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How Much Compensation Will You Get For An Accident?

Have you been injured in a car crash? Perhaps you have slipped in a public place? Maybe you have been injured as the result of a workplace accident? Irrespective of what occurred, if the incident was not your fault, you will be thinking about making a claim, and rightly so. However, you may be wondering how much compensation you could be entitled to, and in this post, we will reveal more. In order to ensure you get the maximum amount of compensation available, you will need an experienced legal professional on your side. Make sure you choose someone experienced in the area you are claiming in. For example, you need to hire a car accident lawyer if you have been involved in any type of accident on the road, no matter whether you were a pedestrian, passenger, or the driver in the other vehicle. The most important thing to establish is the compensation is split into two parts. The first part of the compensation is general damages, which is the amount you will receive to com

A Walk Up to Dunnottar Castle, Stonehaven

MEADOWS UP THE HILL... Our calories from the lunch was soon burnt when we walked up the hill leading to the Dunnottar Castle in Stonehaven.  Dunnottar Castle is a ruined medieval fortress build in the 15th and 16th centuries, located upon a rocky headland on the northeastern coast of Scotland, 3 kilometers from Stonehaven. This time round, we used another way to walk up the hill, it was around 3pm then and very chilly.  Days are shorter now, it could grow dark anytime around 4pm onwards.  So we have an hour to make our way up and down the hill, walking on the grass pathway up, leading us to mesmerizing scenery of the cliffs and the sea below.... The meadow walkers...  This is the way we went up the hilly...  The stairs leading to the Dunnottar Castle...  It was a long way.. the long and winding stairway... No, we did not go there...  We just passed it by....  And came to this part of the cliff instead....  Nice... breathtaking...  We stood

Can You Get a Ticket for Driving with a Firearm in California?

There are a lot of people in California who are allowed to own their own guns. However, that does not mean that just because a person owns a gun, he/she can do everything that he wants with it. There are still a lot of restrictions that should be followed by these individuals who owns a firearm in California. One thing about owning a gun is this: you have to make sure that you know what your responsibilities are.  There are questions in mind.  What if you get caught with a gun while you are driving your car? What is going to happen to you? The first thing that you should know and have in mind is to do a research on  " ticket lawyer near me". This is the kind of person who will help you out if you have trouble with the authorities. There are some things that may be able to help you: l     Tell the officer who is checking your car that you have a firearm with you and if it is loaded or not. l     Make sure that you will not hold the firearm in your hands. l    

A3 e-tron The Best Of Both Worlds

The 2018 Audi A3 Sportback e-tron hatchback is set to hit the floor running with the perfect mix of luxury and performance. With a virtual cockpit, stylish curves and high-end power engines, it is going to set a lasting impression on the road. It is available in three variants – Premium, Premium Plus, and Prestige- with the price ranging from $39,500 to $48,100. Each comes with unique features of heated front seats, panorama roof, and keyless operation. This car comes in 9 sleek colors including Brilliant Black, Ibis White, Florett Silver, Cosmos Blue, and Tango Red. It purs whizzes and puts you back in to your seats With an amazing 102 hp electric power, 75 kW power rating, the high performing motor is liquid cooled and driven by a permanent magnet. The TFSI engine is a 1.4-liter turbocharged one and is all set to give low-end torque and high-end power. This hybrid electric vehicle has both a battery-powered electric motor and a gasoline-powered engine- combined, they give the b

Shoes as your Child Grows

As your child develops, the need for shoes becomes more critical. You don’t just need shoes, you need the right shoes. They need to be roomy enough for your child to wiggle his toes, but not so loose that he trips over his own feet. As he starts to walk, he won’t be steady on his feet. The right shoes can help this, but the wrong shoes will inhibit his ability to walk. The more he falls, the more he’ll lose confidence in his ability to walk on his own. The more frustrated he gets with his shoes, the less he’ll want to wear them, making it a daily struggle for you to put them on. Keep shoes off of his feet as much as you can to enable him to grow and learn specially as your kids start school . When the need for shoes arises, there are a lot of reputable brands with shoes to fit every kind of foot. Stride Rite and Bobux kids shoes have both been around for decades and have done the research needed to know exactly how to foster growth in the feet while still protecting the

Trendy Hairstyles To Don

Cyndi Lauper's song "Girls just wanna have fun!" and indeed it is quite true!  Yes, girls indeed have lots of ways to enjoy when it comes to physical appearance.  We can have makeovers on our faces, hairstyles, attires and to sum it up, from the top of our head to the bottom of our feet, we can have real changeover in styles!  One of the makeovers I want to talk about today is our Hair, yes, you heard me right, and indeed it is an interesting topic to collaborate especially when it comes to having real and "un-real" hair also known as hair extensions.  Let's start with natural human hair.  As we all know, it is the easiest product to use in many hair  extensions, firstly, it has a far more natural look than any synthetic hair.  With natural hair, we can perm, dye or bleach it according to our choices and secondly, there are many ways to apply it on our hair too.  Some of the ways are either fusion, sew-in, glue-in and chip-ins, these are the most common wa

