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Desserts At Delicious, Straits Quay, Penang

Delicous, here we are.... my favourite corner... so many to choose from... Upon entering The Delicious in Straits Quay, we were surprised to see quite a crowd waiting to be seated.  We proceeded to the counter and put our name on the waiting list... To pass time, we "scrutinized" the cake counter..... Around fifteen minutes or so, we were taken to our seats..... by then, it was already nine pm.... our dinner cum supper!  :p   the crowd.... quickly we made our order... wanna guess why we did this sign V? just look at their menu...   like "attending" and reading notes... while waiting....its pictures' time again.... whose handbag is that??   another one more take.... we did something different that night... we took our "desserts" first..... we just couldn't resist not eating these first before our main meal... so irresistible!! We didn't have a proper whole cake for Aaron... Just make-do wi

Our Evening At Straits Quay Penang

"So...what's on the next itinerary, mum?" Ok, the next program on the list is of course our evening dinner....  After a good rest in Gurney Hotel, we went to Straits Quay to celebrate Aaron's Birthday.  Before we went for dinner, we walked around first.... looking at the bright lights and dim lights around there... it was quite crowded on a Saturday night... some stalls to display their goods at the entrance... someone seems to be"overwhelmed"  :) some of the night scenes... Lots of stuff displayed... Nice to stroll around...  Wish Ipoh has this kind of environment!  the E n O style... this entrance reminded me of Pavilion in KL... Everywhere we go, pictures and pictures... Guess its time to get a new camera...  nothing dark like this will come out.... hahahaa...

Dell Birthday Gift For You...

After fetching Aaron from the airport around 4.30pm, we went back to the hotel to have a good rest before dinner at Straits Quay. Upon reaching the hotel room, all of us pretended to be cool... I told Aaron to open the cupboard to check whether there were any slippers inside cos I said my legs were aching....  Unsuspecting nothing amiss, he opened the cupboard and the rest of us shouted, "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" and sang "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOUUUUUUU......" song.....  Inside the cupboard were three boxes.... 2 big 1 small... we hid the birthday gift inside the cupboard.. hahaa... It was really a pleasant surprise for him... his grin says it all... a birthday card from the "adorable" sister..   a family picture before the unwrapping of presents...   brother lending a helping hand.... "are these really for me??" "Godmother" looking on.... "wireless mouse"   more smiles

Penang International Airport

Penang International Airport is still under renovation... the last time I went there was in July 2011.  They were having a major renovation and when we reached there yesterday, the exterior was done but the interior was still under construction.... The exterior is almost finished....looks like KLIA from the outside.... Maybe in another few months, the PIA will be done up completely.... Hopefully we can fly anywhere from Penang next time...

Publisher Network

I was talking to a friend online the other night and we were sharing some views on our blogs and other topics as well.  One of the topics was on our blogs and how we maintain it and at the same time, drawing "high traffic" to them.  He suggested some websites and I did the same and a moment ago, I stumbled upon this Rank Giant which is suitable for us publishers as well.  I have not signed up yet but will take some time off to read what it has to offer.  There are so much I have to learn from SEO, Search Engine Optimization, in fact from the day I started to blog in 2008, I know nothing much about Internet Marketing.  But after some research online and hearing from my IT friends, I have gathered a bit here and there.  My blog does indeed need more "recognition" in a way so I believe that this Rank Giant will be able to assist me in getting what I need.  One of my blog friends have recommended a very good website whereby I can check my online rankings.  From what


HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, AA!! Great that we can come together again on this special day to celebrate your birthday....  Great to see you again after more than a month ago...  Great to witness your face radiant with happiness when you opened the cupboard... Great to know that you love the present that we bought for you.... HAPPY 24th BIRTHDAY!! GOD BLESS YOU ALWAYS!! LOVE YOU...

High Cholesterol Means Too Much Meat And No Exercise

This lunch hour I went to take my medical report from my regular doctor... he was in even though it was lunch time... well, I guess he doesn't take lunch, no wonder he looks "good!" Anyway, back to my report... everything seems to be fine except for my so-called Total Cholesterol... According to the doc, my Good cholesterol is nice... 2.4 but my Bad cholesterol is 3.5.. the overall cholesterol is 6.1.... (high or not?) Doc said it is a bit high and some real exercise will do me good... Real exercise means really sweating out...not just taking Labbie for an evening stroll... And that also means... less intake of Meat and more on Vegetables instead. How sad for me! :( With Guide to Healthcare Schools you can get the know-how you need to create a healthy balance for your body. Other than the Cholesterol, urine with traces of blood and protein, everything else seems to be fine.... I remember the last two years, I have problem with my uric acid and ESR...(whatever t

To Mokuren And Then Aka Momiji

I promised my girl that we would go for Japanese food this evening for dinner.... she is a BIG fan of Japanese cuisine.. while myself... er... so-so only... If you ask me to choose between Chinese and Japanese food, guess which I would choose... hahahaa.. So when my friends called me up for curry fish head, I have to refuse them half-heartedly... I know my girl would be very disappointed if we go for that... Anyway.... off we went to this Mokuren Japanese Cuisine at 7pm... upon entering, we saw most of the tables were empty but with a Reserved sign... then we were told that the tables were all reserved.... (kam laku geh...) Our second choice is further down the road... called Aka Momiji... (I cannot never get it into my head.. so I took this picture to help me here.... ) A two shop lot restaurant...  at least they have ample tables for non-reserved guests... looking at this picture make me realize that I have to "cut down" some... But when these

Saved By A Call...

