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A Short Vacation To The Lion City, Singapore

FLY, SCOOTIE, FLY... up, up to the sky... This is Scoot, a Singapore airline...  I call her Scootie... It was from Penang where I took a flight down to the Lion City... Beautiful clouds once Scootie is up in the air... A very short flight...  Just half a movie and it is time to land... Yes, it is durian season again.... Taken this from one of the shops at the Penang airport.... Touched down at Changi airport after an hour 20 minutes flight... Terminal 1 is where the Scoot landed... My daughter was waiting for me at the arrival hall... No hassle, everything was done online these days... No more white cards to fill in... What a beautiful sight at the Jewel.... We went for a short walk first before having our lunch there... My luggage and I... Hello Singapore, here I am!!
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Ending Our Day In Heritage Town Cafe, Gopeng

OUR LAST STOP was in Gopeng, by then it was almost evening around 5.30pm.  Our tummies couldn't take in any more food except for light snacks and drinks. Our tour guide told us to stop by Heritage Town Cafe in Gopeng and that was what we did.  No regrets, this place was indeed fascinating and since we were the early birds, taking photos here and there was such a bliss!  We seniors even had a fun time playing hopscotch on the ground... did I get the name correct?  Anyway, we had a lovely time.... hope we can do this again one fine day! At the front of the cafe... One for my album.... I just couldn't help glee-ing.... Lovers' corner to hang their love notes... Everything was painted.... The place where we sat for our finger food... For bigger groups, they can book upstairs....  And here we are.... oh, the hopscotch is missing.... We have videos on each one of us hopping up and down... Oh, what would our kids say if they saw us doing that, I wonder...  Our drinks....  Fried sw

Hawaii Desserts Teluk Intan

FROM BAGAN DATUK, we drove back to Teluk Intan, everyone of us agreed to have some sweet moments in Hawaii! Hawaii or Hawayi got its name from a local vendor selling desserts since 1980s, a favourite hangout for students during that time.  Now it has become an icon of Teluk Intan and one must not leave the place without tasting the local delights such as Laksa and Air Batu Campur aka ABC or Ice Kacang.... Since we were still full from our seafood platter, we just wanted some desserts to make our day complete.  LOL....  Standing in front of the first shop.... and it has extended to another shop next door... The memoirs from the very start of how Hawaii came about....  We ordered a plate of rojak... Very different from Ipoh....  Instead of peanuts, the toppings are fried yau char koay if I am not mistaken... 4 These ABC are to our liking... Creamy with fresh Gula Melaka (brown palm sugar)  Desserts and drinks before our next destination.... Gopeng!

Seafood Platter At Bagan Datuk

AND THE MAIN ATTRACTION CAME OUT with two staff carrying the platter on each side.... It must be very heavy, just too bad none of us captured that moment.  Perhaps we were being mesmerized at that moment to do anything else... LOL....  For the five of us, this is a very generous spread of seafood.... We did not order any rice to go with these.... And as usual... the cameras got to "eat first" There are six dishes in this platter.... Salted Egg Crabs... Spicy mini lobsters... and so it is called... Crispy Cereal Crayfish.... Crispy fried Eel Fish... dipped with special sauce... Two fried Senangin Fish.... And topped with Tom Yam Prawns.... This seafood platter cost RM328.... Pre-ordered two days in advance... We managed to finish this platter... And yes, we would love to go there again....

My First Visit To Bagan Datuk Hai Yong Restaurant

NEXT STOP BAGAN DATUK FISHING VILLAGE... We made a quick stop to Teluk Intan to get some cookies and snacks, the journey from Kampar to Teluk Intan is around one hour plus.  After that, another 45 minutes drive all the way to Bagan Datuk to visit this fishing village where our main attraction was.     This is the place we had our lunch.....  The man standing nearby is our tour guide... He has been here for 30 over times.... According to our tour guide, this is the best one around....  The footway leading to the restaurant.... Fishing village was very quiet....  And not so after we had our lunch.... The many trawlers docking around there.... We took the opportunity to take the pictures before the crowd arrived... Alright, don't look at how they prepare the food.... Might not have a good appetite after watching them... LOL.... This is part of our food platter....  From the eel family.... I did not see these pictures till I finished the lunch... These two photos above were taken by my

Making Decisions On Buying Cars

Do you think it’s time you went out there and started looking for a new car for the family during this time of pandemic? There are so many different things you will need to consider when looking for a new one, such as the safety features  and how secure it is. But there is also another consideration to make as well - should you buy a brand new model or just stick to a second-hand car? It’s certainly a question that requires a lot of thought as both new and second-hand cars come with their own set of advantages and disadvantages. Ready to make the decision as to which one is the best option for you and your family? Here are some pointers that you need to use to make your decision. You will have to spend a considerable amount of time looking at different cars so that you can figure out which one is the best for you. If you want to buy new car or a used car, you will have a harder time out shopping compared to if you want a brand new model. That’s just because there is more to check with

Our Foodie Day Trip Begins In Kampar

AND IT BEGAN AGAIN.... after a lapse of three years?  Life has to go back to normal and with the proper standard of procedure, we should be able to safeguard ourselves.  (hopefully and prayerfully)   After a short discussion between five of us, we chose yesterday (Thursday) to be our feasting day, starting from Kampar to Teluk Intan and forward to Bagan Datuk where I had not been to before in my whole life.   Our foodie trip started around 7.30am and our first destination is Kampar, a 40 minutes drive away from Ipoh.  By the time we reached it was almost 8.15am and my stomach was calling out for Food! Took this at the traffic light stop....  The buildings behind the sign seems to be abandoned already....  We parked our car nearby and off we went searching for our breakfast....  Famous for the Loe Shu Fun aka Rat noodles, we ordered from this stall... Varieties to choose from... We ordered three bowls to share.... Couldn't resist these snacks.... freshly fried.... Our portion added