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Exploring Stirling On Foot

The journey to Stirling from Kenmore took more than an hour to reach.. (if I am not mistaken.. maybe I slept in the car that I couldn't remember much) All I remember was looking for a place to stay and we went in the wrong way.  Eventually our car got stuck in the one-way path and we had to reverse the car out almost immediately... Some of the local folks were grinning from ear to ear when they saw us squeezing our car out of the narrow path! :) No, I was not the driver who went in the wrong route.. hahahaha... After some turnings, we finally found our One Night Stay Home... Not the luxurious type.. A bit compact but as long as it is clean and cozy, we don't mind.. B & B here cost 89 pounds... From the window sill, this is our scenery.... We left our stuff there and headed off to town to explore... Busy with my gadget...  One thing I notice in Scotland... Wherever we go, we do not see people holding on to smart phones or Ipad.. Young or ol

Awesome Algarve

On the west of Europe surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea and nestled tightly against the east coast of Spain, sits a country famous for its beaches and hospitality. Portugal has mature holiday resorts that have, over the years, become perfect tourist traps providing top class holidays and relaxed friendly atmospheres. It's no wonder Portugal is one of the top destinations in the holiday brochure. Portugal has many resorts and regions that all offer beautiful beaches to bathe on, clean sparkling waters to swim in and wonderful fresh cuisine to taste. So which area do you pick if you want to spend time there? It would depend firstly on how you want to spend your vacation. If you are a culture vulture then the best advice would be to head towards Lisbon where you can soak up scores of sites and historical landmarks. If you are a party animal and want to spend your nights swinging along to the Portuguese vibe, then Areias de Sao Joao will fill your soul with the sound of musi

River Tay Is One Of The Best Sights To Behold

We bade goodbye to the "Lochness" in Tay River and proceeded on with our drive along the banks. We did not stay a night there as planned, I told Aaron to moved onto our next destination which is Stirling and along the way, we stopped at some awesome sights... Driving along  the River Tay, the longest river in Scotland... pictures taken in a moving car... We parked our car in this small village to do some sightseeing... We saw a number of tourists walking along with their backpacks and all...  At first Aaron had planned to stay a night here..  But after some enquiry, the rates were a bit high so we changed our mind.. The guest houses are very homely though, peaceful and quiet... Well, eventually we didn't put up a night here in this place... The weather was still very cooling.... But that didn't deter us from walking around and taking pictures here.. Fantastic scenery here...  Quick, take a pic! Or two pics?  Both look pretty the s

A Waterside Retreat… Just A Day Away From Rome

Rome is often marketed as a great city break – which of course it is – but to really get the most from the city and its surrounding areas, a longer visit makes even more of the good value flights to Rome that can take you to this unique Italian centre in just a couple of hours. Even those who have never set foot in Italy know of the draw of Rome: its romantic reputation and breathtaking historic sights, its food and wine. However, not far from the city itself are a scattering of picturesque villages, perfect for a day trip out from the bustling crowds of Rome itself. Exchange the city’s architecture for endless horizons and peaceful mountain scenery at Lake Bracciano. About 25 kilometres north-west of Rome, as well as rail links from the city, there are also handy pick-up services to take you out to the lake and its shoreline towns, Bracciano, Trevignano and Anguilarra. The lake, Italy’s second largest, is also a drinking water reservoir for Rome, and a swim in its water i

Exploring Kenmore And Taymouth

Yes, I am back in Scotland again.. oopppss.. I mean I am back to posting up my travels while I was in Scotland... the posts seems never ending, right? But they will be... in a couple more posts, my pictures will all be published here in my travel blog here. I stayed 2 nights in Edinburgh and the very next day, we moved on.... east or west I really did not know.. my SIL and I just let the driver decide our next destination... and in an hour or so, we reached Taymouth.  My son had done some homework the night before, using the venues directory to get all the information he needed .... Kenmore Hotel, Scotlands Oldest Inn This reminded me of Cameron Highlands Heritage apartments... We went in to check out the rooms and get some warmth... I think this is a good place during winter... I am sure many like to ski here.. On the way to this place, we saw many snow filled mountains.. I am sure this inn will be popular during winter and I think there have many storage for skis .

Pan Heong Batu Caves Not To Be Missed

Monday morning... before we left for Ipoh, we had our "brunch" in Batu Caves. It was almost 11am when we set out and it took less than half an hour to reach there from Sungai Buloh.  The traffic was smooth due to school holidays.... Have been to Batu Caves countless times but... When it comes to directions, I am kind of hopeless and helpless...     Upon reaching Pan Heong Restaurant, my stomach was already "growling!" One thing I love about this shop is that we do not have to wait long for the food to be served...  It is best to go before 12noon...  no crowd, no standing behind tables...  (if you know what I mean... ) For the 8 of us, we ordered two plates of "Sang Har noodles"   Oh gosh... just look at the cholesterol!! oopps.. sorry...  let's forget about that.. for now... LOL...    Big Prawns "swimming" in noodles gravy... yumms! Steamed fish head.... Steamed "Croakers" Sweet po