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Strong Tempation Makes Flesh Weak

It is election day in Teluk Intan... the turnout was 66% according to the news I just read a moment ago and results will be out around 9pm, it is kind of exciting since it is between the Beauty and the Man... please excuse my pun... well, whoever wins, may they not break what they have promised... Coming back to Ipoh news, nothing exciting over here... but today is the first time I took durians after a long while.  After our lunch, we stopped by at Canning Garden to see what's smelling great.... A very hot and sunny day.....   Along the main road leading to Canning Garden....   An elderman and her daughter faithfully manning the durian stall for years....  He is still working at his tender age... now with an hearing aid.....  This time he sells mostly Kampung Durians... AKA Local Durians....  Displaying the beauty of beauties..... Temptation is strong... the Flesh is weak...   I didn't take much... just two seeds... and that was it.... Now

All About Madrid

Why visit Madrid? The city of Madrid is located in the center of Spain,a short distance away from many historical towns. This city is known for its ancient architecture, its food and its nightlife. Why go to Madrid? There are many reasons why to travel to Madrid. The city is an ideal destination for a city break, with many historical landmarks, restaurants worth a visit and a wide range of hotels and hostels to choose from. How to get to Madrid?   Madrid has a large international airport, the Barajas Adolfo Su├írez airport. This airport has four terminals covering low-cost flights to cities around Europe and many national and international flights. The city is connected to Barcelona, Malaga, Sevilla and Valencia by the high-speed AVE trains. There is a bus network around the Iberian peninsula and several trains linking the city to smaller towns. Where to stay? Madrid is a city that has a large variety of accommodation options. Choose between apartments located

Penang Road and Freeschool Garden, Penang

The next morning we had breakfast in Kheng Phin coffeeshop along Penang Road... actually I wanted another bowl of Koay Teow Th'ng before leaving for Ipoh but unfortunately, there isn't any in this shop... I ended up ordering a plate of fried koay teow instead....  Their beansprouts are very similar to the Ipoh ones already.... Must not leave Penang without some lobak in the stomach.... But too bad the Yam was already sold out by then.... Saw a vendor selling Mua Chee at the pavement walkway.... Couldn't resist... they were still warm, that's the way I like it....    After our brunch, we came to this place....  Flea Market! Interesting stuff being sold there.... More on handicraft... Soon it was time for us to leave..... Passed by Freeschool Garden..... And we stopped by here for some food... and desserts... Well, I guess I could not leave Penang without another bowl of my favourite noodles.... Don't know

Food And Desserts At Chulia Street, Penang

We had a simple and yet famous Wanton noodles in Chulia Street for dinner.  Though I have been to Penang countless times, I have not tasted their popular noodles here before.  Firstly, the street is almost crowded each time I pass by and parking is so limited.  Must prepare to walk from a distance... anyway, good to exercise especially after a heavy meal!  Feeling hungry?  Then must order a bit of everything! But I was not feeling adventurous that night....  Ended up taking a plate of the "shoutabout" Wanton noodles... Someone was telling me that it used to cost RM2 per plate... Mana ada... it is now RM3.20 or around there.... Not much of a presentation.... But then, who cares... hahahaa.... Just look at the capital "L" standing for LARD! No wonder so tasty! After the much acclaimed noodles, I wanted to eat something soothing..... We entered this herbal shop.... Herbal Jelly... "Kwai Lin Koe"   I could finish the

Sultan Perak Demise And Sore Throat

Even before the news came out officially, someone in Facebook has asked me yesterday whether I heard any news on the demise of our Perak Sultan.  I told her that I was still on medical leave so I did not hear anything about that.  But today when I went to the office, I was told that the news is true, only that it was not official until our Perak Chief Minister announced around 4pm.... Tomorrow is declared a holiday as a sign of respect.... I think I will stay home and rest... my throat is hurting me and I was recalling when and why it hurts... and I got the answer when I looked back to my Penang folder a moment ago!  We were near the Jalan Free School when we saw this crowd.....  Something good must be happening there!  Yes, I was told that this road side stall is famous for its FRIED STUFF..... And what happened to my throat is these Fried Nien Koh sandwiched by two pieces of Yam... After eating three Crispy Pieces, my Sore Throat is Born...... Anyway.. No regret

Cecil Street Market, Penang 7th Road, Penang

It was a very hot day in Penang but that did not deter me from going to Cecil Street Wet Market also known as C.Y.Choy aka 7th Road Wet Market.  I have been there several times but I did not know the name of the place then.  Only when one of my friends who were traveling with us in the same car suggested this place, then only I realized that I have missed out lots of good food here.... This food court opens around noon, I was told and there was so much authentic food that I did not know what to take actually... but not to missed is this Duck Meat Koay Teow Thng!   It was crowded and a few were queuing up for "tar pau" back..... I don't know why I love Koay Teow Th'ng ...  Each time I go Penang, I must have a bowl or two or three....   My first meal in Penang.... I must come here again to try other food... Ordered Otak Otak from the next stall... Then I saw someone from the next table eating Roasted Pork... The yearning came.... and I queued

A Night Stay At Royale Bintang Hotel, Penang

Spent a one night stay in The Royale Bintang Hotel, Penang last weekend.  My friend told me that there is a promotion going on till end of this month only.  Also heard that this is a newly opened hotel right in the heart of historic George Town, I never been there so I am all game for it... Since the promotion rate is within our budget, we made a trip up north on Saturday for a night stay and I was surprised to see that it is an existing colonial architecture, reminded me of our Ipoh Hongkong and Shanghai Bank Building in old town.  The Hotel is located at the Weld Quay area, just minutes by foot from the city's most famous bankings and shopping area, that includes major historic sites along the Heritage Trial of Penang.  Entrance is from behind the building....   At the lobby...  I think my hands were shaking then....  Didn't do much credit to the hotel... too bad...   To the lifts....   Lobby Lounge....   Relaxing if we got the time to laze around he