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Guessing The Price Right At SPPK, Ipoh

After sending my girl back to her university, I dropped by to pick up my friends in Pasir Puteh. It was almost 6pm and we went to a nearby coffeeshop for our dinner. I have never been there, this shop is called SPPK and when we reached there, there were already five to six tables occupied...  Either Ipohians like to have their dinner early or.... they want to avoid the 7pm crowd... I think it is more on the latter because I prefer to avoid the crowd and do not have to wait too long for the food... that shows how "patient" I am... There was a poster written in Mandarin with no picture and my friend told me that the specialty for that evening is the claypot beancurd which cost only RM4!  Obviously we ordered that since the price was special for that evening...   I should have taken the whole picture of the claypot... Lots of gravy flooding over the ingredients inside.. For RM4, it is definitely worth it.. Homemade also cost more than RM4  :) We wanted some

Amica In Ipoh Garden South, Ipoh

Come Sunday, the four of us "scratched" our heads again... thinking of the place for our breakfast... or should I say brunch? It was almost 11am when we set out from our house and I drove south this time... I mean we ended up in Ipoh Garden South... There are a few coffeeshops there and I guess most of the good food would have finished by this time.  I did not have any shop in mind when Amica caught my eye.  Amica is along the RHB Bank in Ipoh Garden South, just opposite Pretty Pets. There were still a crowd there so I guess the food was not finished yet... True enough... food is still abundant there except for the nyonya cakes and kueh.... but the Uncle's dumplings caught my eye... I ordered a few of these to eat while waiting for the food....  I chose one of each... they look different from the normal ones... The black one is nice.. charcoal something? The filling is kaya, I like it... Then the flower type of dumpling is also nice, my girl lik

Moon De Moon At Wah Keong Garden, Ipoh

My girl came back for the weekend and she heard that Moon De Moon served very nice chicken koay teow... She suggested going there for our breakfast but upon reaching, the noodles and the fish balls were all sold out!  Okay, we were a bit too late and this weekend, we must wake up a bit earlier if we want to savour the smooth noodles. Moon De Moon is in Wah Keong Garden, just a short distance from our place and this time we managed to catch "the early worm"..... Very popular stall...  We waited nearly 20-25 minutes for the food to arrive...  Very worth eating... For RM4, the quality is there... The soup is just enough to cover the noodles... They have curry chicken too besides the chicken soup noodles.... I ordered the dried version...   Smooth koay teow and the sauce suits me fine.... These are Fookchow fish balls... RM1 for each... The difference between the normal fish balls I normally have..... My other two kids will crave for these o

Do I Need The iPhone 6?

There's a very easy answer to this question and it's... No I don't! I have been using an iPhone 4 that I got from my son when my iPhone 3 stopped working six months ago, and though I really like iPhones generally, and find them easy to use, I wouldn't say I needed a new one until it breaks... But there is a difference between "needing" something and "wanting" it! The new iPhones look really good, so I'm going to look at whether it's worth thinking about actually going out and buying one. Games I'm actually not that great at technology and computers and stuff like that. What I like about the Apple system is that it's easy to use and quite intuitive, as well as the fact that it looks nice! Really I just need a phone to call people, use as an alarm clock and play a few games on, and the big-screen iPhone 6 Plus would be great for gaming. I like to play bingo sometimes, which works well on my smaller iPhone 4. But the site

China Dim Sum In Greentown Business Centre, Ipoh

Never leave Ipoh without eating dim sum, so the saying goes... and this statement always seem to apply to my girl before she leaves for the new week again.  Her favourite place is none other than China Chuan Kwong in Greentown Business center.  It was crowded when we reached but we managed to get a small table for two.... Initially these were what we ordered.... Green tea sesame with red beans filling... Dan-Dan noodles is a must... The waiter recommended this.....something special... Yau Chow Kwai with fish paste...  It was too "hard" for me.... But these are "gorgeous"... Yam dumplings... I like this... but not the presentation... quite a small portion on that day.... Salted Fish dumpling... We packeted back the whole plate... But this is nice.... the glutinous rice is "yup mei" (tasty) Yes, definitely too much for the two of us... I wonder why we ended up ordering so much...  But worry not, we ate most of

