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Three Meals In A Day

FOOD FOR THOUGHTS... and I do that when I go to sleep each night.  My thoughts will be on food for the next day, what do I want to eat, what shall I cook and sometimes I end up feeling hungry just by thinking of them and drinking a mug of oats to ease the hunger.   I went out for breakfast with my friend last Monday, she wanted to send her car for repair and I have to pick her up from the mechanic.  It was quite far from my place and we took our breakfast in a new place called One Bowl Each or something like that.  I must ask my friend for the correct name.... and we ordered these...  I took the vegetable soup with the fried pork patties.... I like these patties.. very crispy and nice... RM6 per bowl.... Full till dinner! Lunch for the next day....  I braised some ribs with carrots and I opened a small can of abalones...  Eaten with one plate of greens cooked with the mushrooms... And a plate of grains mixed with basmati rice.... These two dishes were enough for my lunch and dinner....

Reanaclaire's Homecooked Curry Chicken

CURRY MODE... I went to the market this morning, my fridge was practically empty, it had to be refilled with meat and greens.  In a matter of 15 minutes, my marketing was done.  My residential market is very small and rectangular shaped, from one end to the other, it takes only one or two minutes to walk.  Though the stuff sold are slightly higher than those bigger markets, I prefer to come here, so clean and convenient plus easy parking.   Bought 4 chicken thighs, one kampung chicken, some vegetables and bananas and that was it.  So what did I plan to cook today?  Curry chicken!  I went to my left and right neighbour to pluck some curry leaves and kaffir leaves to enhance the curry.  This time I cook the curry with fresh milk instead of santan, the market has no fresh santan and I am lazy to drive all the way to the main market to get some.  Moreover, there is still one cup of fresh milk left from the carton.....  4 thighs and 4 potatoes in my shogun wok... Oh by the way, I bought thi

Signs A Sand Filter Isn’t Working In A Swimming Pool Filtration System

Everyone enjoys using the pool when the weather is exceptionally warm. Some even like to indulge in the cool months if the water temperature is just right, whether it be strictly for recreational purposes or therapeutic. A pool requires substantial maintenance and adequate upkeep to keep it functioning correctly, particularly ensuring that the water remains free of debris, dirt, and particles.  A critical component of a swimming pool is the filtration system, visit   to view examples. One such method is the sand filter, which helps capture fallen leaves, grass, insects, and other particles. In order to keep the pool at peak cleanliness and within safety limits, it’s crucial to know whether the system is functioning optimally or if it needs cleaning or replacement.   Signs Indicating A Sand Filter Is Not Functioning Properly   When a sand filter is not functioning, you may begin to notice that the water is not as clean as it

Dinner For Six At Soo Har Yee Restaurant, Bercham Ipoh

SOO HAR YEE is the name of this restaurant, it reminded me of Stephen Chow's movie in which he portrayed a Beggar with this name too.  That is how I remember the name of this restaurant, famous for their soft bread.  We have three choices of fillings, curry chicken, prawns or crabs and we opted for spicy sweet prawns for our dinner last Friday.   With the Covid19 still lingering, this restaurant was affected as well.  Those days this place was filled to the brim and on that day, we were the first customers even though it was already 6.30pm.  Business does look bleak nowadays....  There were 6 of us and we ordered the following dishes to fill our tummies.....  Their signature bread... soft and nice....  The prawns are fresh and the sauce was out of the world...  Simply the Best! This is called "Chew Yim Pai Kwat" meaning salty meatbones But it came out sweet and there was no bones...  Perhaps we got the name wrong or we expected something else which is salty...  It tasted

