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Penang, Lumut Or Taiping...

My girl wanted to go Penang again this weekend.... I thought of booking the same hotel B-Suite in Bayan would be nice to visit my son and enjoy the food galore again.... B-Suite hotel... the one we stayed in early May.... it is very vast and spacious..... all these are complimentary....   first time I see hotel providing Hi-Fibre cereal as well....   the rooms overlooking this scenery....   and then...... I was thinking... "hey, this Saturday is a public holiday!" and not only that... it is school holidays too... and that means..... Penang will surely be packed with tourists and that also means... the roads will be jammed up as well..! The roads will not be like this where I can drive with leisure.... I guess I will have to wait for another weekend, where it is low peak time... It is much nicer to visit Penang where the roads are like these above.. Girl, we better postpone our trip.... Let's go somewhere

Batik Cake From My Lovely Colleagues

I have real nice colleagues... we can get along very well in the office... though we differ in age, in culture, in race, nevertheless we share one common interest..... YES!!  WE LOVE TO EAT!  (who doesn't! hahhaaaa....) One afternoon when I came back from lunch, I could smell something very nice coming out from the pantry..... lo and behold... I saw this!!  Fantastic! wow.... they made this during lunch! Presenting... Batik Cake... I think it is called like that... hahahaa....   Ready to eat.... there it goes..... doesn't it look like Batik?  rich with chocs and cocoa... Ok, Big Thanks to our Chef.... He was the one who "triggered" this off.... Ever since he brought two different cakes in two days, the girls couldn't resist not trying them out.... hmmm... I think I also must learn how to do this for my kids!!

A Mom With Simple Taste

ACTUALLY I am a very simple eater... times when I do not post up outside food, those drooling and tempting food, that means I am just having a simple meal at home... so simple that many of us do not find them appetizing at all. This evening I came home after 7pm and since it was quite late, I was too lazy to go to my mum's place for dinner.... I made my own DIY meal that is contradicting to the food posts I put up normally... I have 5 eggs in my fridge... expensive eggs... just look at that.. hahaha....   Looks like the mouth is missing... my faithful mug....   filled with quaker oats!   my dinner for tonight....   chomp! chomp!! Wanna show my kids what their mom takes  when they are not here with me....  Save hard for the money....ahem...ahem....

Travel With Comfort

It has been more than two years since Aaron came back from Europe and he still wish to go again this year, not alone but bringing us along with him as well.  How much will that be if the four of us are to tour round Europe?  Of course, we have to pick and choose where we want to go, we cannot be touring the whole of Europe at one go! While Aaron was doing his internship in Florence, Italy, he has gone to several places and he strongly encouraged us to go there as well.  It is very convenient to move around in Europe, transportation is not a problem and their rates are very reasonable by tubes and coaches.  Accommodation is also not a problem, we do not need to go to 5 or 6 stars hotel, all we need is a clean and pleasant place to put up the night.  There are many online websites to assist us in terms of cheap flights and lodging.  Some of the travel websites have great deals throughout the year, from cheap flights to exclusive resorts, you can just take your pick.  There are so many

Memories, Light The Corners Of Our Minds...

Sitting here all alone, looking through the pictures folders a moment ago and browsing through the nice and sweet memories of Sibu, I felt the need to post these up for all to see... in fact there are many nice photos in my folder left untouched... hahaha... slowly, slowly I will post them up....... Happy Moments.... my first dinner in Sibu.... Arthur must be ordering something enormous! lol...   adjourned to Karaoke after dinner... the morning.....   Quaypo started the ball rolling....  rendering a romantic mandarin song...   father and daughter duet-ing....  next morning....girl and boy...   Payung Cafe...  so much food...all looks good!   lovely decoration too...   looks like sisters, don't they? and the boys look like "brothers"... lol...   after all the food goodies... time to zzZZZzzzz? Naw... it is time for us to update our Facebook! Old habits die hard, don't

