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Our First Set Lunch At Tasty V Diet Cafe, Ipoh

TASTY yet NUTRITIOUS? That is what this newly open cafe is all about, according to my line dance teacher.  She told us students that we should go and taste their set lunch which is on daily except on Tuesdays.  It is called Tasty V Diet Cafe, opened by a very sweet and friendly young lady who appeared in Astro and NTV7 for a number of times already.  After hearing that, I was pretty curious and one fine afternoon, my friend and I made our "appearance" there... not in Astro but at the cafe. . la... LOL...  It was almost 2pm when we reached, the "lunchers" were gone and we were served personally by the sweet lady boss herself.  She does not know Cantonese and we do not know Mandarin, so we ended up ordering with with the international language... and of course, we also did a short "interview" on her who obligingly answered our every curious questions. One of the beauties here is Her...  Interviewed by the three Hongkong actresses on Astro....  Ac

A Better Florist - Singapore’s First-Rate Florist

Singapore is the land of innovation, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that even flower shops are taking the next step and introducing innovation into the the world of flowers as we know it. The  best florist in Singapore , aka A Better Florist arrived just in time, to show Singaporeans what a  flower delivery Singapore  has been missing. The entire team of florists is dedicated to providing an impeccable service, and to show you a new world of blooms. The first, most noticeable change are their bouquets and arrangements. Their designs definitely stand out from the basic designs you can find at other florists. There’s just something about these flowers that speak to you on a whole other level. Whether you’re looking to purchase a  grand opening flower stand , birthday flowers, or anniversary flowers or  funeral flowers Singapore  needs, their team will put a different an appropriate spin on it. It’s like asking your florist to tell your story for you, which is incredible, because it

Sri Mahkota Buntong Noodles In Ipoh

BACK IN IPOH... And for the first few days, I was very lazy to do homecooking.  After the long absence, the house needs to be clean and now at my pace, it took me many moons to get it done.  And till today, I have to admit that there is still much room for tidiness!  Ohhhhhh..  I am so tired... or should I say LAZY!  My weary bones needs massaging and pampering..... Blissful if I have a maid in hand.... but alas, no such Cinderella in the house.... LOL... By evening, my arms are heavy... that is why I blog less nowadays... On some evenings, when I have the mood, I will cook a simple dish... but on most evenings, I am lazy.... if anyone were to invite me for dinner, I quickly say YES!  And on this particular evening, I was out with my sibling and family for a good Fish Ball Noodle dinner!  We went for Buntong Noodles at Sri Mahkota in town... I ordered this....  Koay teow and yellow noodles also looks tempting! A great combination of these.... And these....  A

Fine Dining At Fong Lye Taiwan Restaurant, The Gardens, Kuala Lumpur

OUR ROAD FOODIE TRIP HAS FINALLY CAME TO AN END... Ended in Kuala Lumpur in fact.... after a good night's rest in Johor, the next day, the five of us drove up to Mid Valley in KL.  It has been a long while since I last went to Mid Valley.  We had a couple of hours to spend before each of us departed our separate ways.  Before we left for our own destinations, we had a fine dining lunch at Fong Lye at The Gardens.  We did not know that there were two Fong Lye-s restaurants just nearby to each other.  At first we opted for the one with a long queue... then I noticed that there is another restaurant behind with the same name and eventually, we opted for the one without the queue, of course.  Not knowing what were in store, we were a "bit" astonished on the fine dining prices compared to the "sibling" restaurant nearby.  Never mind.... for once, let's be "fine" on the food! Ended up ordering six dishes for the six of us, fine dining means smaller

Seafood Dinner At Orang Asli Restaurant, Johor

 IN THE EVENING, WHEN THE MOON IS AT ITS REST... we went to the Asli Village to have seafood.  Aaron had never been there before even though he heard and seen our yummy dishes posted online.  This time he must go there for real... taste them good otherwise sure regret!  LOL... We went back to the same open-air restaurant facing the seafront.  Ordered back almost the same food but cook in different styles.  Everything was good as usual... the bill came to around RM170 plus with drinks. A couple of dishes came immediately after one another...  Salted egg prawns... "sinfully unhealthy" but we love it all the same!  LOL...  We ordered eight of these...  Fried noodles and we emphasized we wanted RM8 only! Such a big portion came out...  As for crabs, we ordered the spicy style this time...  They were sold at RM90 per kg..  Some greens is a must....  And Steamed Clams... which were a bit overcooked...  Overall, the food was great... and the

