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Four Different Ways To Determine Phone Compatibility To Other Networks

Changing cell phone carriers is a little bit tricky. But, it's not as hard as many people fear. Here are some tips to help you switch your cell phone service. Keeping Your Phone Number Did you know you can keep your phone number when switching carriers? The federal government says carriers must let consumers keep their current number. The Wireless Local Number Portability (LNP) Act from the Federal Communication Commission tells wireless carriers that if you stay local, your number stays with you. If you are moving to a new city and a new carrier, then companies require you to get a local area code phone number. But if you just switch phone networks, keep your same number. There are a few limitations. The new carrier might refuse the phone number although this rarely happens. If you use a family plan and want to switch to a new carrier, you need a separate service plan. If charges remain with your old carrier, switching networks does not cancel the debt. Keeping your number wit

Steamed Dishes At Pengkalan 66 Food Court, Ipoh

DINNER TIME AT 66! Wanted to eat the famous Rawang Lan Je fish but heard that both branches have closed in Ipoh.  Something similar to the cooking style is found in Pengkalan 66 food court.  My friend took me here for dinner... This is the stall we ordered our dinner from....  Steamed three types of eggs... RM8 Big portion for the both of us who took a small bowl of rice each...  And our special dish for the evening arrived... RM18 So much ginger and garnishing... All I super Like! With lots of ginger for my dinner, I was super warm for the whole evening!  LOL... 

Pusing Noodles At Station 18, Ipoh

I THOUGHT I WOULD BE "AVOIDING" BAN MEE FOR A MONTH OR SO... But this morning my friend recommended and took me to eat "Pusing Noodles".... Pusing noodles?  Oh, I have not heard nor taken them before, the name sounds new to me.  The shop is near Station 18 and the shops are called "shortie" because they are build in such a way, low and single storey.  So what is Pusing noodles, I was wondering..... and when they were served, I have to laugh out loud... AAAhhhhh...Ban Mee again!! I just took them yesterday...  The texture is almost the same as Ban Mee...  Softer a bit and a dash of sesame seeds as toppings...  And instead of the normal Ikan Bilis, this Pusing noodles came with varieties... I chose some vegetables with some other fish balls....  Then I told my friend.... "hey, no more Ban Mee for me, OK?" I have been eating that for the past three days!

All About Ban Mee In Ipoh

BREAKFAST IN IPOH... After taking Ban Mee in Johor so often, I thought I won't be taking that anymore in Ipoh.... but now looking at the pictures, I have taken Ban Mee two times for the past three days.  Seems like it is going to be my favourite noodles for the year!  LOL... Johor or Ipoh, both have their own style of making their Ban Mee. Dry and soupy version of Ban Mee in Ipoh... RM6 each...  This is taken at Station 18, just opposite Tesco...  One big  bowl of noodles can last me throughout the day...  Ban Mee at Bandaraya Coffeeshop next to Paragon Hotel...  Enough of these noodles for the time being...  At least for another month... :)

Buntong Noodles At Sri Mahkota Theatre Street, Ipoh

NOODLES FOR DINNER! I cannot remember the last time I went to Buntong Noodles in town for dinner.  When my friends suggested that place for dinner, I readily agreed... It was already 7pm when we arrived at the shop and as expected, the tables at this corner shop were all occupied except for one!  Oh... this shop is kind of special.. upon entering, we must go and take a number from an elderly man sitting behind the table.  He is in charged of the numbers. :)  I like this number system... first come first serve... All we have to do is to take a number, find your own table and then clip the number to a small metal stand... and then WAIT for our turn to be served.  Most likely, the waiting is around 15 minutes or so..... depending on the crowd.   Once the orders are taken, the noodles will come very fast... This is my plate smooth of noodles...  So smooth that I did not manage to chew on them... :) I should order this combination instead... I like it mixed like that...

Chicken Koay Teow At Moon De Moon, Taman Mirindi, Ipoh

MOON DE MOON... Yesterday morning we drove past the shop but it was so crowded that we had second thoughts of eating there.  We went for the Canning Garden Old Man Chee Cheong Fun instead.  No queue no waiting.... However our cravings for the Chicken Koay Teow was very strong, so this morning we went to Taman Mirindi again for our breakfast.  Despite the crowd, told ourselves, "Let's be patient... we will wait for our turn... "  After our order, we waited a full 35 minutes... Patience, patience... and while waiting, we shared a plate of fried noodles which came just only 5 minutes or so.... The famous stall which offers Chicken Koay Teow and Curry Chicken noodles....  A small plate to be shared by the three of us... LOL...  And at last... the famous koay teow arrived... RM5 The soup just enough to cover the noodles...  My friend wanted to try their curry chicken noodles... RM5 Some fish ball varieties to go with the noodles... RM1 each  And t

