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Vietnamese Pho Four Dinner At San Jose

MACY'S is our favourite shopping outlet.... We ladies can practically spend 4-5 hours there easily!  So much to see, to try and to buy.  I have tried refraining, my two suitcases are definitely not enough if I keep on buying what I don't really need.  My weakness is... I see them cheap, I buy and then at times end up returning them after a few days!  Bad habit, I confess!   This is just the third day and I have got a couple of things.  By the time we had our dinner, it was almost 9pm and most of the shops are closed except for the Vietnamese restaurants.  They are real hardworking people!  I miss their Pho, I normally order beef flanks and tendons.... We came here for our dinner cum supper... Beautiful ambiance... We are not the only parons at this hour... My big bowl of pho... With their condiments.. I like squeezing more lemon inside the soup... It is good to share... We surely cannot finish one big bowl by ourselves....

Our Late Dinner In San Francisco

SECOND DINNER AT ST JOSE at a Chinese restaurant.  Unlike Aberdeen, Asian food is easily accessible over here in California.  You name it, they almost have it... Lol...  It was late at night when we went for our dinner, almost 8pm... and the thing is, I cannot remember the name of the shop,we went into.  We quickly ordered and waited patiently for the food.  The below food were all finished except for the long sandwich bun....  Pickled vegetable soup... Hot and appetizing.... Hot soupy warms our tummies... Eggplant... This is their special..  Something like Vietnamese.... Stir fry beef with lots of onions... This dinner cost around $50 for the four of us....

British Airways Carried Me To Golden Bridge

LANDED SAFELY IN SAN FRANCISCO AIRPORT after 11 hours of flight from BA.  Took us more than three hours to get through immigration, a very long queue indeed!  By then it was almost 7pm and we headed home to a home cooked hot pot.  What a warm welcome to our hungry tummies.... Very welcoming dinner... especially after the long flight and the food on BA is just not for me.. The next day... we were here... Overlooking The Golden Bridge.. Watching the sun set.... Just unbelievable.... I really feel I was kind of dreaming... Thank God for His Wonderful Mercies! 

Goodbye, I miss You All

MY FEW MONTHS STAY has finally come to an end.  Going to miss this cooling time there, simething entirely different from my normal life in Malaysia.  I get to mix with the youngsters from other countries, learning their culture and they following our malaysian lingual talking with "lah" at the end of the sentences.  So much fun and laughter... I am missing them now... Night before we departed, we had dinner together and I was surprised with some gifts from them.... Goodbye gifts and a card signed by many of them.. I am so touched!  Early next morning we went to the airport.. And soon, it was time to leave for another country.... Our lunch at the London airport.. Bye aberdeen!! 

Footdee, The Hidden Gem In Aberdeen

 THE DAY BEFORE LEAVING "GRANITE CITY, my friend took me to Footdee or Fittie.  So nice of her to take me, even my son had never been there before.  This place is actually very near to the beach, one of Aberdeen's hidden gems although it sits there in plain sight overlooking the sea.  My friend called it Fisherman Village, a small area filled with quaint cottages and brightly coloured sheds.  Thanks to my friend, I managed to stroll along with her and took these photographs before leaving Aberdeen.... Rows of cute little cottages.... from the 1800s... Did I see lines of clothing out for drying?  Reminds me of my own village houses in Malaysia.... Walking along...  Cute little cottages.... Interested buyers around? And the two ladies having "fun" at the Footdee and the Pier... Thank you C for taking the trouble to show me around... Really miss our outings, singings and eatings!! LOL...  

Ladies' Day Outing To Harvesters And Woodbanks, Aberdeen

LADIES OUTING!! Three of us ladies went to Harvesters for lunch for a two course special deal.  It cost around 9pounds and it is a good deal with unlimited salad servings.  We had a good time there chatting and eating of course... and in the evening, we came out again, this time to have a light meal at Woodbanks.  This is a very rare occasion it seems.... they came out to bid me Farewell!! Yes, I am going to leave Aberdeen very soon.... during these few months, our friendship have developed.... and I am sure I will miss them lots!! Started with my bowl of DIY salad.... My two lady friends chose these as starters.... Mary's choice... C's Gammon.... And mine... I really do not know what it is... Beef stew or something.... And lastly and not least.... I chose this for my desserts fix! In the evening, we ladies at Woodbanks.... Thank you ladies for taking your precious time off to have fun with me... I really appreciate the time we had together

Sweet Temptations At Aberdeen Beach

ICE CREAM SCREAMS!! Since the days are longer here in summer, we take full advantage of that.  Eventhough Aaron comes home after 6pm each evening, we still have time to take a long stroll from our place to the beach in broad daylight.  The walk to the beach takes around half hour and by the time we reach home, it is still very bright at around 8pm or after.  So what lured me to the beach even though it takes one hour walk?  None other than my favourite desserts... Ice Cream!  Aaron tempted me with an invitation... "Wanna have ice cream at the beach?"  Jom, let's go!! Desserts before dinner, how about that?  LOL.. After a 15 minutes walk, we have to ascend a hill.... It overlooks some buildings... and.... ... the beach of course..... Just beautiful.... despite the cold... Wow...I see a strong boy here... or am I the weak one? Nice evenings during the summer.... ... to have evening walks..... stay healthy!! And we joined in the crowd o