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Hoy Seng Kitchen At AEON Falim, Ipoh

BACK IN IPOH... We have nothing much to do in Ipoh except going to malls such as AEON which has four branches in the city here.  Other than AEON, we have Parkson and that is it.  How much can we shop?  Nevertheless, we will end up buying something regardless.  This time we went to AEON Big in Falim.  It was around 3pm when we felt hungry after our early breakfast in town.  One shop named Hoy Seng attracted our eyes while we were walking around searching for food, we thought of eating something light but ended up with something heavy instead.  No dinner for the rest of the evening after we chose this Set B for the three of us.... Big Bucket of Rice...  Which was very flavourful... Yam, dried prawns, sausages among other ingredients...  Just sit back and be served...  Comes with one plate of Beancurd filled with Fish and Pork meat...  Yes, we like this dish! And a big bowl of soup with meatballs inside...  Yummy and Tasty! Free desserts to go with th

Walk, Eat, Play At Sky Avenue, Gentings

A ROUNDUP ON THE MOUNTAIN TRIP... A time to unwind and relax, we just walked around, took three meals a day and walked again here and there till our legs had no more "feel".... LOL... I felt that my legs were on auto cruise mode, walking left and right, going up and down and when we were back to our rooms each night, we did not have time to toss and turn on our beds.  A round-up on our trip.... I missed out taking our meal photos, I guess I was too hungry then.  The best meal is the Lunch Buffet at the Gentings resort.  A very nice International buffet I would like to have each time I am there.  The buffet cost around RM45 per person if I am not mistaken.  Worth going for that if one can tuck in a lot!  LOL... World's largest hotel... not rooms though...  At the SkyAvenue... Screening time...  And we were fascinated... Having fun shopping too! Go Noodles house is one of the best and cheapest place to have our meals...  Very ancient like de

Cooling Trip To Genting Highlands

UP THE MOUNTAINS.... From the island Pearl of the Orient, our next destination is Gentings Highlands!  Because of the free room stay in First World, we took the opportunity to get some cooling air during the off peak season.  No driving up, just called and booked for the van driver on that specific day.  So easy, sit back and relax and in three hours, we were 8000 feet above sea level.  Our free rooms allowed us to have a two night stay, four of us squeezed into the small room with two beds, one single and one queen size.  Yes, we managed to sleep comfortably throughout the night with just the fan blowing from the ceiling.  We did three things during the day.. Eat, Walk and Play... At one of the Hongkong restaurants...  Simple food and each meal cost around RM100 for the four of us...  Then at Go Noodle Shop...  Each of us ordered a bowl of their special Mee Xian Noodles...  Weather was cool... and so were we!! LOL... 

Hotel Royal and Golden Sands Hotel, Batu Feringgi, Penang

CHECKING IN.... For the next two days, we stayed at this hotel at Jalan Anson.  Since the hotel was quite full, the front manager was so nice, he upgraded us to a suite room at the top floor without any extra charge.  There is a living hall outside the bedroom, however, it does not make any difference to us.  All we want is a nice king size bed that can accommodate the three of us. Yes, it is big enough for the three of us...  The Living Hall...  A very spacious hall indeed....  The spacious bathroom...  One tub and one shower with two sinks...  During the evening, we had a good buffet dinner at Golden Sands Hotel, Batu Feringgi which was giving a promotion at around RM42 per person.   Some of the portions of food I took during dinner...  After the heavy meal, we walked off some calories at the beach...  There was one man band crooning out the songs of the 80s...  Perfect for the three of us.... 

Penang Food Trail By Three Sisters

PENANG... HERE WE ARE!! Michelle wanted to try all the local food in Penang... how much space do we need to tuck in all the food?  LOL... Started our journey without taking breakfast in Ipoh and reached Penang just in time for that.  Reaching around 11am, we drove to our first venue at Penang Road where we had these food below before checking in to our hotel at Anson Road.  Komtar, here we are again! And on the way to Penang Road... not the most famous food but they are still good! Penang's fried koay teow...  Fried Oyster Omelette... Otak-Otak... Penang Laksa... Some snackies... to go with our breakfast...  Ice Kacang and Cendol...  Then we adjourned to this place here to quench our thirst... Hot weather this year! Our first meal in Penang and before we checked in... 

5 Cool Wooden Gifts for Every Occasion

Wooden items are an amazing option for gifts. They won't break, melt or overheat. They make the perfect gifts because wood adds a very rustic and sophisticated look to items. Below are some wooden gifts you may want to give a chance for the next occasion. #1 Wooden Sunglasses Sunglasses are a major must-have accessory for every person. They are functional yet stylish. You can look good while shielding your eyes from the sun’s bright rays. Most of them can be worn by both men and women. Wooden sunglasses are available in different shapes, colors, and designs. Whatever your preference is, you won't disappoint anyone with this gift. Choose a great frame shape that will complement the person’s heads. Pick out a color that you know they will be comfortable wearing almost every day. #2 Wooden watches Everyone needs a watch. With new technology coming up every day, people are shifting towards digital watches with a “robot” like the design. A wooden w