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Foodie Trail In Penang

IT WAS A SHORT TRIP TO PENANG, other than durians and some simple food, I was back in Ipoh on a Sunday afternoon.  We did not go to anywhere special this time, just had our usual Koay Teow Th'ng, Laksa, rice, fried noodles combination and I think that was about all.  One of my friends came all the way from KL and we managed to meet up at Ka Bee along the jetty in Penang.  She was on a foodie trip with her friends and she recommended me some shops to go to and what to eat!  LOL... That shows I am not as "efficient" as her, the further she is, the more she knows!  LOL... Recommended is the Chee Cheong Fun at Genting cafe, Island Glades.. Very popular, have to queue if "packet back" otherwise.. just order and sit down... Nice texture with a generous portion of sauce... RM3.90 How nice if there are some fried fish balls to go with this! Wanton noodles to go with Roasted Duck... These two were taken in Butterworth near the ferry station... RM25

King Of The Fruits In Penang

I THOUGHT IT WAS DURIAN SEASON NOW EVERYWHERE... but it was not so.  I heard that our local durians are not abundant anymore, all these while, Malaysians are enjoying the King of the Fruits year in and year out with reasonable prices.  But not anymore from this year, durians are sold at sky high prices and one has to think twice to buy them or eat less than the usual portion this time round.  Okay, I am talking about myself, I really think twice, trice before buying and so far, I have not bought any as yet with my own money.  LOL.... The day we came back from Gentings, the very next day, we moved northwards to the Pearl of the Orient for our dosage of Durians!  My friend told me that there are cheaper durians in Penang, the season is on now there.  And we landed in Penang to taste the King of the Fruits for the Very First Time this year is in Penang.... Oh my goodness!   Just look at the sweet temptations that laid before my eyes upon reaching Penang! Not one box but all of

How To Clean Your Beach Cruiser

Beach cruisers are delightfully low maintenance machines.  You can trust them to coast smoothly along the beach, no matter how long it has been since you last rode yours.  And thankfully they are beach bicycles that run on a simple, reliable design. In Southern California, however, being low maintenance does not make you a star.  Southern California’s best beach bicycles make as much of a fashion statement as everyone and everything else in L.A.  In beachy shades of coral and teal, beach cruisers steal the spotlight from reality TV-worthy sports cars.  Since Southern California is all about being seen, here is how to keep your beach cruiser clean: How to Give Your Beach Cruiser a Bath The sand and salty air can leave your bike looking grimy, so you should wash it when you notice it looking less shiny.  Just wiping off the body of the bike with a wet washcloth is enough to restore its luster.  The mechanical parts of the bike, however, require a bit more work.  Cleani

How to become a successful student and write a college essay

The student's time is fundamentally different from the educational process at school, where we are literally forced to study, control every step, attendance and lag. Getting a student ticket is not only getting the education and cherished chaps in the future. At this time, the necessary acquaintances are established, the authority is formed before the teachers who like to advise their student s on the place of work and write recommendations. Let us note the basic requirements for students' emotional and volitional fields. 1 . Be responsible and active. Successful students are not indifferent to learning, are responsible for the quality of the education they receive, so they are actively involved in it. It implies being under the leadership, and not led. It is proved that active participation in pairs allows you to get the highest ratings without increasing the time spent on it in your spare time. You can call any affordable essay writing service to help you with an

Tips To Getting A Car To Call Your Own

Sponsored post Buying a new car or a used car may sound easy but when it comes to decision making, it may be not as simple as it seems to be.  Although there is a wide masses of makes and models of cars to choose from, it is not easy to really choose a right and a perfect one for you.  Either they may cost too much to buy or they are not practical enough, it is often not easy to discount many of them.  In other words, the key to create a shortlist of models that fit your needs, you have to research each one in more details.   No doubt there are many websites out there where you can review every car, but it may take you a long time to get one that fulfill your needs.  However it is made easy if you have a perfect website that will exactly suit your needs.  It just takes a little research and planning.  When you know the kind of car you want, from there, you can decide whether you want to buy it new or get a used one.  Buying a new car does not necessary cost a lot more than b

