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Mooncakes From Raffles Hotel, Singapore

MOONCAKES! A gift from my girl's boyfriend when I was in Johor last month.  He gave me a box of Mini mooncakes from Raffles.... and they need to be kept in the fridge.  Yes, mini size portions are good for me, I can consume one at one go....  What a nice gesture... Raffles Singapore Mooncakes... First time trying these champagne truffle snow skin mooncakes... Here goes.... Yes, I could taste the white chocolate shells filled with champagne infused cream.... Yummsss..... And I ate the whole one piece at one go! Thank you, dear!!  
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Ipoh Food Attraction In Buntong

ONE OF THE NOT-TO-BE-MISSED EATING SPOTS is in Buntong and for those who loves steamed chicken and beansprouts, this is IT! For myself being a local, I have not been here for a long time, few years perhaps.... and only recently last week or so, I came by two times with two different group of friends.  The second time, I asked them what type of chicken they used, and it was Woo Soe Kai aka Bearded Chicken... that is what I love to have.  The poached chicken tasted much better than the normal ones. This shop/house is along the main road in Buntong, further down the slope after the market.  Opens at 5pm in the evening and it is good to go early especially during weekends.  We were there around 5.20pm and by the time we left, the place was almost full.   Hard at work.... Their hands are fast... LOL...  We ordered half chicken RM37 This is Large size.... RM14 Ipoh beansprouts... short and fat.... 10 fish balls and three bowls of noodles to share... Total cost around RM75 with drinks for the

Guests To Weng Kee Restaurant, Ipoh

EATING OUT WITH GUESTS.... my friends from Penang dropped by for a visit in Ipoh for two nights.  Penang and Ipoh food are quite competitive, cafes are almost similar among the two states, what is different are the restaurant dishes.   For dinner, I took them to Weng Kee Restaurant in Ipoh Garden South.  There were eight of us so it was easier to order.... Among the dishes were...  Butter Fish... their signature dish... Broccoli with scallops... Kapitan Curry Chicken 4 types of vegetable aka Sei Tai Teen Wong... Steamed Yam And Bean sprouts with salted fish... Dishes came to around RM230 And the winner dish for the night is this Buttered Fish... Crispy, fresh and tasty!

Looking Good With Shapewear

Remember those days when we were young and blessed with a slender shaped body? We have no problem with choosing what to wear because almost anything looks good on us. Back then, we don’t have to worry about our diet, or about putting on the extra inch at our waist. We ate and play and our body retained its lovely shape. Sigh, those were the days….. For most of us, it all usually started after giving birth to our first child. We didn’t think much about it, probably because we were confident that our body will get back its shape in a few months’ time. Our attention was focused on our new born baby and we were busy learning to be a good mother to our first born. We were told to eat good balanced meal to provide enough of healthy milk for our baby. Lo, and behold! Imagine when we were preparing to go back to work and on the first morning, we found that the clothes just don’t look good on us anymore. Where in the world did all those bulges came from? And that is the beginning of a new chapt

Food For One Of My Days

WHAT MAKES ME GAIN WEIGHT DAILY... and the answer is Outside Food. Gaining a few hundred grams gradually is a reality these days... since I came back from US in February, I have gained around 4kg and still actively getting heavier by the days.   No need to be alarmed, I guess this is due to old age and slower metabolism.  Outside food is one of the reasons too... tasty food due to excessive oil....  Anyway, weight aside, I am still having a good appetite, needing to munch something every two hours!  LOL... Yes, I must go for more brisk walking to kill the calories...  I only eat three meals a day... that is not much, right? LOL....  I can eat this every day.... Fried Fish with a bowl of porridge.... The shop Kar Heng opens at 11am daily...  For a set of porridge with fish, it cost RM8 And we agreed it is a good deal....  Fish are not cheap nowadays... We ordered two sets of fried fish and one steamed fish....  Very satisfying lunch.... For dinner we went to Buntong to have these.... To

Roosendaal Pie And Mash, Little Algebra And Ferment Boulangerie In Ipoh

CAFES VERSUS CAFES... and this is now a trend in Ipoh.  Never knew that there are so many new cafes opened this year... no doubt some may have closed during the pandemic and lockdown.  Hope business is picking up again after the last two years of slowing down.  Nowadays there are so many new cafes opened that sooner or later, they will be taking over the coffee shops!  That was what my friend said... Old adults will be seen in coffee shops and young adults in air con cafes... LOL....  I do not want to be left behind... LOL.... I visited a few cafes in the past few days.... Roosendaal Pie And Mash Cafe.... Lost for choices.... And in the end, I opted for a  Chicken Pie which comes with mashed potate and gravy for RM20.... One afternoon we were here for quiche and pizza...  Only the Latte picture turned out nice.... RM12 The food pictures turned out very blurry.... Ferment Boulangerie... I can only remember the first word... Ferment... They have cakes.... Bombolini and more cakes.... I o

The Good Old And New Days

During my childhood days, I remember playing Card games with my neighbours, all of us were not from rich families, so naturally, we made our games from cardboards then. We were very cooperative, helping each other, colorring the cards and spent a lot of time doing the numbers and creating our own patterns. One of the cardboard games is bingo.  The fun part was when the winner had all the numbers called out, he/she would repeatedly shout 'BINGO' a number of times excitedly, so loud that we used to get ticked off by our mothers.  Those were the good old days!  When I started working, there were times when my elder sibling would take me to a club for Some board games once a week. I can still remember it was a Thursday each week and I was always looking forward to it. We really enjoyed ourselves very much, the chances of winning was high, but besides the snowball prizes, Some of the board games were very interesting and fun, play, we enjoyed watching and listening to the compere ma