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Best Cars for Summer Road Trips

Summer road trips bring to mind coolers full of cold drinks, visits to sandy beaches and a car full of family or friends. Naturally, a situation like this brings about a lot of potential mess. Some cars are better at handling this than others, though you can prepare your car by adding the best floor liners for cars and other accessories. Here are some of the best cars for summer road trips. Toyota Camry Hybrid The new popularity of hybrid cars is great for saving money on the cost of gas. The 2018 model of the Camry has an enviable MPG of 51 for street driving, and 53 on freeways. This incredible mileage will get you far without shelling out as much cash for fuel. It has five seats and a comfortable, roomy interior that will prevent passengers from feeling cramped during long hours of driving. Subaru Outback This car has a minivan shape, and provides extra room for passengers and driver alike to stretch out and has more space overhead. The trunk space can hold campin

Peggy Sue 50's Diner At Barstow

SETTING MY FOOTPRINTS .... On the way back from Las Vegas, we stopped at Peggy Sue's Diner at Barstow for our morning breakfast, a very light meal for us ladies as usual.  Sandwiches is not really my favourite type of meal, but I cannot afford to be choosy when it comes to food out in the desert.  LOL... The Big Man suggested going to this special place, his kind of comfort food.... And so here we are.... Peggy Sue's...  The name does indeed sound familiar... I heard of a song by this name before...  Welcoming us...  Leading us inside...  The memoirs of Peggy Sue... So sweet and beautiful... And the welcoming menu served... Anyone knows who they are?  At first I did not.. though I have seen them somewhere before...  Diner's settings... Like bringing us back to the 50's.... A nice shot of the diners.... We ordered stacks of pancakes... with butter and cream... Egg sandwiches and hash browns... One piece is real

A Day Trip To Laughlin

FIRST TIME TO LAUGHLIN... My sister suggested going to Laughlin one evening, she had not been there since the 1980s.  That is surely a long time ago, time to go to "explore" again, must be lots of developments going on since.  Not too far from our place, the journey took less than two hours.  We stopped halfway to check out a casino shed and for a call of nature.  My Boss gave me $2 to sit by the machine to pass time and before the money vanished into the machine, the coins kept dropping out from it.  Total payout $10!  Not bad, huh... we exchanged it for some drinks and went on our way... This is the place we stopped for call of nature...  And the slot machine we stopped to get "rich" by $10... LOL...  Laughlin, here we are.....  We parked our car here and we walked and walked... despite the hot weather.... Hot, hot.... for me.. But for most tourists, they love the sun.... They go for scuba... boating...cruising along Colorado River.

Tips for Choosing the POS System That Is Best for You

You can take several approaches (or a combination) when choosing a point of sale system for your business. For instance, you might prioritize a lower cost over a wealth of features. No approach is inherently right or wrong, but you do need to know your business and its goals. The following tips should help in your search for the right POS system. Outline Your Needs Write down what you need from your POS system. As an example, perhaps you require the flexibility to take your system anywhere and to have customers sign on it. In this type of situation, a system such as the Cloverflex could be your answer. It can be used tableside and at counters. It also has a QR scanner and built-in camera to help with inventory. Divide your list into absolute requirements and features that would be great to have but that you can live without, if necessary. Draw Up a Budget Of course, you need to know how much money you have to spend on the POS system, so run the numbers. See how much

How to Choose A Dog Breed

Dogs make loyal and fun companions, whether you live  alone, or you have a family, they’re a great addition to a household. However, if you’re thinking of getting a dog it is important to think carefully about which breed will suit you, as each one has very different qualities. Choosing the right breed helps you to avoid  starting  a relationship with  a  dog which doesn’t benefit either  yourself o r  them . Here, we take a look at the environmental and personal factors to consider when making your decision.  Your  Home Your home is the first place you need to look when deciding which dog breed to choose. Firstly, the size of your home needs to reflect the size of your dog, so if you only have a small flat it’s best to choose a smaller dog as a large dog would feel claustrophobic in such a confined space.  If you have a long-haired dog you would need a bath so that you can wash them, and an area like a utility room or conservatory where they can dry off when wet.   Dogs i

Shopping And Food In Las Vegas

SHOPPING AND EATING...  One fine day we started early to go downtown Las Vegas, what else but to shop! The outlets here not only have more stuff, they are cheaper than outlets nearer to home.  We can practically spend one whole day here... and that was what we did on one of the days.  I always tell myself that I refrain from buying, I don't want to be the "winner" ... Why winner?  Among us ladies, the one who buys the most stuff is the winner!  Nobody wants to be the winner when it comes to shopping.. that means money flies away the most.... hahaaaa... But I always tend to end up being the "winner" cos I have the most kids!   No, maybe on this day I was not the winner! On another day... I think I come out second next to Aaron.. LOL...  Like mother, like son! During lunch... at In N Out My favourite all time Beef Burger! When evening falls, it is Japanese for us...  We had to wait for 20 minutes to be seated....  One bowl of Ram

Is It Worth Going To Lobster Buffet At Silverton Hotel, Las Vegas?

THE LONGEST QUEUE I EVER EXPERIENCED..... Silverton Hotel is offering Lobster buffet every Friday evening, starting at 4pm till 9.30pm.  Being over confident that we could go in anytime we wanted, we reached there at 5.00pm and ended up waiting for more than THREE WHOLE HOURS before we could enter the restaurant!  Never before I experienced queuing so long to have dinner.  Oh my goodness.... the queue was like a railway line, nevertheless we did not give up.  The queue was slow moving, a few people before us gave up half-way while waiting... and we moved forward, bit by bit.  *testing patience* Yes, our patience prevails... we only managed to be seated at around 8.40pm... phewww..... Since there were 3 of us, we took turns to line up.  Two of us would sit nearby while the other one stood at the queue.  This is not free food, we paid around $40 per pax and by the time we paid and were seated, the "vengeance" began!  Very Quickly we lined up for the Lobsters.... each of us