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In Rememberance Of Our Love

 Some pictures to commemorate our dearest Mother....     Our meal in Bee Gaik Restaurant after we sent our mom to her resting place....

Top 4 Albuquerque Hotels For Business Travelers

Albuquerque is home to the largest business center in New Mexico, so it welcomes many professionals every year. Consider these top hotels when you're next conducting business in the southwest. 1.     Marriott Albuquerque Pyramid North The Marriott Albuquerque Pyramid North is perfectly located for business travelers in the Journal Center business park. It's a little farther from downtown Albuquerque, but this helps your dollar go further. The on-site business center has everything professionals need including audio-visual equipment, fax and photocopying machines, and administrative services. It also boasts 18 meeting rooms, including a massive ballroom which seats 1,800 people for conferences or conventions. You'll need to pay for the Internet in your room, but you can get connected for free in the atrium lounge. Look for affordable deals on the Marriott Albuquerque Pyramid North at . 2.    Hotel Andaluz It might be difficult to keep your mind on th

Mama, You Raised Us Up...

Just a moment ago, my sister reminded me to do something for her ....then on second thoughts, she said, "Oh, you are not the right person to do that... you always forget things... (Sigh)... Only Mother can remind me... She has best memory among us all........ "    Mother's Happiest Moments.... Our Mama... Words cannot express how much we miss You from now on.... The only consolation we have... That we will see you again some day.... Meanwhile ... Each breaking day will be filled with sweet memories... Of you by our side.....  

Tasty Food In Sg Buloh Old Industrial Area

Drove down to Sg Buloh around 10am on a sunny Sunday morning and reached there around lunch time.  Had our lunch at the same old regular shop at the industrial area called Family Restaurant. Indeed it is always a time of family bonding in this shop.... Here we are.... at the Sg Buloh Industrial Area..... A picture to remember while waiting for our food.... Big bowl of Sarawak Kolo Mee....  Love the taste...  and the toppings full to the brim... RM7 Popiah is also not bad... very crunchy fillings too! Ordered some Roasted Duck..... To go with the noodles...! This time no Fish Noodles because it was not opened... Gave me the chance to try something different this time for once!

Creamy Desserts In Ipoh Town

My sisters and I went to the town market to do some shopping and it was very fruitful indeed. Each of us bought something for ourselves, good bargains and all.... we fastpaced back to the car because it was such a hot day!  We were practically sweating and yearning for something cooling-licious when we stumbled upon this stall which partially hidden.... It was situated in a small corner along Anderson Road, just opposite Kamdar and a popular coffeeshop called Lok Wui Kei.... There were a few tables along the five foot way and we sat at one with a standing fan just at the corner... We made our orders and quickly I took a few pictures....  Nice and friendly man.....   I just gave him the numbers... I thought he would have memorized them by now... I ordered #9 ... soya bean with gula melaka.... But this came instead.... Then I told him about the blunder.. and quickly he took it back...  And gave us a special one indeed....  He told us to try this... "Very

Kenny Rogers Lookalike Took Away My Wisdom

My wisdom tooth has been giving me problem for many months. But I was been procrastinating till the tooth said, "Help, help... I cannot crush any more food for you!"   Yes, whenever I eat, I have to adjust the amount of food to be crushed this side and on the other good side.   That was tedious work, right?  Why don't I end the suffering since I love to EAT? And leaving no choice, I carried my heavy legs to visit the dentist, a day after Deepavali.  I heard there are three dental clinics along the same row... the first one, Dr C... then next two doors away, another Dr C... then another two shops away... Dr. O....  Who shall I choose?  hahahaha. .. I didn't manage to choose ANY cos the two Dr. C has not opened their clinics yet!    And so... here I am.... in Dr. O's clinic... first timer... When I saw him.... first impression.....hmmm...... Very rugged man! Beard-dy... reminded me of Kenny Rogers... haahahaha... Ok... serious mode ... after some m

8 Course Meal At Super HLT Restaurant, Ipoh

My family had a Thanksgiving celebration last weekend. We went to Super HLT Restaurant for our lunch this time... and upon arrival, there was also an event going on, a Kindies' Graduation function was going on. Wow.. nowadays, kindergartens also hold functions in restaurants! Enjoy the kids' performance while savouring the food.... Coming back to our own "family function", there were seventeen of us and we occupied two tables... It was a eight cost lunch and the food was kind of special in its own way.... All of us enjoyed the meal tremendously.... First dish.... everything on this plate "disappeared" in no time... No, it is not shark fins but fish maws with crab meat... Steamed Sea Bass.... This one needs no introduction.... I love the white dumplings with sauce... I took only one of this....  Prefer this dish more than the above... A very scrumptious dish indeed... Fried rice for the ending.... Pancakes and stea

Planning A Trip To Charlotte? 4 Things You Need To Know

Charlotte is a diverse city, mixing the fast-paced East Coast lifestyle with the sweet, slow charm of the South. Don't expect this fast-growing metropolis to behave like other southern cities; its cultural identity is modern and eclectic. If a Charlotte getaway is in your future, here are four things to keep in mind when you plan your trip. Time Your Trip For Hotel Deals The city is hot, humid, and busy in the summer months; you'll get the best rates during the spring and fall. Remember, the Queen City is a major banking and business center, second only to New York City. Because of this, you'll pay significantly more for a room during the week than you will on weekends. In fact, Uptown business district hotels like the Marriott City Center and the Hampton Inn Charlotte Uptown usually offer deep discounts and special weekend packages to fill their empty rooms; enjoy the premium location at a budget price. Don't Rely On Public Transportation While Cha

Ipoh Buntong Fried Noodles Resurfaced Again!

Buntong Fried Noodles along Leong Sin Nam Street was quite well known one time for making patrons wait at least half hour or 45 minutes before food was being served and if one is too hungry, one should not go to this shop. It is also not surprising to see the men holding and reading newspaper while waiting to be served. Well, that was few years ago... Not sure what happened, suddenly business stopped, the man "disappeared" and I heard there was franchise on his noodles.. I am not into franchising food products, I prefer the originality so I stopped eating the fried noodles. Then recently, someone told me that the man "reappeared" and this time he was at another location in town along Osborne Street, just behind the former Majestic cinema. The shop is called MXII.... Finally....  I found "him"...  yes, same man... cos I remember he is quite "skinny" type... Still the same look but not as skinny as before... hahahaa... My girl a