Australia’s Most Popular Travel Destinations

Only 2 months are left in 2017 and it’s time to focus our attention to all of you who had a nice short holiday trip to this beautiful country in their bucket lists. And since Australia has so much to offer (both in summertime and in winter time) we will try to get the best of both worlds and give you tips on where to go and what to visit when in Australia. So, stick with us as we bring to you 3 most popular Aussie travel destinations! Snowy Mountains Skiing and boarding in the country of kangaroos is something that more and more people do every year. Because of winter season peaking during the European summer months, lots of Europeans prefer to visit Australia for some fun on the snow. Yes, the country is mainly known for its beautiful beaches and rich wildlife. But if you head a little bit inland you can spend some quality time skiing the slopes of the Snowy Mountains. Numerous ski resorts in the area are abundant with snow throughout the whole season and can host bo

Go Noodle House In City Square, Johor Bahru

MUCH HAVE BEEN SAID ABOUT GO NOODLES.... so he wanted to go and try for himself how they taste like... And off we went to City Square in town.  Not surprising when we saw the queue right outside the Go Noodles... well, we came at the wrong time, right during lunch time!  We thought of going to Din Tai Fung after seeing the queue... but I told him that he must try the Go Noodles, otherwise sure regret one...  LOL... Anyway, it was not a long wait, we pre-ordered our food while waiting and the food was served in less than ten minutes after we sat down.  Every table was occupied...  For appetizers, we ordered a basket of Fuchok...  Crispy hot... and nice, of course! My order is the normal Meat Balls with with their signature noodles Mi Xian...  His order... Bursting Meat Balls with fine meehoon...  Then we inter-exchanged the meat balls....  The broth as usual was fantastic!  He finished them all! Even before he started on them, he gave a Thumbs UP sign... 

Dinner At Ah Meng Restaurant, Taman Iskandar Johor

ON THE DAY WE FLEW BACK TO JOHOR... we reached around 3.30pm, just nice to get home, unpacked, had a good rest before preparing ourselves to go for a nice dinner at Ah Meng Restaurant in Taman Iskandar.  One must not leave Johor Bahru without coming by here for some special dishes such as the Smack Noodles, it is so-called.  However this time, it did not look as "smacky" as before... LOL..  The taste is still the same.... very "wok hei"...  Did not get a good angle on the Petai (stinky beans) with Sambal Belacan...  Their steamed free range chicken is not to be missed out too...  Their version of Bitter Gourd with egg is like this... I prefer the dry version... Some crispy fried octopus...  These were what we had for a table of four...  And for desserts, I must have OR NEE before leaving...  Pumpkin with gingko and sweetened yam...  The meal is now complete...  Total cost?  RM100 plus over...  That is all I remember.....  LO

Window Of The Top, Komtar, Penang

ALL FOOD AND NO SIGHTSEEING IS NOT PENANG... Heard there is something new in town, in fact, it is not so new, going to one year soon... oh, what am I babbling about?  I am talking about this newly constructed place in Komtar, it is called Window of the Top.  Last year in December I attended a wedding at the 59 Sixty in Komtar and this year, it is now changed to Coco Cabana at the highest floor in Komtar where the great happening is... Skywalk Penang.  Nooooo, we did not go up to experience the great heights and sights... my legs are too "jelly" for that.... Instead we just lingered around the Komtar area and we were surprised that it is quite interesting to walk around.  It was a weekday and we almost have the whole place to ourselves..... Here we are... marking our footprints...  Where the Happening is....  Jurassic Science Center...  With the famous ones.....  Spot the difference.... LOL...  For Durian Lovers memoir....  Yes, we Definit