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Shopping Both Ways

For the past few days, my girl and I have been driving around to get familiarize with the area where we are staying.  The very first important place we should know is where we get our food and the groceries.  These  two categories is a necessity in our everyday life here and now we are quite familiar with a few places after staying here for a week now.  We drove around the vicinity to get familiarized with the roads....   Looks familiar?   Yes, indeed it does.....  We come by almost every day! Fortunately it is quite near to where we are staying.... Otherwise it can be quite tedious to come by for every little thing we need....   Parking can be a problem during hectic hours of the day....  And each time we come, we end up buying some stuff... and carrying them all the way to the car park...  What is nice here is the real greens they use to decorate the parking lots.... Anyway, what I want to say here is that there are some other ways of doing some shop