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Home Design Tips To Protect Against Intruders

What good is your home if it can’t be protected from intruders? You don’t want to create the perfect home and then find it gets destroyed by criminals later on. There are many ways to equip your home with the security it needs to deter these thieves. This list isn’t exhaustive, but it’s a fairly hefty guide to making your home as safe as possible. Picture source -  here Install An Alarm System: The first thing you’ll want to do is to install an alarm system in your home. That way, if an intruder were ever to make it onto your premises, they would be deterred by the loud noise. It’s definitely a good idea to advertise that you’ve got an alarm system in the house, but don’t make the brand name obvious. By advertising the brand of alarm system that you’ve implemented in your home, intruders can find out how to hack it easily. Also, make sure you buy a system that has enjoyed positive reviews from other customers so far. Upgrade Your Doors & Windows: Your windows an

Bonkers Over Bananas And Breakfast At Moon De Moon

TING ... THE MESSAGE SHOWED..."TOMORROW WHAT TIME?" ... then few seconds later, the reply came.."8.30am, get ready!"  Our usual communication during the night to prepare for the next day.  That means... I got to get up at 7.45 this morning, very much earlier than my usual wakey time!  But then it is all worth it when I can have my first meal of the day spent with my happy foodie friends.... Since it was early this morning, I suggested going to the Moon The Moon in Taman Mirindi near Wah Keong Park.  This shop is normally crowded in the morning because of their famous smooth silky chicken koay teow.  Any time after 10am, it is "risky", they might be sold out by then.... We Even though we were early, we could not get a place inside the shop...  So we had to sit out on the road... and admire the trees opposite.  :) While waiting for our noodles to be served, my friends went bonkers over...  BANANAS!! hahahahhaa... Started off as an appet

All For The Love Of A Girl

IF NOT FOR YOU, I wouldn't go there at all ..... I am not a patient lady, my friends will vouch for that, seriously!  If I could help it, I really turn down going to crowded places, queue up, pay more than it is worth, to get some "Famous" snacks in Ipoh.  I really don't like to Q...... But for the sake of a girl, not any ordinary girl but my special girl, I waited for nearly 45 minutes just to get a few packets of these precious snackies! When I reached the shop called Ming Yue in Pasir Pinji around 12.30pm, the crowd was like this..... In front of me, there were at least 10 people? Never mind, I passed my time playing with my handphone... For these freshly baked cookies, one do not need to queue up...  But for these special ones below, our patience is being tested! After waiting for more than half hour, it was my turn liow... . But to my great disappointment, the cookies were "Finished!" Sigh...  I was told to wait for another fifte

Fiery Sensation At Sawasdee Thai Cuisine

NEXT TO CHINESE LOCAL FOOD, THE NEXT ON THE LIST IS THAI!  So when my friend called me to go to try this new shop selling Thai food, I did not hesitate at all.... For one, I do not know where it is and trying something new is always in my vocabulary.  Secondly, I love anything Thai, they suit my taste buds pretty well, but I was wrong..... This time I got "Burnt!" This shop is quite far from my house, Bandar Cyber on the way to Simpang Pulai,  I am not familiar with the area... My friends fetched me and told me the landmarks but by now, I have forgotten what is what... hahahahaa. . I think Waze can only help me next time.... My friends managed to locate the place without any difficulty....  And as usual, we are always the "early birds".... 6pm is the best time to have dinner... IN no time, our dishes were served....  Our favourite dish.. Kerabu Mango... Oh, we ordered another appetizer... this one is Cold Chicken feet...  Oppsss.... I could imag

Enjoyable Moments At Hung Ting Restaurant Farlim

IT WAS AN UNPLANNED MEET-UP for shopping... Initially there were only the three of us who met up in the morning at a cafe in Farlim.   After our breakfast, we crossed over to the opposite shop to do some "surveying."   My friends told me that this wholesale shop sells cheap and nice lingeries and ladies being ladies, one cannot resist going in and have a Look at them. My friends really know how and where to get cheaper stuff.....  And we "tempted" another friend to come by sending this picture to her.... True enough, she fell into temptation and she came and joined us in the shop...  I thought I could resist but I ended up buying some plus... household stuff as well... When shopping was done, where next, my friends???   We headed for lunch at Hung Ting in Farlim... This shop has been eluding us recently... Either it was too crowded or it was not opened.... But this time we managed to get our lunch there instead...  We ordered drunken fish sli

Vegetarian Breakfast At Homely Corner, Bercham

EACH MORNING I WAKE UP WITH A PANG OF JOY... no doubt my right leg is not back to "normal" stage as yet, but that did not deter from praising God for another wonderful day! With much anticipation, I always look forward to a new morning and going out for the first meal of the day... This morning was no different, woke up one hour earlier to get ready and started waiting for my friend to pick me up for Food.  When I got into the car, the first question I would ask is "Today, where to?  Any new place you are taking me?"  And she always have a few in mind and I always nod my head in agreement..... OK, OK... Let's go!  First meal is the best... the stomach in lots! And off we went... this time to Bercham new village... Where the locals go... houses cum food corner! See what I mean?  A place for aunties like us to enjoy a homely ambiance...  This greeted us upon the entrance....  Steaming hot dumplings... My friend ordered three for the both o

Dinner For Six At Uncle Long Restaurant, Bercham Nova

HEARD THERE IS A NEW SHOP RECENTLY OPENED and we had not tried it yet.  My friend showed me some photos from the FB and I said "Let's go!"  And it did not materialize until come Friday night, the six of us were all ready and eager to go.... The shop's name is called Uncle Long and it is located in No. 1, Bercham Nova 4, Bercham Nova... Don't ask me why it is called Long, no, not Ah Long but Uncle... And the six of us went there to meet up around 7.30pm. There is a menu placed before us and in no time, we have ordered five dishes for our hungry tummies! Yummylicious! Pork ribs Guiness Stout.... Yau Mak with fermented beancurd... Steamed chicken with ginger.... My favourite Patong Okra...  Sauce is like sweet sourish Thai style... Crispy fried buttered squids....  My kids will love this! Six of us were speculating how much it cost.. I thought it would be around RM100... But it came to RM92...  Next time we would like to come

Sight Seeing And Villa Seafood At Kampong Koh Sitiawan

WITH HEAVY TUMMIES, WE PROCEEDED to visit a landmark here in Kampong Koh, it is called Tua Pek Kong, just along the coastal area.  Using the Waze, we keyed in the name and it was just five minutes from where we had our lunch.  So easy and convenient.  One thing with Waze, I notice that it avoids traffic lights, somehow it goes through the small roads.... wonder why it operates this way... Back to the tourist spot, we parked our car in front of Tua Pek Kong Temple and despite the hot weather, we sacrificed ourselves to take some photos.... The bay near we parked our car.... Very quiet on a weekday...  Should have brought a hat or umbrella...  So HOT! Believe it or not...  I only wanted to point at this electrical station... But the photo ended up like I was "carrying" it... Not meant to look like SuperLady! Just that it reminded me of the new Astro On Demand series... Over Run Over... Then we quickly walked to the shaded area.... ....wh