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Hidden Gem Cheong Loi At Old Town, Ipoh

LAST MINUTE LUNCH GET TOGETHER ON A FRIDAY.... The only time we could get together for lunch is on Friday, two and a half lunch hour break is sufficient for us to relax and sit back to enjoy.  It has been some time since my ex-colleagues and I met up, once awhile we just have to "update" each other whatever.  This time someone suggested going to the oldest place in old town called Cheong Loi aka "The Future" literally in Cantonese. This stall has been in old town hidden away from the bustling crowd and tourists.  It is behind a four storey flats, one way street, narrow road and limited parking.  No problem for us because my friends know where the secret roads to parking are.  LOL.... If not for my friends who took me there last time, I did not know this gem is so hidden.  If not mistaken, this is only the 3rd time I have been there.... This is the hidden gem... manned by a few seniors...  One has to bear with the heat and the wait especially during lunch

5 Minutes Microwave Butter Cake

FOR THOSE WHO KNOW ME BY NOW.. I am into easy cooking and baking. Anything that is simple, easy-to-follow and yet taste goody-good, I am IN! I get most of my easy-cooking information from scrolling Facebook each day, those that I like, I will bookmark the link into my "gmail draft" so that wherever I go, I have the recipes with me!  And when my baking mode is on, I will look for a nice and simple recipe, so simple that it only takes 5 minutes as written in the recipe....  okay, truthfully... for me, it is  10 minutes to prepare since I am an amateur!  Yes, according to the recipe, fast and simple preparation, no need to take out electrical whisking appliances, no need to preheat oven... just a microwave oven will do and baking time is only 10 minutes the most, depending on the type of microwave we have. Ok, first things first...  The Recipe is taken from  Kenneth Goh  from this group Food Bloggers and Foodie United.  It is called 5 Minutes Microwave Butter Cake. Ingre

Hakka Noodles At MXII and Traditional Homemade Cake, Ipoh

BREAKFAST IS OUR FAVOURITE MEAL OF THE DAY... this is the time when we can eat to our heart's content especially in the early morning or brunch, should I say...  Each morning both of us will ask each other, "What to eat?  Where to go?"  And for this particular morning we wanted Hakka noodles in town.  The place is called MXII at Osborne Street, Ipoh... they serve Hakka noodles during the day and one of the best Wantan Koayteow at night.  Usual wait will be 15 minutes or more depending on the time and the season. For this morning we waited the usual 15 minutes or so for our Hakka noodles to be served.... The presentation of the Hakka noodles here...  Fat crunchy bean sprouts from Ipoh looks like that...  I like the texture of this noodles, softer and springier... compared to others...  I must have picked 10 of these mixed pork fish balls.... My girl took these....  And as usual, I could not remember how much it cost... RM14? RM12?   Really no idea...

Confinement Dishes At O'Cafe, Canning Garden, Ipoh

ONE OF MY EX-TREASURY COLLEAGUE WAS BAPTIZED RECENTLY.... When she told me that she was going to be baptized last Saturday, I was very surprised and of course, very Happy! We know each other since 1990... we worked together in the same department and have been friends since.  Then  14 years later, both of us were transferred to two different government departments, I went to JKR and she in Land office.  But that did not deter us from keeping in touch every now and then... and as I said just recently, she was Baptized and now she is my sister-in-Christ! This definitely calls for a Thanksgiving dinner... LOL... We did not decide on the place till she arrived... We were still thinking of where to go and when I mentioned confinement food at Canning Garden, she jumped to the suggestion with joy.  She simply loves those type of Chinese confinement dishes even we were past our giving birth period!  LOL.... We called up another ex-Treasury colleague of ours and three of us had a good ti

Vietnamese Dinner At Vnam Kitchen, Ipoh

THE HEAVY THUNDERSTORM STOPPED IN TIME... It was almost 6pm when the rain gave way for us to go out for dinner.   No cooking for that evening, we have eaten all the "rice" in the bucket and I had not replenished it as yet then.  We did not have any idea on what to eat, we drove to Ipoh Garden East and looked for vegetarian food but it was not opened.  Went to another shop but the food did not look "attractive." So frustrated... and I thought Ipoh has a lot of good food?  Yes, it certainly does have lots of nice and yummy food, so most probably the reason is that both of us are fussy eaters!  What I want might not be what she likes... I am a meaty person and she is a vegetable girl... what contrast! Anyway, after some driving here and there, we ended up eating not local food but Vietnamese food for our dinner.  Both of us readily agreed when we happened to pass by this Vnam Kitchen at Jalan Seenivasagam, opposite Overseas Restaurant.  This is the second time I vi

Apple Fox Cider Is In Town!

APPLE FOX CIDER IN MALAYSIA?   Like many of you who is reading this now, this is also my first time I heard of Apple Fox.  So.. WhatTheFox is this?   Apple Fox is a newly launched Apple Cider  in  Malaysia,  inspired   all the way  from New Zealand!  This New Zealand  inspired  cider   is  giving us Malaysians some good taste of    only good , fresh orchard apples  and   tickling our senses  with a crisp refreshing taste. Going  into more details  to the heart of natural freshness (the orchard),  Apple Fox Cider captures the essence of purity from where the freshest apples are grown.  Just like a fox hunting in the orchard, this alcoholic cider will steal the hearts of those who are seeking a brand that stands for straight-up, instant refreshment with a contemporary and bold edge. Inspired by New Zealand cider makers, Apple Fox uses the best-kept secrets of cider making in creating a distinct, refreshing smooth drinking experience served over ice.  As for the con

Texas Chicken In 1st Avenue Mall, Penang

TEXAS CHICKEN HAS COME TO PENANG...  When we were at 1st Avenue Mall, we saw a queue, most of the tables inside and outside the outlet was full.  I am not really a fan of Fried Chicken but out of curiosity, we joined in the queue.  One of us queued up to order while I went to look for a place to sit. Service was quite fast even though there was a queue...  Our combo set of 2 pieces of chicken that comes with a honey butter biscuit.. Freshly baked Honey Butter Biscuit.... Too butter-rich for me... LOL... This fried chicken reminded me of the old KFC days where the chicken were very well marinated and not so bland as the present ones....  Overall review?  Yes, I like them! Perhaps they should consider opening a branch in IPOH?  The set also came with a small tub of coleslaw and a soft drink which is refillable....  And of course, there must be a dessert to make the meal complete...  By the way, this combo set is shared by the two of us... I really coul