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Five Reasons to use Promotional Drink Coasters in Australia

Have you ever wondered what other purpose can drink coasters serve, apart from protecting your furniture from moisture? Actually, they can be an excellent promotional material for business owners who want to promote their brands and expand their target audience. It’s particularly efficient for people who run their own bars and restaurants. Not many business owners have adopted the usage of beverage coasters as part of their promotional campaign, but those who have are certainly pleasantly surprised by the benefits these products had on their overall company success. They are a creative way of rewarding your loyal customers and attracting new ones, as no person is ignorant to free gifts, regardless of how small they are. Drink coasters can be customized to suit your needs and preferences, being made in various shapes, colors, and sizes, with the possibility of having a written message of your choice. In case you haven’t con

Chinese New Year Festive Feel

WE KNOW CHINESE NEW YEAR IS COMING... because the weather tells us so!  Oh my goodness, the Weather is so scorching hot these days.  Some more with the baking in the house... I think we need to drink lots and plenty of water to lower down our body temperature. I spent another two hours in the kitchen, sweat dripping down my face to my body and I hope I did not add any "extra" ingredient onto the cookies I baked!  LOL.... I just another 300 gm of flour, if I do double, I think I would be exhausted.  Must start slow even though I do not get much, just two tubs only?  Should be more if I did not eat them... some were gone even before they went into the tub.... LOL... This time I used the original recipe which stated Macadamia nuts... Bought 250 gm for RM27... More than half were being used... These remaining will be kept for toppings on dishes for CNY... This time I used Anchor butter which was not so "butter-rich" as SCS.... And I reduced the sugar a

Types of Commercial Refrigeration Equipment

You might think that buying cooling equipment for your store is an easy task but there are many details you need to look at to make it perfect. Even small things like its design need to be on point to get the customer to make a purchase. The prices are higher than for the models you have at home so you need to make a good choice in order to save money. The goal is to be efficient and display everything you need at the same time. In order to make that choice, you need to know what types exist and what will suit you the best. Some of the features that you should look at include the type of cooling, number of doors and design. These specifications are very important because you have a limited area that needs to be used in an efficient way. A good thing is that there is a model for each occasion. Reach-in Refrigerators The name suggests that you are able to access the item from the fridge at arm's length. This is the most used type of commercial fridges that are ava

Chinese New Year Pre-Celebration

TIME TO CELEBRATE AGAIN.... As usual, each year one of us will organize a scrumptious lunch before the Chinese New Year.  This time it falls on the 25 January which is just a week away.  Friday long lunch hour is the most suitable for gatherings for those who are still working.  As for us retirees, any day is a good day... The last gathering we had was at Public Mun Choong Restaurant, it was too crowded and practically we had to shout on top of our voices to be heard.  LOL... So this time round, we play safe by booking another restaurant which is not crowded at all, no need to raise our voices, and we had a good time catching up with one another again.  There were 13 of us on this day.... the package meal cost around RM700 for 10 pax but the servings were big portions and there was more than enough to go round... Started off with Lou Sang... to usher the goodness of CNY... 1...2....3.... Let's do it! Can see me??  LOL... Followed by crab soup....  Braised Tr

How to Choose the Best Office Cleaning Company?

Every business owner knows the importance of office cleanliness, as it’s the environment in which the employees spend most of their time during the day. Keeping clean offices is not only beneficial for leaving a good impression, but more importantly for protecting the health of every person who works there. Therefore, all businesses are supposed to hire professional office cleaning services in order to have a pristine work place. The most common reason for hesitation is whether these services should be done by cleaners who become official members of the company or outsourced to a cleaning company, which performs its duties upon your request. Most businesses use the second variant, as hiring such a provider means setting up a cleaning schedule in accordance with their needs as well as working outside of the schedule in emergency cases. These tips will help you hire the right one. Check references One of the essential fact

Walnuts And Pine Nuts Cookies

SSHHH... ITS HER SECRET RECIPE.... Thanks to her, she shared it with me without hesitation, it is her famous and crunchy-licious cookies, one that I cannot forget and keep wanting more of them cookies.  I asked her for the recipe yesterday and she gave it to me and this afternoon, my baking mode began.... I showed the below pictures to my kids... comments like "You made them, Mum?" ... "Can't wait to eat, Mum.. kekeke..."... "Nice, Mum..." and another one wrote... "I will try baking them over here" .. Well.... Actually.... nothing to shout about la. .. cookies only ma. .. what's the big deal.  The big deal is that yours truly normally buys, doesn't cook, doesn't bake as a normal mother does!  So.. when they see homemade stuff, it is like a Big Surprise to them.... LOL... Alright, coming back to my cookies, the original recipe consist of Macadamia nuts... but being me-the-one-who-seldom-bakes, I replaced with walnuts and pi

Should I Stop Blogging?

MY 12TH YEAR OF BLOGGING!!  And... I'm losing it.... I started blogging in 2008, initiated by my son who had his own blog in 2007, however, his lasted only one year.  LOL... As for his mom here, she went on blogging and blogging without fail, almost daily, I can say for the past 11 years and only lately, she has slacked tremendously in her writing.  Reason?  Reasons... aplenty! I began to feel the "laziness" since the day I retire from work in 2015.  I admit I was more diligent in my blogging while I was working than now at home.  Maybe blogging helped me to relax while I was still working, at least distracted me for an hour or two off the workload.  Well, that was when I was in the office, now that I am fully retired and staying at home (sometimes) I admit I am neglecting my blog. Is Blogging still a trend?  It definitely was during the earlier years... I have made some friends through blogging, we even met up a couple of times.  That was maybe ten years back o