A Choice Of Vegetarian Food At Vegan Life, Ipoh

REACHED HOME SAFELY FROM THE HIGHLANDS AROUND 5PM... Thank God for a wonderful bonding trip with my girl and feeling refreshed as usual... LOL.... I was glad that we came back in time for I had a dinner appointment with my ex-schoolmates at 6.30pm.  No, I was not tired, in fact I was looking forward to the evening out with my friends, catching up with one another on today's facts and fancies.  No worries about my girl's dinner, all she wants is bread and more bread, a loaf of Massimo with organic peanut butter and she is more than happy!  LOL... As for her mom, yours truly, I did not go for anything fancy, in fact, the food was healthy and tasty too!  For a change, we went for vegetarian food at Vegan Life at Ipoh Garden East.  One of my friends is a frequent to this shop and she recommended these food below for our dinner.  The food turned out tastier than I expected them to be.... though they may not be attractive as those normal and "meaty" restaurants, the tas

Canton-I Before We Bade Goodbye To Genting Highlands

TIME TO LEAVE GENTINGS.... The next morning we checked out around noon and took our own sweet time to have our breakfast cum lunch at Canton-i.  We have two hours to linger around because our "driver" would be coming to fetch us at 2pm. Our two nights stay at Gentings passed by very quickly but putting up posts have taken me almost a week to finish.  LOL... My girl have decided the night beforehand that she wanted porridge from Canton-i.  I was like.. "what... "  Porridge can be easily cooked at home, why want to take the expensive porridge in Gentings... Oh well... I let her have her way... Looking through the Giant Menu even though she has already decided...  This is my choice... I love their springy texture of the wanton noodles.. Yes, the most expensive normal wanton noodles I have ever taken...  LOL... And my girl's smooth and silky porridge... Not a speck of rice could be seen.. just like starch.... And she likes it this way...

Tips on Cooking Steak to Perfection

Cooking steak can be deceptively easy. Many would-be chefs think that all you need to do is to cut a strip of beef, season it, cook it on a grill or pan, and you have a steak. With beef’s tendency to toughen when overcooked, it is quite easy to end up with a piece of meat that’s tough as rubber. If you want to become a culinary master, cooking a perfect steak should be one of your skills. Getting the steak right, juicy and tender is a lot easier with the following tips: Start with Good Quality Meat Getting a perfect steak is easier if you have good meat. It is recommended to get as high a quality as you can afford. Prime is best and choice is a close second. By getting good meat, external factors that can make cooking difficult are minimized. Select a Cut that’s good for Steak A well-marbled cut of meat will result in a tenderer and juicier steak.  While you can theoretically use any cut, some cuts do lend themselves better to steaks.            Rib-eye – A good

Burger & Lobster And Desserts At Sky Avenue, Genting Highlands

RESTED A COUPLE OF HOURS IN THE ROOM after the fifteen minutes ride on the cable car from the Gentings Premium Outlets.  Very "pening" *feeling faint*... no fun closing eyes and imagining all sorts from the top hanging by the "thread"... LOL... Only when it was time for dinner, we came out from the room.... wanted to rest well before stuffing ourselves with the main attraction dine and wine at Burger & Lobster house.  Just kidding... actually never thought of going in, we checked and re-checked the prices of the food before entering.  To go or not to go or not to go, likewise like sitting in the cable car.  LOL... And final decision, COME, LET'S GO IN!! *Jawapan Muktamad* And so here we are... Burger & Lobster restaurant at Sky Avenue... However, we did not order the Burger but just the Lobster.. From the inside deco.... As usual it was packed even though it was a weekday...  At the entrance, the lobsters were being displayed.

Shopping At Genting Highlands Premium Outlet

TUMMIES SATISFIED FROM THE GO NOODLES SHOP, I Finally made a decision to go to the Genting Highlands Premium Outlets and the only way to get there is by Cable Car!   *Well, I have been contemplating whether to go or not to go, to go or not to go*   I know my girl wanted to go there very much but she did not pester me about it, she knows yours truly has height phobia one, so better not force me to go.  I might scream in the cable car, for all I know... LOL... Before I changed my mind, I quickly told my girl to purchase the cable car tickets from the booth, it is RM8 one way for one person.  Since there was no long queue, everything went on smoothly and in no time, we were led to the "slow moving" cable car.  Both of us were ushered into one, all by ourselves... Good, no one can hear me scream with fright or see me closing my eyes all the waaayyyyy...... The frightening moments began as soon as we were ushered into one of these cars.... The moment the cable car left