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Food At K Avenue Mall And Petronas Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur

VISITING K AVENUE.... and only got to know that it links to KLCC... that shows how backdated I am!    Pkus...  taking photos for the first time in my life at this place too with the Twin Towers looming behind.   Thanks to Aaron for taking us tourists there, eating at Go Noodles in K Avenue Mall, burning a four digit figure on SKII products.. * oopss..... no, not me... phewww...* and lastly, having a nice tea, coffee and cakes at at San Francisco cafe.  Burned a lot of calories walking around so the sweet temptations were justified. Nice view with the Petronas Twin Towers looming behind...  Our brunch at Go Noodles...  My sister loves fish balls noodles....  Her boss loves beef soup... I love pork tendons balls....  And crispy beancurd skin.....  Desserts at San Francisco cafe....  Pandan Gula Melaka cake and another piece of Red Velvet cake not in the picture...  And the tourists hanging around the mall and outside to mark their presence.... 

Tasty Dishes At Tasteful Cuisine Restaurant, Kepong

LOVE GOING TO TASTY CUISINE... Yes, that is the name of the restaurant in Kepong and it lives up to its name for sure! On normal weekdays it is "safer" to go there, no need to book, less crowded, food is served in no time.  Come weekends, everything is the opposite.  We opted for the former, we went on a weekday bringing our "seafood loots" for them to cook for us.  Some restaurants in Ipoh do that too, if it is not too crowded and most times, we must be familiar with the owners.  Bought some seafood online and it was a good choice to let the cook do the rest! Sea bass with thick skin...  They steamed it nicely for us...  And the prawns too...  Practically blanketed by lots of garlic!! Two dishes ordered from the restaurant...  Very tasty and appetizing...  And the not-to-be-left-out is the ginger fried rice...  Best I ever tasted!! Oh, there's an extra dish there... Yam with pork belly! And the Thankful Ones for the di

5 Creepy Places You Can Check Out When Travelling In Asia

Known for its excellent food, bustling cities, lush tropical islands, and scenic beaches, any tourist would think twice about finding haunted places in Asia. When it comes to scary and creepy places, though, Asia has no shortage of countries that have these kinds of sites. If you want to know more about the spookiest places like those mentioned here, visit to find out more. If you’re in Asia for a vacation, try to check out these places. Although locals will tell you about the horror behind these places, these are usually tourist destinations that are safe for tourists to visit. A word of advice, though, even if an area is “safe to visit,” you should not be complacent about your own safety. Respect the place, follow the local ordinances, follow your tour guide, and don’t split up with your group. There have been instances where unruly tourists are led astray by apparitions that mimic tour guides. You wouldn’t want a ghost to lead you somewhere creepy

Farewell Lunch At Pusing Mun Choong Restaurant Ipoh

FAREWELL TO WORK AND WELCOME TO RETIRING....  One of my ex-colleagues have reached the maximum retirement age last month, she bade goodbye to those who are working and on the other hand, we retirees welcomed her to our senior club!  LOL...  I retired at the age of 55 (though I had not reached 55 then) and I have not miss a single day of not working.  What I miss is the breakfast moments I had with my former colleagues Other than that, I do not miss a single thing in the office except for the humans and the food.  LOL...  This time round, we arranged to have the Farewell lunch for our loyal working friend at Mun Choong Public Restaurant in town.  One of the most prestigious restaurants at all times, the place was fully packed and we had to shout on top of our voices to be heard.  It is definitely not a good place for us ladies for our next gathering.  For our next gathering, we need a more quieter place so that the crowd won't be able to drown our voices... LOL...   Our

Special Dishes At Chuen Kah Fook Restaurant, Menglembu

BACK IN IPOH... I am so grateful to have a group of friends who love to go for food-adventure, just like me!  We love eating though we could not eat a lot like in our younger working days.  During our working days, we could not go without rice even for a day, big portion some more.  But ever since we retired, we now only shared a small portion of rice!  Yes, one small bowl of rice shared among two of us... sometimes I take only a spoonful and at times, no rice at all... that is how I eat now.  :)  Oh, I forgot to mention, that is usually for dinner... during the day, I eat a bigger portion... now I understand why the saying goes like this... Morning time...  eat like a King... Night time... eat like a pauper.... (Only when it comes to rice.... ) For this dinner, we went to Chuen Kah Fook in Menglembu, first time visit for me, thanks to my foodie friends, they introduced this restaurant to me and I went for the second time after that.... We had their special signature dis

Roundup Of My Trip In Cameron Highlands

BACK IN ACTION...Yes, I hope from this day onwards, my posts will be updated daily again.... No excuses other than poor time management and laziness to even open the "" browser... My Cameron trip photos are occupying a lot of space in my handphone, in this post, I will round up everything in one go.  The weather was very cooling up in Camerons, it was not school holidays when we were there.  Never go there during the school hols, everywhere seems to be so crowded and the traffic is terrible at most parts on the hill.  But of course, with school kids, it is not possible to go at other times, not like us retirees, with our kids all grown up and away, we only have each other company to keep us entertained.  Almost like we were in our unmarried days again, only difference is that our physical appearance and our body battery is not as strong as before!  LOL... A roundup of the 2 nights 3 days stay in Camerons.... Kea Garden in Cameron...  Plenty of guest hous

Our Two Nights Stay Apartment In Cameron Highlands

MY LONG ABSENCE.... Too much happenings, don't know where to start so the best option is to continue with my travel posts... the last mentioned was in Camerons.... We stayed in a Air BnB in Brinchang, a friend's place which is situated at the ground floor.  Very cheap and nice, we were very satisfied with the place.  Weather was cooling and I had to wear a thick sweater to keep warm. This is the place we stayed for two nights....  The entrance door and my suitcase??? What is it doing there? Decorations on the wall.... Simple and nice.....  And the three rooms.... Only one room has attached bathroom...  This apartment can house around 10 people... The two ladies checking out the kitchen....  And another part of the day, we just did this! LOL..