a mistake.... Gosh, I should not be commenting about work here...but then... this kept haunting me from 4pm till now... My only solution is... when Monday comes, I will have to give a good treat to that person, hoping that she will withdraw the money which has wrongfully been keyed in to her account and return to the proper owner. And for me to bear in mind that .... I got to be very careful next time!! Please, no more wrong payment to wrong person .......sigh.... Concentrate, lady... have to concentrate! My weekend seems to be "stained." Why am I so bothered by this... ok ok.. maybe time for retirement...

IPOH Secret Garden

IPOH has a Secret Garden.... for the living, wine and dine... so it says here... Last night I met up with three Prominent Food Bloggers... (don't play play.. hahahaa...) The entrance.. Beside me is No-Frills opposite me is Frozen Wings and next is of course Sweet Delights ! So...what did we have in Secret Garden? First came the warm fresh buns followed by our meals... Me and Frills ordered the same meal... Salmon Rata....rata...something! Elin's grilled salmon Frozen Wing's grilled Chicken... Admiring the food ... before I partake.. Free flow of red wine on every Wednesday... The red wine was superb.. especially on such a giant glass.. after the meal, we went out to the Garden... wonder what's the secret behind the name.. my camera is not doing much justice... I will definitely want to come here once again... to know more "secrets" about food at... The Secret Garden.. =


I have not been subscribing newspaper for a few years now... in fact, I seldom read them unless it is really HOT news that is on everyone's mouth and to kill my curiousity, I will go online to read them. Other than that, not so bothered..... till this afternoon.... My colleague was telling me about RUBBISH PORK and reminding me/us not to take dim sum so much. Remember the documentary show in NTV 7 recently? It was on some journalists going undercover to "expose" some illegal pork sellers... selling dirt cheap pork, mainly from dead pigs to make chinese sausages (lap cheong) or barbequed pork (bah kwa) Actually I didn't follow much of the documentary... I only heard more about it few days later... Hot topic about pork being called RUBBISH. Today we mentioned about it again during lunch time, thought of going for dim sum tomorrow... but in the Sun paper today, a VIP advised us not to take dim sum, lap cheong, (chinese sausage) bah kwa (dried barbecue pork) till they

Today's Thoughts And Plans

Today is a public holiday, I was feeling kind of restless... thinking so much and yet doing nothing much... All I can say is... in another two weeks, there will be some changes in our lifestyle, my girl and I. Both of us are wishing and hoping that everything will go on smoothly. Suddenly something popped up into my mind... how about taking Three Months Off Work? Say around October? Or November? Yeah, it is still few months away no doubt, but I need to consider it properly now... the administration needs to be given notice a few months beforehand. Okay, lets say If I were not be working in October till December, can I or should I say, can both my girl and I survive? No salary to lean on, man........ On the other hand, I will be in the house whole day tending to my girl who is having her finals this year. After she finishes her exams in November, we can have a month off.... flying high and away!!! That is what I longed for! Secondly, I do not have to worry about my leav

Cold Hands And Jelly Feet

It has been a long day in the office today, two of my "members" took leave today to get a 4 days off in a row... I did not take, knowing I still have to get up early morning to take my girl to school... so might as well I go to the office and save my day leave for something else later on... This will be a short post.. tonight I have a function to go to.. er.. a church function... last minute they needed a guitarist and I am now having clammy hands and cold feet. I was very reluctant at first but after this message from my cell leader, I changed my mind... she sms-ed me saying "Do it for the Lord, HELP!!" Gosh...I do not have much time to practise, just go through and "strum" the best that I could.... hopefully no one will notice my shivering fingers and jelly legs.... hahahaa .. I m back from the function... I didn't play well tonight.. my fingers hurt too much cos I didn't play for quite some time... my two fingers are hurting now... And it ma

China Dim Sum In Greentown

My third time to this new Dim Sum restaurant and yet I could not remember the name ... the only familiar word is China... China Xin Xiang? Okay, forget about the name, I will find out later and post it up... In less than a week, I have gone to that restaurant three times in a row! So... I don't think I wanna go there until perhaps half a year later! hahahaa.... First time I went was with my two ex colleagues, second time with Elinluv and the third time with Andy and Fernie.... These dim sum were pretty special in a way.... prices range fromRM3.50 onwards.... actually I don't mind going there again if anyone were to give a treat.... hahahahaa..... Andy... giving his stomach a short rest.. after walloping all these.... fresh siew mai.. barbecued polo bun... siew loong pau.... (like i-dragon) sweet rice flour dumplings with pork floss fillings fried white spinach with popiah skin... mini egg tarts, very nice... special Dan Dan noodles... quite spicy szechuan soup noodles with mi