Union Square And Thai Food At Market Street, Aberdeen

ON ONE SATURDAY... we went to Aberdeen Indoor Market and I was expecting that I could do some marketing there like meat or vegetables.  To my surprise, it was actually an indoor complex whereby food was only served and it was actually mostly Asian food.  The place reminded me of Yik Foong Complex in Ipoh, and besides food, the place is also buzzing with other items as well, ranging from health, beauty, household products, clothing and besides the food, of course. We opted for the Thai food, recommended by my son and his friends.  We tried the Tomyam soup, Phad Thai, beef noodles tomyam and shrimps as appetizer.  After the appetizing meal, we walked around Union Square for awhile before someone suggested going to Stonehaven for a a mountain walk!  That suits me real fine.... I am all for walks! At the Union Square, The German Jagerhaus was about to open...  Serving traditional German and English Christmas drinks with ample seating and standing areas, complete with heaters and

Happy Lunch At Manchurian Restaurant, Aberdeen

DURING THE DAY... I normally meet up with Mary... by this time, she will be free from her chores in the guest house.  This is the time we have our ladies' tete-a-tete, sometimes at cafe for coffee and cakes.  On this particular day, we did something different.  I managed to coax her to have a Chinese lunch with me!  Yes, I need lots of persuading and coaxing to invite her for she always tell me that she can cook whatever I want to eat!  See... she is so-so... what's the word for it??  LOL... Always so sweet and obliging!  She definitely can cook better, no doubt about that... but on this day, I wanted her to sit back and relax... and I am so glad that she finally did that!  We went to the one and only Chinese restaurant nearby our place called Manchurian Restaurant, though the food is mainly Chinese dishes.  Since both of us are "small eaters", we ordered just a plate of seafood flat noodles that is similar to "wantan hor" in my hometown, Ipoh.  This

New Friends, Fun, Food In The Evenings

BACK HOME... We have gatherings in the house or at Mary's guest house every week.  All these young students from the Asian countries gathered together, regardless of where we are from, regardless of our age difference, we have one thing in common... We love food and fun!!  Wonderful feeling making new friends and by the end of the day, it is as if we have know each other for a long time.  LOL.. Thanks to Mary for opening her guest house cafe generously, catering to our needs, all the yummy food she prepared for us...  what more can we say.... Love you always, Mary!  LOL.. Glorious food at Mary's Guest House..  Another dinner on another evening...  Followed by desserts.. Banana moist cake...  Dinner with the students and the professors...  After the glorious food, we ended the evening with singing from the young...  The microphone which I brought over was made into full use...  Staying here in Aberdeen and mixing with these youngsters...  I cann

Black Friday Sales Or Scam

I love a sale, but it turns out you can’t believe everything you see. Or everything that the like of Amazon tells you. Black Friday has always been an American thing, but it’s become more international recently. Personally, I’ve always been a bit skeptical. The TVs you see don’t look like they are very good at all - always cheap brands you’ve never even heard of before. They look like they’ll break after five minutes. Now the truth is out - Black Friday is a scam: ●      Only 1% of sneakers are cheaper on Black Friday than any other day. ●      On 292 out of 365 days (80% of the year), shoes are cheaper than they are on Black Friday. ●      Prices gradually rise by 17% in the 10 weeks leading up to Black Friday. ●      You can expect to pay $29.72 more per pair of sneakers on Black Friday than the cheapest price available throughout the year. The study might be for trainers, but it just shows that the deals aren’t exactly there to be had like you might

Shopping At St Enoch, Glasgow

SHOPPING!! The last time I visited Glasgow was in 2015 and it was not an ordinary trip, in fact, I made "headlines" when I came to this trip on two wheels!  That was a very extraordinary trip which will never be forgotten by many, especially me!  LOL.... I dug back my old blog posts and there I was... wheeling through Europe! Taken in October, 2015 And now taken in November 2018...  At the same area three years later....  Yay!!!  Thank God for His Blessings that I could come here again, without the wheels!! Back to my present post, this place St Enoch is not to be missed.  From our Jury Inn Hotel, it was just a few minutes walk to this Glasgow Institution whereby it is now a home to many big brands including the biggest names in High Street fashion.   There I am... at Cath Kidston...  There was a sale going on...  I sent some messages to my friends... And got what they needed me to buy! I could not remember how long we had walked, defin

Our One Night Stay At Jury Inn Hotel, Glasgow

ONE NIGHT IN GLASGOW... We checked in to Jury Inn hotel in the evening after dropping Gab at the train station.  This is our first night stay in Glasgow and Aaron booked the hotel through an online website which was giving a discount for this triple room at around 114 pounds.  Initially we thought that Gab would be staying one night with us and since the double room was giving the same rate, why not choose the triple?  LOL... *kiasu* Parking is another issue here, unlike back home, hotels normally provide parking lots for guests.  Over here, we have to look for our own parking space and it would be a blessing if we could get one opposite the hotel and with discount some more.  Normally the rates can be high as 25 pounds per day, as for ours, we paid 7 pounds after getting a discount from the hotel, that is indeed very cheap already! It was freezing cold in Glasgow, only 4 degrees from our handphone info.  We wanted something hot and soupy for dinner and we entered one Japanese