This is not the first time....but I hope it will be the last... After doing my chores downstairs and leaving the kettle of water to boil, I went up and did my own stuff... checked my emails, facebook, etc etc on the Internet.. then my house phone rang and it was from my sister.  Both of us started to  "boil porridge" phone.  In the midst of our conversation, my handphone started to ring and I ended the call with my sister.  Ran downstairs to retrieve the call ..only to that the kettle of water was boiling and boiling like forever!  I quickly off the stove fire.... By then my handphone has also stopped ringing...  In my heart, I gave a word of "thanks" to whoever called me on my handphone and a Big Thanks to my God who prompted the fella to call me... It was from my buddy.. the first question she asked was, "Did you call my house phone earlier?  Cos I was in the toilet.. when I came out, it stopped." Then I began to thank her... telling her abou

Car Theft In Tesco Compound

My friends and I went for dinner at a shop just opposite the Tesco in Ipoh Garden South. We parked the car at the Tesco compound and practically we could see our car from the place where we sat actually... After dinner we walked back to the parking lot and I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this.. I had to take a second look before I exclaimed to my friends.... "HEY, is that a broken window??" And my friend's car was just parked next to this Kancil.... Feeling curious, I went nearer to see what was inside the car.... I saw a backpack left untouched... and quickly I took some pictures... When we were reversing our car, the car owner (one man and a lady) came back... the lady exclaimed quite loudly and for a moment, she glanced in all directions including us... I guess parking our car in shopping outlets are not as safe as we expected.... but I am surprised that we couldn't hear any "breaking sound" even when we were sitting just opposite the pa

Smart iPhone Makes Me Smarter And Poorer Now

Smart Phone for Smart People only... and sadly that does not apply to me... This morning I had a shock of my life when I received a SMS from Maxis stating that I have used up 80% of my RM300 limit, that is RM247......  I was like "HUH????"  How come the bill is so sky-high?? Quickly I called up Andy and he told me that I might have touched some "wrong" buttons in the settings of my iPhone (ter-activated) thus getting charged for using the Internet.  His advice to me was to go to the Maxis centre and see the itemized bill. Drove there in "super-speed" and true enough, the Maxis girl told me that I should "OFF" the "Cellular Data" in my iPhone... otherwise it would trigger charged usage whenever there is no Wifi ...  No wonder.. mine was turned "ON" in the Cellular Data button. So..... am I Smart enough to use the Smart phone?  A very expensive lesson learn..... RM247 just wasted like that.... sigh....

In Moments Like This, I Need A MAN!

For the last two days, whenever I walked my stairs, a stench filled my nostrils.... I didn't realize the stench came from my balcony until this morning when I went there to unblock the rain water that was stuck in the drainage hole. To my shock and dismay, I found this!!  A Decomposed Rat! (quickly took my camera and snap a picture) Then I stood there, staring at it for a few moments, trying to think what to do... Should I take a broom and sweep it into the dustpan?  Then I took a stick (as in the picture) and gave it a slight shove...  and ... GOSH!!... Beneath the rat skin, BIG FAT MAGGOTS WERE WRIGGLING!!!  urgghhh... urghhhh.... puke!!   By now, the stench was really nauseating!  Eventually what I did was this.. (imagine!)... I took two plastic bags and wore them on my right hand as gloves... and with just two seconds, took up the dead rat with maggots and shoved them into another plastic bag.. darn it...  I really wanted to vomit and cry!! In moments like this... I NEED A

So This Is KL Life...

Some pictures I took while I was having a stroll .. in Kuala Lumpur....not in IPOH... Peaceful and serene...  even cyclists were not endangered in any way... safe to walk... safe to cycle... left, right.... left, right... enjoying the greens and scenery along the way..... then...along the way, "Lassie" came by.... She was smiling at us... maybe greeting us..  "Good evening, ladies!  Are you visitors around here?" "I haven't seen you here before... by the way, my name is "Lassie" but not the same Lassie as you seen on TV during the 1970s... "Ok, Lassie, time to bade goodbye..  hope to see you next time when we go KL again!" after Lassie, another pair came out to walk too... this pair were not so friendly...  they have better things to do, I guess... .Just look at this house.. I don't think I can manage to housekeep that...  I can only stand amazed...