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Westminster Abbey, London

SINCE IT WAS OUR LAST DAY IN LONDON, we wanted to cover as much as we could... and so our walk continued on from St. James Park to Westminster Abbey.... and one famous icon that Aaron mentioned we must take a picture like this.... below.... Iconic scene of London....  Must not leave London without taking this picture, so he said... LOL....  As we walked to the Abbey, this is the surrounding scenery...  It was a Sunday and people just love the sun! But I took this picture hiding from the sun!  LOL...  Big Ben at the background...  The Westminster Abbey against the sun...  Every year Westminster Abbey welcomes over one million visitors who want to explore  this 700 year old building... It is open from Monday till Saturday but on Sunday,  it is only open to those who want to worship....  So we just stayed around the vicinity before we walked on...  Next time we must go and visit on a non-Sunday...  Forgot what building this is...  It is jus

St James Park, Central Of London

FROM THE BUCKINGHAM PALACE, we walked to St. James Park which is nearby.  First thing first, we looked for the restroom and we have to fork out 20 pence to use them.  Well, we do not mind paying as long as the toilets are well kept and clean and that was exactly what they are.  With the hot weather looming above us, we got some lemonade to quench our thirst and we were amazed by the crowd who were out on this beautiful Sunday... St James Park is a 23 hectare park situated in the City of Westminster, Central London and it is bounded by Buckingham Palce to the west, the Mall to the north, Horse Guards to the east and Birdcage Walk to the south.  The park has a small lake with two islands, West Island and Duck Island...  One side was facing the London Eye...  And the other side is called the Duck Island...  no wonder there are families of ducks swimming in this beautiful lake...  And the crowd like us who are crossing over the small bridge...  A zooming angle of the

Buckingham Palace And Hyde Park, London

FROM CAMDEN MARKET, WE ADJOURNED VIA SUBWAY TO BUCKINGHAM PALACE... Another one place I have visited since the 1980s!  I could still remember the Buckingham Palace and Hyde Park.... nothing much has changed and since it was a Sunday, the roads were closed from cars and it was a very long walk for the three of us.  This is the day that we broke our record... Walking! My son told me that we have walked around 14km on this very last day in London..... Oh me Oh my! Reaching Hyde Park first... many were already basking under the sun... Deck chairs were provided and we could rent it by the hour.... to sunbath...  But of course, we being Asians do not sunbath... we run away from the sun if possible!  In front of Buckingham Palace.... The sun was glaring at us! Panorama view of the Palace...  Royal Park...  Around the vicinity of the Buckingham Palace and Royal Park..  To mark our presence, we did a tip toe pose...  Takes two to tango...  And the beaut

Great Shopping And Food Haven At Camden Market

THE VERY NEXT MORNING, THE SKY WAS SHINING BRIGHTLY!!  Thank God for the sunny blue sky after the shower of blessings on the previous day.  Our last day in London... we must cover as many places as we could on this sunny day!  Wasting no time, we ventured out quite early in the morning... our next destination is the Camden Market.... Camden Market started off as a small arts and crafts fair in the backyard of Dingwalls.  Originally it was oopened on Sundays only, however its popularity grows and now it is the largest market in London, open seven days a week.  Camden is an open air market filled with 1000 over stalls that will keep the shoppers busy with crafts, books, clothing, jewelry, international fast food, souvenir stalls, household items and many more items!  For me and my girl, this is the place where we wanna be... shop and shop till we drop!  It was the second time visit for Aaron so the first place he led us to was none other than the International food fest for our lunch

Keep The Cost Of Your Car Cheap And Cheerful

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