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Grilled Steaks At Texas Roadhouse, Sacramento

MY FAVOURITE STEAK HOUSE... the only place I love to order steak and the only place my nephew likes to follow us as well, Texas Roadhouse!  No shopping, no other places but this...  We made a reservation to be there at 4pm, to be the early birds for dinner.  As usual, once we were seated, a basket of warm buns were served immediately.  While waiting for our food, we would be stuffing at least two pieces of the irresistible buns with cinnamon butter at the side.  Then when my main meal comes, I would be half full already by then...  Texas Roadhouse.... Upon entering.. Some are even earlier than us...  Auntie and nephew.... Yup, bun in my mouth! I ordered house salad to go with my steak... This is my entre... comes with two sides.... Salad and Buttered Corn... New York Steak for my nephew....  Fried Catfish for my sister... And another steak for my brother-in-law.... Steak is not too expensive here.... Each entre is around $15-18... That is why we like coming here....
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Strong Temptation In Leatherby's

CANNOT MISS HAVING THIS...  My sister knows me well.... It was a Sunday and we went to our favourite joint, Leatherby's!  I fell in love with this family creamery ten years ago, my sister took me there for the first time and I was smitten straightaway.  Since then, I must pay a visit or two or more times whenever possible!  Yeah, too bad there isn't any branch elsewhere except for Sacramento....  As usual we ordered our usual, if I did not count wrongly, there are nine scoops of ice cream, made up  of various flavours.  I do not have any special favourites, all are my favourites... LOL.... There is a difference this time, not of the taste but of the pricing.  I guess everywhere is the same, after the pandemic and lockdown, the prices have gone up.  I hope that does not deter me to go again and again even after this....  My sweet temptations! To be shared.... My sister and I shared Club Sandwich... Yes, the half is more than enough for me! The Happy Trio!!

4 Proven Ways To Personalize Your Home

Your home can be an excellent source of comfort . But unless you built or recently renovated the house, there is a good chance it is personalized to the taste and preference of the last occupant. If you want it to feel like your sanctuary, then it can be useful to take a few steps to customize it and make it feel more comfortable. You can do the following to add a personal touch to the house and make it your own.  Wield the brush  Image Credit Updating your home with new paint is a straightforward way to freshen it. Concentrate on an area or two and add new paint rather than applying multiple shades to each room. Consider frequently overlooked areas like your front door to add a splash of color. This can also make a statement if you can’t invest in a full exterior painting project. The accent wall is also perfect for adding a pop of color without committing too much. Plus, changing the color to reflect changing tastes and trends is simple. Bring in some green  You don't need fresh

Spending A Week In Sacramento

SECOND WEEK... oh, it was not even the second week.  I arrived to San Jose on Tuesday and I was whisked off to Sacramento on Saturday.  LOL.... My sister came to fetch me during the weekend and I stayed with her for one whole week.  It was a time of sibling bonding and a time to catch up with food plus pampering too!  That was the best part! The pandemic has taken a toll on the livelihood everywhere and that includes this saloon.  Even my sister had not come to this place for some time but to her surprise, she was still remembered by her name once she walked in.  I doubt they remember me though... LOL... . Me Time.... Getting my legs pampered... massaged and all...  $25 excluding tips...  Thanks to her, I was relaxed for an whole hour! But I also did my share of cooking too while I was there.... At least I have one faithful patron who likes my dishes... LOL.... And in return, he prepared French toast with hot maple syrup for me! We ate out too especially during lunch time.... Korean no

Sifu Wong Kitchen At Sunnyvale

ASIANS GO ASIAN food.... and there is this new restaurant opened less than a year ago and business is blooming... Sifu Wong Kitchen is the name and it is located in Sunnyvale, opened by a famous chef known as PAPA WONG who studied culinary art in Hong Kong.  Naturally one of the famous food item is Dim Sum besides other Chinese dishes.  This restaurant is just beside Ramada Hotel and it is best to call up for reservation.  We did not so we had to wait for more than fifteen minutes before we were seated.   It was a hot and sunny day and we were seated outside the restaurant with awning and ventilation.  But that did not help, I was still feeling warm and so I did not enjoy the food as much I wanted to....  The sunshine seeping through the transparent awning...  and these are the food we ordered....  Braised noodles as well.... Yellow noodles with seafood... Big bowl of porridge... Their Siew Mai was enormously big... Glutinous rice wrapped in lotus leaf.... Beef balls... And the Asians.

My Ways Of Beating Inflation

Money can be difficult to get right, and most of us start thinking about our finances at this time of year since Christmas is coming up. If you’re forever running out of money especially with the Covid-19 pandemic looming over our heads, unsecured jobs opportunities and surviving day by day till payday, this is the time that we need to think carefully on daily survival.  I am a retiree with a minimum pension to bide me by.  Even though my kids are all grown up and not dependent on me, I am still very frugal in whatever I spend on, as the saying goes, saving on rainy days ahead....  I have thought of getting a remortgage on the house I am living in right now.  Due to the inflation, some banks are charging a slightly lower interest rate and it might be a good time to get some cash to tide things over and at the same time, making sure that the monthly instalments will not "bite" into my flesh, literally speaking.  To calculate the currency rate and interest, I would recommend th

Swimming Lessons For Baby

FINAL LESSON FOR THE MONTH... and he is actually no more a baby.... He is now 17 months going on 18.... It has been six months since I last carried him in my arms... and now he is getting a bit too big and heavy for me to carry! Weather was extremely hot when I landed here in San Jose, the sun was scorching hot and dry especially during the noon.  Air con has to be switched on the whole afternoon and fan during the night.   But hot or not, Baby Isa still need to finish his last swimming lesson before they close for the fall season.  No, he did not learn anything at all, I was told... it was just an half hour playtime in the water.  He did not like the lessons in fact, and he must be relieved that it is now over....  Arriving at the pool.... The kids in the pool accompanied with one parent.... In this case, my son was in with his son....  Sing song time in the pool...  Old Macdonald had a farm..... While I waited for the half hour.... I walked around... Parents waiting patiently.... lik