Buntong Noodles For Both Of Us

Andy and I went to town for our dinner, I didn't feel like cooking, still feeling lethargic after all the "achooooo" and running rose syndrome.... Whatever discomfort, believe it or not, I still have the appetite to eat "full blast."  A bit tasteless no doubt but nevertheless, I still want to have a nice meal to satisfy my hunger.... With no plans in mind, we passed by this Buntong noodles in town and spontaneously, I said, "Come, lets eat noodles tonight!" This shop is very special...during weekends, you got to take number.....   Right, we were the 15th customer.. clip the number to the stand provided  and wait to be "serviced"    in a way, it is good... first come first serve basis.. I salute the "ladies" who serve... they have good memories!   I ordered this for myself... "loe shu fun" this is "an extra" plate...   Andy's share....6 pieces...   I took 6 pieces...  

Yearning For These Now...

When one is not well, the mind is like "blocked." This is happening to me.. I couldn't think of what to write last night.... All I think of is to sleep and laze around, never mind the dust accumulated on the floor, the clothes left unfolded in the room....(thank goodness, Labbie is still properly fed otherwise SPCA will come after me!) Despite the "not feeling well", what lies in my mind right now is these unhealthy food below.. a big bowl of laksa to boost up my appetite AND a BIG bowl of jelly with ice plus lime might soothe my poor throat.... How I wish I could have that in front of me now! Anyone kind enough to deliver some goodies to me?  (Dream on......)

Why Me?

I never seen such an unethical man! This afternoon during lunch time, Elin and I were enjoying our food in the coffeshop, chatting happily... then we saw a couple walked in... a man in his fifties... well, nothing unusual about that except .... when he started to sneeze..... and guess what??  He sneezed RIGHT into our direction...where the food, Our fruits, Our drinks were on the table!  And the best thing is...he had a tissue in his hand and he was not using it to cover his mouth.  Maybe he wanted to save it for cleaning his mouth after his meal!  So disgusted both of us were and we kept staring at him, I think he knew what he did was wrong cos he looked at us but he didn't apologise. Gosh... this man ought to go back to school to learn about manners! Ok... to cut story short..... Guess who "captured" his Virus?   ME!!  I am having a cold now.... if not for this cold, I wouldn't be complaining about him here, would I?  Conclusion:  This proved that my immu

Thomas Cup Or American Idol 2012?

I have been glued to the TV since 7pm... watching Malaysia badminton players belting out with China and losing in all the three games.... well, as expected, we are no match against the China players, they are always one class above our own players...  kind of sad watching our players losing.... (I am a poor loser, I guess.. ) So "glued" to the TV that I missed the American Idol finale... haiyah!   I missed the 7pm live and now I got to wait until 11.45pm to watch Jessica Sanchez and Philip Philips perform their 3 songs....   The Two Finalists Actually I did not follow much of this year AI... what I am more interested in is Scotty McCreery!  A special performance from the American Idol Season 10 winner!  Hope I can keep myself awake by then... lol...   Can't wait to see his performance...

Lee Chong Wei Injured In Wuhan, China

Oh dear, I didn't know Lee Chong Wei was seriously injured during his game this afternoon, he was playing for the Thomas Cup in Wuhan, China. Our team lost 2-3 to the Denmark team, if LCW was not injured, Malaysia would have won 3-2.  So unfortunate for Lee Chong Wei, he must be deeply saddened by this incident... I guess many of us are.... Got this picture from the Badminton forum...  gosh...just look at his ankle landing... it looks so "awkward" to me... Obviously, he was in terrible pain... the ankle was very swollen and he was crying.... so sad to see this picture... But despite the terrible pain,  he limped to the court to "officially retire" from the game.. What a pity.... such a harsh blow on him... with the Olympic games three months away and the chance of being the champion might be at stake.... Hope he will recover from his injury soon... All the Best to Lee Chong Wei, he is our national hero!