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My Monday's Mistake

Waking up with blurry eyes this morning... thought of  taking EL (emergency leave) due to staying up to watch badminton till nearly 1am... cheering for the Koreans... Ok, this post is not about badminton...It is about my carelessness .... It is my turn to take my girl and her friend to school.. sort of car pool since we are staying along the same row... The thing girl told me that she would skipped school today and I quickly reminded her to inform her friend so that her mum will take her to school instead.... After that, I totally forgot all about it because the badminton finals were occupying my mind last night... right? This morning at handphone rang.... OH DEAR... I was thinking, "don't tell me the poor girl doesn't know??" True enough, her friend's mother called me and asked WHY... Why.... why didn't I inform her that I wasn't taking her daughter to school .......etc..etc..... Gosh, I apologised profusely to her... "

Lee Chong Wei, I "Lai" U

Lee Chong Wei, I blame u.... After church last night, I went to meet up with some of my ex-classmates in Gourmet Square, Ipoh Garden, it was around 10pm then... knowing very well, badminton French Open semi finals started around 7.30pm, I wouldn't make it in time to watch Lee Chong Wei play... never mind, sacrifice..... Anyway, our gathering dispersed around 11.15pm....  Upon reaching home, first thing I did was to on my PC to tune to tournamentsoftware for the results.... I was expecting to see Chen Long as the winner to the finals today... but lo and behold.... there are no results shown yet... and THAT MEANS.. CHEN LONG AND LEE CHONG WEI were still playing in the court!! Quickly ran down to tune in Astro 811... YES!!!  They were still playing their hearts out at 19-19 in the first game!  My heart beat very fast.................... Being a multi tasker, I logged in to Facebook at the same time, someone chatted me up talking about badminton... he called me a

Saturday Night Fever With Him

Happy Saturday to you .... hope you are feeeeling Great! Cos I am not... oh, I should... never mind.. I just woke up from a nap.... should be getting ready for church in a matter of minutes.  Wait till I finish writing this post.... Before you envy me for napping, don't.... I am actually dead tired!  Today is my working day....  working day slaving for the house.... zzzzzzzZZZZ... Housework is indeed very boring subject... so...  I better digress from this............. Before you snooze off like I did just now, let me show you 4 pictures here... wanna guess where this place leads to?  Are they familiar to you?  See who can guess where this place is...I am sure many of you know it! a serene surrounding..... nice peaceful place for dating... picnics....   if only the trees are fully gown now... with comfortable benches to sit on..... then this would be a nice place to visit during the evenings... to relax our minds... and just gaze out to the lake.... OK, stop dream

AGELESS Till The End Of Time

YEH!!!  Finally the goods have arrived safely!! Many many thanks to a sweet witch... now I can be "balanced up!'   LOL.... Ok, for those of you who might be thinking I have gone bonkers, let me tell the story.... It happened one day when I was blog hopping and I landed in sweet witch's blog posting about an Ageless giveaway... a chance to win all these products below... just by commenting..  “ I should own the Neutrogena AGELESS range because… ............" And my winning answer ... ahem... ahemm..... October 4, 2011 at 10:23 AM I should own the Neutrogena AGELESS range because… my body looks like I am in the 30s..but my face shows I am in my early 50s so it sort of do not balance and I would like to bet on Neutrogena AGELESS to make me look like 30s again! LOL… ahemmmm.....cough coughh.... and  MY WINNING PRODUCTS!! AGELESS cleanser, AGELESS toner, AGELESS firming cream!! AGELESS.... till the end of time!!   LOL... Ok... once I sta

Char Yuen In Kampar 36 Stalls

Continuation from my previous Kampar post.... after our lunch, we walked around the town to look for "char yuen." (fried balls) A friend told us that there is one famous stall selling "fried balls" and asked us to buy back for her. walking and asking around... for "char yuen" the old bus station... passed by an old shopping store.. and finally we found them! One auntie told us that this place is called "36 stalls" there are 36 stalls here... and we stopped at where the crowd was.... so this is the stall that sells "char yuen" I smelled Laksa too.. but we were too full to try... opted for a bowl of ice kacang instead... and these are Char Yuen !! (fried balls) and you know how much they cost??? You won't believe it.. They only cost 10 sen each!! (usd 3 cents) GOSH... talking about cheap..... never heard of 10 sen food for so long already!

Happy Deepavali And Kampar Curry Bread

Happy Deepavali to all Hindus... As for me and my friends, we celebrated our "public holiday" by driving a 45 minutes journey to Kampar.... for Lunch! We were not sure of which shop to go to... ended up in Kam Ling Restaurant... behind the Main Road... it was quite empty when we entered.. only two tables were occupied ... happily we settled down there and ordered our food.. BUT... after waiting for half hour, no food came out at all..... the other customers from the two tables left in a huff! Feeling something very wrong, we also left after paying for our drinks! Later we found out that there was a crowd in the same restaurant but situated next door only! a Posh-er Kam Ling Restaurant... It was crowded inside... no wonder they had no time to serve us! We were very hungry by then... and we ended up in Yau Kee Restaurant instead... just along the same road with Kam Ling Restaurant... 2 shop lots, one with air con and one without.... they sell assorted biscuits.... and of cours

The Prize Goes To....

Prior to the giveaway yesterday, the correct and accurate answers are from..... Congratulations, SK ! Now I wonder how he knows all of them..especially those Chinese premiers! By the way, SK, how did you find out? So geng one! I have to use Mr. Google to get their names.. thanks to Andy who gave me some tips.. like for instance, the #3 picture, most of you do not know him, I myself do not know him but he is the first Chinese astronut so from there, just click Mr. G...... So... SK... the next thing you do is to email me at the red prize will be send to you soonest!! As for those of you who commented, thanks once again for coming by to have fun, Daniel , when you wrote "no idea" on the #3, 4, 5 & 8, it really tickles me off...... hahaha.. Loo, except for the #3, you got them all correct... not bad.... *clap, clap* Another round of applause goes to Superweightkoalabear , you got them all correct too but unfortunately short of one "


Sitting in the office all alone during lunch time is something very rare... and today is one of those days I am alone again.... Feeling nothing much better to do, I went through my pendrives to delete whatever necessary and lo and behold.. I found some interesting pictures there..... And suddenly an idea came to my mind... A GUESSING GAME!!! And the prize? Well, frankly speaking, I was given an exclusive gift from a Big Company recently.... and since I am not utilizing it in a way, why not be given away to the First Correct Commentor who get all the 10 answers correct................... the white thing is for decorative purposes only.. :) Very easy only.... just name the "Person/Persons" taken with Andy in the wax museum! Ok, let's start with this first picture... 1) Who is Andy with? Very easy, right? 2) this is super easy!! Love Andy and his sense of humour.... 3) oopps.. I also don't know who this is.. do you? 4) but at leas

Kuala Sepetang Fishing Village

On a sunny Saturday afternoon, we decided to have our lunch cum dinner in Kuala Sepetang. Why lunch cum dinner? I do not know what it is called because by the time we reached this place, it was almost 4pm.... We did not want to go during dinner time because by then, the crowd would be there and furthermore the road going in is quite jammed up because of the night market. (pasar malam) So the best time is to go around this time... between (4-6pm) narrow road leading into the jetty.. slight drizzle when we reached... While waiting for the food to come, I went round clicking here and there... I guess some of you have seen these before... this is a very familiar scene when you are sitting on top and the boats are just below.... real typical fishing jetty... back from fishing... fishermen's livelihood is here... can see the sunset if we stay long enough... love watching this scenery... and then SUDDENLY... something red was put on our table! :) we ordered "Yim Kook Hai" (