A New App I Get To Know

In my own hometown, I do not need any GPS to lead me to where I want to go but once I am out of town, I will be very helpless!  So far I have not install any app in my iPhone yet, yes, I know.. I am still backdated, I still rely on manual directions from my friends and worse come to the worse, I draw my own directions on a piece of paper and "study" the plan before departing from my home station.  That is not quite reliable, right? Well, I cannot rely on the manual directions anymore as much as I wanted to.  I am planning to "migrate" to another state when I retire, plans are not definite yet but I need to prepare myself.  When I think of the town I am going to, I feel very lost!  I have to admit that I am poor and helpless in remembering directions.  I am going to need some app software to help me through this time of crisis and the only way to be independent is to download an app to my iPhone. There are a few apps that I am interested in and I am trying to fin

ACUSTOP For Pain Relief

Ever since I fell down a couple of months ago, I have been getting backache on and off.   That is why old people's myth is true... "Once you fall down and never take precautions, you will get backache every now and then."  I used to shrug it off .... Now look at me... I cannot carry heavy stuff already... I feel my back is very sprained when I do that... I cannot even sit too long in one position... when I get up, my back is so stiff!  Alright, I do not want to be a spring chicken but at least allow me to walk like a normal fat chicken!  :) When I did my X-Ray previously, the specialist said my muscle is injured on my right side... since then, it has been healed.. no more pain.. but nowadays the pain is on the left side.... the pain has now moved over... and I have to use these again as recommended by the doc.... So far, I have used a number of plasters and this one is most "relieving".... It cost RM10.50 for 6 pieces.... not cheap...  I use two pi

My New Colourful Korean Bag

I love to travel, be it local places or overseas.  For short trips, I just take an overnight bag and for trips longer than one week, I will take a bigger suitcase.  For someone who loves traveling, I do not have any proper suitcase for shorter trips and now that I have "aged a bit", I cannot hand-carry any luggage easily. Two of my cabin suitcase have "conked" out, the zip is not working anymore on one and the handle has broken on the other.  It is time for me to get a new one and this time I wanted one with a different effect... firstly, I wanted it to be more colourful (easier for me to recognize upon check-out) and secondly, it should have four rollers with easy rotating..... So now ... presenting my new and colourful bag from Lazada Malaysia .... It just arrived this afternoon to my office!  Hey... don't laugh! This is Korean designed lightweight & durable luggage! So beautiful eh...  Adorable candy coloured! (My son

Show Your Feelings With Love Wall Quotes

There are several ways of showing a person that you love him or her. But doing something which the other person can cherish each and every day is something worth giving. So when the time came for me to do something for my spouse then I opted for love wall quotes from . While moving in together with him, we chose a beautiful apartment which was semi furnished though a bit small.   As soon as I came inside the apartment I looked at the vacant white walls and immediately I had to do something. I wanted variety but with a limited amount to spend I was in a fix until I came to know about the wall art decals and quotes. I wanted to decorate the rooms of the apartment according to themes and I decided to stick up couple of beautifully written love wall quotes in my bedroom walls. And for more wall quotes you may search the vinyl wall quotes to find the page .  I also like the designs in this website , they have the best NC funiture here www.goodshomefurnishing

Special Taste In Ipoh Garden Marpoh

One of the most popular eatery place in Ipoh is Marpoh Restaurant, located in Ipoh Garden. Business is very brisk, it opens for lunch and for dinner.  My family likes to come here for meals, prices are reasonable and many of their dishes are tasty too.  It started with one shophouse many years ago and expanded to two and during festive seasons, the first storey is also used to accommodate us, the patrons... :) I had a nice dinner with my family and for the three of us, we ordered something kind of special.... Marpoh signature dish... Their own-made beancurd with diced meat... The sauce is simply appetizing.... If we could, this one dish alone is can go with our rice... Eggplants with fish paste... Their gravy is also suitable for white rice.... Oh... this is very "unhealthy!" But I cannot resist ordering this... Braised "stomach" with lots of garlic, chillies and whatever...   Simply tasty to our buds! Three large dishes... for thr

Xiang Palace In SOHO IPOH

On that particular day, both of us did not any plans on what and where to take our lunch... we have ran out of ideas and choices and we just drove around town to get some "food inspiration" ... hahaha...  And good thing we manage to get to this place... SOHO Ipoh (Small Office, Home Office) is the new place in town, located at the intersection Jalan Sultan Idris Shah (Brewster Road), corner of The Sultan Yussuf Fountain roundabout which also walking distance to Ipoh Parade Shopping Mall where one of the over-rated shops is located.  This SOHO is an enclosed area, as the shops are not fully occupied yet, the parking in this area is free for now.   But we did not go into that over-rated shop, we rather eat somewhere else.  My girl has sharp eyes, she saw one shop called Xiang Palace, just newly opened while I was looking for parking around the vicinity. My girl was fascinated with something here... They have see through glass where we can see the "food-in-ma