A Seven Hours Itinerary In Ipoh

ON A WEEKEND... and that was Saturday, just yesterday, two of my friends came from the north.  It was just a day trip.  They arrived at 11.30am, parked their car in my house and I became their tour guide for the day.  LOL... Before that, I did some research on what to eat, they wanted local food and I try to squeeze as much as I could in a matter of few hours. Firstly, I took them to town to try the famous chicken rice, Pak Kong is the name of the shop.  We ordered a two persons portion for the four of us.  Need to save some space in our tummy for other food.  No photos taken, we ordered a mixed combination of roasted chicken, steamed chicken and roasted pork, plus two side dishes of Achah and salted vegetables (kiam chye). After we finished our lunch, we walked around the vicinity to get some food stuff such assalted chicken and Ipoh famous cookies.  Next, I took them to old town where the tourists go... Concubine Lanes... got some egg tarts and iced white coffee from Nam Heong to dri

Pizza Fresh From The Oven

PIZZA NIGHT... we had our homemade pizza fresh from the oven.  No really homemade, I have to confess.  I bought the pizza pastry from Jaya Jusco, a box with two pieces inside plus a packet of tomato sauce.  But I did not use the paste provided, I used my own bottle of Prego sauce.  The size portion of the pastry is in-between Small and Regular so we need two pieces to feed four grown ups. As for the fillings, I diced one yellow and red pepper, two big onions, a packet of chicken ham, three cilipadi for some ompph ... and a can of pineapple as a side dish.  So simple actually, just spread Prego sauce on the pastry and dumped everything on top, last to go is the mozzarella cheese.  Baked them for 20 minutes and they were good to go! Our pizza, full to the brim!  Greedy us! One spicy and one is not....  Into the oven they went....  I rotated them after 15 minutes or so... Next time I should put one by one...  So that the top and bottom is evenly cooked.... Afte

Porridge At Kar Heng, Ipoh

MISSING IN ACTION AGAIN....  My blog has been neglected for more than a week?  Yes, almost a week... what have I been busy with?  It is only my laziness, I have lots of work to do at home actually.  As my kids are working from home, so does their mom.  Busier than ever for more than two weeks now.  Enjoying every moment with them though there is more work to do.... how often do we have this time of being together, my son used to joke about it.... These few days, news of the covid is not good, rumours have it saying that the second wave is back, we might have to face another lockdown again?  For the past couple of weeks, life seemed to be back to normal, at times, I forgot to bring out my mask... and now I must not take things for granted... Started going out for the past one week... We came to this shop called Kar Heng for porridge... I ordered a bowl of porridge with crispy fried fish...  Very nicely done... only for RM7 My friend opted for mixed intestines... RM4.50 o

King Of The Fruits Online Delivery In Singapore

DURIAN LOVERS IN SINGAPORE, you are in for a treat! Durian, the king of fruits, it is either loved by many or "detested" by some.  For us durian lovers, the fragrance is breathtaking and the cravings for this fruit can be pretty strong when we think of the creamy durian flesh in our mouth.  LOL.... During the recovery of this Covid19 Pandemic in Malaysia, the durian season was on and that did not deter me from ordering some durians via online.  Two boxes of Musang King were delivered to my house and the cravings was duly satisfied.  Now we have to drive all the way out to get them, no more doorstep delivery in my area and no more good durians guaranteed when we buy them from the vendors. Unlike this website from in Singapore, you can now order the freshest durians online and have them delivered right to your doorstep.  Well, you might ask, what is so great about this 8durian?  From what I read from their website, these durians are freshly plucked from the pla

A Disappointment At Kuala Sepetang

OUT OF IPOH but into Taiping.  We stopped at Kuala Sepetang for lunch.  My kids had not been there before though I have been many times.  It was a weekend and to our surprise, the small fishing village was booming with people, tourists like us, I guess.  Wrong timing but no choice, they have to work from home during weekdays, only time off is weekend.  Food was definitely not tasty at all during such peak hours.  We managed to get a place and ordered a few dishes.  But it was quite disappointing, the taste was not there and we even got shortchanged for the number of crabs.  We ordered 3 but when the dish was served, I counted and recounted, there were only 2 crabs cooked for us.  I sounded it to three servers and only the third one had a feedback for us.  He checked the bill, it was written three and was charged RM59.... and he told us to mention it at the cashier when we finished our food. While waiting for the food, we looked at the murky waters... And fishing boats....