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Kim's Dakgalbi Korean Food New In Ipoh

A night of mingling with the Korean family and their exotic meal....yes, I was invited to a preview of Korean food by my classmate.  She invited a few of us to try out the Korean food in this restaurant owned by a Korean couple and her family.  The name of the restaurant... Kim's Dakgalbi meaning Chicken BBQ  It is situated along  Jalan Medan Ipoh 1B, Medan Ipoh Bistari, Ipoh The tables and the equipment were imported directly from Korea.... We were served by the Korean couple themselves....  We were their first customers before the shop is even opened.... This is how it goes...... First dish with the vegetables and chicken meat.... After one round, they added noodles....  When that was finished, the rice was next!!  Imagine how "bloated" our stomach was then.... LOL.... But worry not, the condiments here is to neutralize what we had eaten....  All these while, husband and wife team entertained us with their Korean slant and dialogue...

3 Enticing Reasons to Vacation in London

If Paris is the city of love, then London would be the city to fall in love with. There is an air about the city that is hard to capture in mere words. Despite being one of the busiest financial hubs in the world, London retains its old charm in majestic buildings, lush green parks, beautiful manors, and let’s not forget the iconic London bridge.   If that isn’t enough to get you packing and planning a trip to London, here are a few reasons why the royal city of London never fails to entice. Getting around is a breeze From metro stations to red London buses, getting around the city is highly convenient. Grab a map, and explore the city at your own leisure. If you’re on a tight budget, check out the Cheap London Hotels Guide for deals that are a steal ! One good tip would be to look for accommodation that will be close to the attractions you’re interested in visiting as that would save you a lot of time and hassle. Allow yourself to get lost London is a city that is

Sushi East And Baskin Robbins Promotion

My girl wanted Sushi East for dinner and since I have never been there before yesterday, I agreed on one condition, that is, after dinner, ice cream will be next!   And so we started our journey to Ipoh Garden East.... and we found the shop within minutes.... it is just next to Ye'Old English... And so here we are... Sushi East...  Not too bad a place... the crowd was mingling in when we were seated.. My girl told me that the food is nice and the prices are reasonable here...  So....what is nice here???? Recommended by the young servers.... I love the cucumber rolls... Kind of healthy....huh... Mango and salmon rolls.... Kimchi Fried Rice.. Another type of cucumber roll, this one with rice.... Salmon something... I think.... How come the picture is blur here... hmmm.... I like this one... Unagi with Mango...  somehow the fillings inside blends... Good combination..   Oh...oh... my mom seems not to be enjoying.... S

Scrumptious Treat Near Sutera Mall, Johor

Oh I nearly forgot to put this one up...the food here is not bad, I am sure many Johoreans are more familiar with this place.  It is just opposite the Sutera Mall and it brightens up every night with lights and crowds... What's the two chinese words written up there?  Is it Meng Meng? Each time I come down to Johor, this place is not to be missed.... They love to come by here too.... Any familiarity here?  :) Nice ambience inside...  Comes with good food too...  What we ordered were.... Claypot sourish vegetables.... Best in the Whole World..  Believe it or not! Famous here is the succulent duck meat.... Four types of vegetables.... I love the smelly bean... (petai) ... Appetizing Nyonya Fish... the sauce itself is superb... Steamed White Taufoo!   For kids, this is a good choice.... Part of the dishes served.... I do not know how much this meal cost.... It was a Treat and I want to thank K and his family for hosting our stay

Savoury Food In Pin Sim, Menglembu

We went all the way to Pin Sim Restaurant, Menglembu to have our brunch. It was a twenty five minutes drive from our place and we reached there around noon. The shop is on the main road, very easy to locate.  The shop was already crowded by the time we entered cos it was lunch break then.  Nevertheless both of us got a nice place at the corner.... Patrons enjoying Pin Sum's variety of choices.... The menu are hung on the wall.... but the lady in charge  can also make good suggestions... I couldn't resist not ordering this.... the sourish Mixed Vegetables.... Their special noodles... "Sam Si Mee" And this was recommended... Crispy Fried Salted Egg Lotus.... I am sure many of us love this.... They are very tasty!!  *yup mei* With the above orders, the bill came to RM28... Certainly will come by again to try other dishes.... PIN SIM RESTAURANT 17, Jalan Besar, 31450 Menglembu, Ipoh, Perak (only daytime)

Travel Destinations You Might Not Think Of This Year

There is no doubt that springtime is one of the most popular times of the year for traveling. Most of the world is warming up from the winter and people are out and mingling again. If you are thinking about going somewhere and experiencing a new culture this season, there are a lot of variables to consider. Are you taking a vacation to relax or to see an amazing culture you've never witnessed? Do you want to see historical sites or simply interact with locals in their own environment? The parts of travel you are most interested in should shape your destination decisions, and with this in mind, here are some locations many people do not think of when planning their trips. Everyone goes to China to see the Great Wall or Forbidden City, but if you are more into watching people than monuments, China has plenty of other locations to offer. The best place to visit, other than Beijing, is definitely Macau. Across the bay from Hong Kong, Macau is a world-famous travel site and the most

Mission Accomplished Through FaceTime!

My iPhone3 has finally gave up on me.... and I think it is very "small heart"... (siew hei!) During my trip to Singapore, my son gave me his iPhone 4 because he bought Samsung model... he told me to use his iPhone 4 and keep my iPhone3 as a spare... But when I came back to Ipoh, I kept procrastinating about changing phones... until today... this morning my phone was still functioning as usual... but later in the afternoon, suddenly it kaput-ed.  The callers cannot hear me from their side.... Leaving no choice, my old phone had to be replaced with my son's one..... Is that a coincidence?  If my son did not give me his 4 model, would my 3 model still be functioning? After church this evening, I did the back-up and the transfer....  Not exactly I did it... I used FACETIME to help me... hahahaaa.... Through Facetime, my son taught me step by step how to do backup from old phone and restore all the information into the new one..... Mission Accomplished in just m

Tea Time And Desserts In Taman Pelangi, Johor

During the evening, we crossed the causeway to Johor via cab. I thought it was the normal type of cab but to my surprise, an Innova came to pick us up. My son told me that the trip from our place to Johor cost $55SG and we reached Jaya Jusco shopping mall in within half an hour! The causeway was quite smooth though it was a Saturday night. Dinner was at Fei Zai restaurant, I didn't manage to take any good pictures, I was too hungry by then.... The next day we were taken to Pelangi Garden, I was yearning for these type of food! Stalls at Taman Pelangi... It was almost 3pm when we reached the place, it was almost crowded... A Happening Place here.. so it seems.... Ordered their famous rojak.... Their Fried Beancurd with Rojak Sauce.... This one has less sauce.. another stall gave a thicker rojak sauce... Best! What I miss now is this!! Just look at the Gingko Nuts.... abundance!! I cannot remember exactly how much... maybe around RM3.50-RM4.00