An Indian Mexican Dinner At Home

ON THIS PARTICULAR EVENING, my girl and I did not feel like taking rice or noodles...  We went for wraps instead.  For her, she prefers those sold Mexican wraps sold in Jaya Jusco, 8 pieces for a price of RM8.90 or something like that.  As for yours truly, I stick to the local wraps called Capati.  LOL... Went to an Indian Muslim shop near our house and got these home for dinner.... 2 pieces of Capati for myself, a piece of curry fish and dhall to go with the wraps.   Back home, my girl heated up her two Mexican wraps from the fridge and made two scrambled eggs for herself... and our dinner began in front of our TV screen..... Not a good habit but who cares now.... LOL... Assam curry fish which cost around RM6.50 The Thick Dhall that goes with the Capati...  Our simple and humble dinner for the evening.... 

UP And UP For Assam Fish Curry, Ipoh

BACK IN IPOH, it is the same old thing again.. Where and what to eat.... I met up with my friends two nights ago for dinner.  We were wondering where and what to eat and after a couple of hours of chatting, we finally got one place where the five of us agreed on.  LOL... UP and UP is the place, situated in Medan Ipoh, we reached there around 6.30pm to beat the crowd.  True enough, after we made our orders, a load bus of tourists came in.  But we did not need to worry, their meal was already pre-ordered and we did not have to wait long for our food. For the five of us, we ordered four small size portions but when they were not really small.  The prices were below RM18 except for the Assam Fish curry which is according to weight.  Ginger Chicken cooked in Claypot... The "winery" taste was given a Thumbs UP! Claypot seafood beancurd ...  My favourite dish... Ju Hu Char...  Wrapped in lettuce.... crunchy and yummy!! And their signature Assam Fish Curry w

Lunch At Souper Tang At AEON Kinta City, Ipoh

RESTED ONE NIGHT IN SG BULOH... and the journey back to Ipoh continued the very next morning feeling refreshed and re-energized.  Reached Ipoh around noon... good time to go for lunch! I was being blessed with a scrumptious lunch by my niece at Tang Sifu at AEON Kinta City.  This is the second time I went there, the dishes are impressive and presentable, something like fine dining and so it is not surprising that the prices are a bit steep... but my sister likes coming to this place for food.  They suit her taste buds, I guess... :) The place has warm light and thus all the food looks yellowish.. LOL...  Treasure pot costing RM49 Black fungus with celery... Sweet sour soup is appetizing....  Cold Chicken...  Rice with minced meat as toppings...  Part of our lunch set....  Two buckets of Tau Foo Far ...  Complimentary for us....  Very smooth and nice with gula melaka and ginger syrup... . And it looks like we booked the whole place for the aftern

"Kidnap Dinner" At Ban Huat, Sg Buloh N/V

DROVE FROM JOHOR TO SG BULOH.... For the second time in history, I drove continuously for four hours plus, stopping twice to go to the restroom.  Upon reaching Seremban, I quickly on my Waze to lead me to Sg Buloh... still no confidence even after traveling for number of times already.  And Thank God, everything was smooth, no rain even though the weather forecast showed that it would be raining for the whole morning till afternoon from Johor to Kuala Lumpur.  Reached Sg Buloh safe and sound around 2pm... rested a couple of hours before my dinner date with the Smallkucing and family!  Looking forward to seeing them again after so long... forgotten how long already... LOL.... and their plan was to take me out for a good authentic dinner at Ban Huat in Sg Buloh new village.  Let's GO! My Boss and wifey... and guess who was taking the picture???  A very good photographer at such a young age....  They must be regular customers when I saw these two bowls of condiments ser

Homecooked Dishes Requests From My Master

MY HOMECOOKED DISHES IN JOHOR...  During the weekdays, our dinners  are usually served at home.   Simple homecooked dishes are requested... "Do not cook so much.. cannot finish..."  That is the usual statement from my son and the statement is very subjective.  Either my food is not tasty or he doesn't want to get fat!   So what I normally do is to cook less rice and bigger portion of the dishes... and a look that says.. "Finish it or else..... "  LOL...  Anyway, my son always know how to make me happy one.... When he comes back from work and sees the dishes on the table, his expressions and words always lift me high... And I love to believe whatever he says ... whether he means them or not...  LOL...   This is steamed eggs with minced pork and "tong choy"...  Still in the wok is cabbage with "fuchok" and "glassnoodles" After scooping up, I forgot to take the pic! On another day, I did the "All-in-One"