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Our Scrumptious Dinner In Hawaii

HUNGER FOR FOOD.... After the 3-4 hours of hiking, ascending and descending or the other way round, we were so hungry!  Snacks in the car took place while driving back to town, almost a two hours drive before reaching the restaurant which I could not recall the name but the food there was just fantastic! We made reservations through the phone beforehand so that we could have a table by the time we reached the place.  Quick, quick... please just order any food... I could eat almost anything without any fuss! We ordered three main meals.....  Poke again, yes! Must not leave Hawaii without eating them....  Fish Tacos! Sprinkled with some sweet mayo and mango slices... Love them so much! Grilled Salmon... comes with 2 servings... Brown rice and wild ferns aka paku pakis! I am surprised they have these ferns over there too! The food was really fantastic.... not because we were super hungry.... maybe partly.... They were great in fact! We bought the gift card from Costco...  Paid $70 for a $

Making A More Welcoming Dental Office

  The location where you make the home of your business is more than just where you do your work. It’s also the face of the brand, where you can build a lasting reputation, and where you introduce your clients to both your team and your services. There are some businesses, such as a dental practice, that require you to build trust a little more quickly and deeply. As such, here are some ways to ensure yours is as welcoming as can be. Picture - CC0 License Invest in comfy furniture If you want your patients to feel cared for and like they matter, then you should invest in making sure that their time is not unpleasant. It might seem like a relatively small part of your business, but patients will often spend at least a good ten minutes waiting to be seen and usually more. For that reason, look at stores like Urban Hyve where you can purchase high-quality furniture to give them a more relaxing place to rest themselves. This way, they’re less likely to be cranky or on edge when it comes t

My Most Thrilling And Adventurous Hike At Kilauea Iki Crater

 NEVER EXPECTED.... When my daughter-in-law suggested going hiking and seeing the volcano crater, I was not prepared to have the longest and the most dangerous walk I have ever experienced in my whole life.....  As I mentioned before, I did not know what to expect from this Kona trip, I just tagged along, expecting to have a relaxing time in the resort and eating to my heart's content.  That was what I was prepared to... LOL... however on that day, I was stretched to the fullest of my stamina, hiking up and down a volcanic mountain and walking across the crater which has exploded just two years back.  If I have known this earlier, I would say... "hey, you guys go ahead, I will wait for you all in the car.... "  On this adventurous day, I experienced going through a lube, a pathway created by the volcanic eruption, it was like a cave... dark and moist inside and we need to switch on our handphone to go through.. isn't that adventurous?  Reminds me of the Famous Five fr

A Lazy Saturday Afternoon

The week has not been pleasant so far. I needed some time off to take my mind away from a couple of things that just kept popping into my head randomly throughout the day. The thoughts were just frustrating, tiring, and taking away my energy. Well, I needed a distraction. I fired up my computer, and started browsing randomly; keeping up with posts my friends shared and reading their discussions in the comments section. I try to join in when I could, but I just didn’t want to think of a reply on most of them. Ah, this is just not going well. I’m just too lazy to interact with these people. I need something else. I moved away and opened a new page to search for random things. I thought about what could be interesting to read about. “Maybe something about printing”, I mused aloud to myself. I could start a small project with some research maybe. That will surely make today much more productive. Well, the research tool up a little bit of time. I read about the printing press, which p

A Day Tour Through Waipio Valley, Hawaii

TOURING DAY AT HILO...  or did I mistaken the name for another....  Started our day trip at around 10am and stopped at a flea market to walk around and ended up buying two Hawaiian papayas for $5.  Small, short and rounded...  that was how they looked like.... and we saw some rambutans being sold too.  We asked the seller and he couldn't tell us the name of the fruit... LOL.. and we told him that they are rambutans and we were from Malaysia, that was how we know.  He was amazed and he told us that his friend gave him some seeds to grow in Hawaii... this friend must be a Malaysian... LOL...  Walking around the market.... nothing much really except for the local food and fruits....  Then we drove further to another part of the town...  Kamehameha The Great, the first ruler in the kingdom of Hawaii... Walked a few minutes down the slope ... Where the tourists are....  To catch some scenic pictures... Beautiful scenery from where we stood.... And we could go down to the beach if we wan

Four Purchases That Will Make Your Life Easier With A Newborn

  Are you preparing to bring your beautiful new baby home from the hospital for the first time? If so, then you need to make sure that you are getting the right purchases from day one. The best decisions here are going to make your life far easier and help you deal with some of the issues that new parents can encounter. Here are some of the key possibilities.  Pexels Source CCO License Moses Basket First, you should make sure that you are getting a moses basket for your little one. This will provide you with the perfect option to ensure that your new baby can get a great nap regardless of where they are. A moses basket is convenient because they are small enough to fit into any room and can be divided into two parts so you’ll be able to carry them where you need it to go. They are also quite budget friendly too and you can depend on this before you move your baby into a cot or crib. You can get these from fantastic sellers like Foryourlittleone .  Baby Monitor Your life is going to be

Fine Dining At Canoe House, Mauna Lani, Kona

ONCE A LIFETIME OR SHOULD I SAY YOLO?  Yes, we only live once and we should enjoy to the fullest... within our means, of course!  LOL...And that was what we did.  On this special evening, my son booked a reservation at Canoe House in Mauna Lani, Auberge Resorts for dinner.  I did not know what to expect except that he told me that it was a fine dining open air restaurant overlooking the sea.   When we reached, I felt that I was home in Penang, very similar except for the beautiful sunset and cooling wind... and of course the food is different too.  The three of us ordered a 5 course set, not knowing what to expect except the best... LOL.... It cost $95 per pax and I think it is really worth trying.  As I mentioned earlier... YOLO... You Only Live Once!  LOL.....  When we entered the resort, we felt that we were being "stared upon"... Yes, no kids, no babies in sight... nor Asians too! Some were looking at our baby in the pram, cooing to him....  Oh I guess this hotel is not f

Managing Your Pandemic Manpower Woes

The pandemic has changed a lot of how we run our businesses and, above all else, it has impacted how we manage our workforce. It has led to a lot of businesses having trouble in finding their feet and keeping operations going or even keeping their employees. But there are some solutions that may be worth looking into. Here are just a few of them. Credit - CC0 License Investing in remote working It’s a strategy that a lot of businesses have already had to do. You might not be able to turn your entire workforce into a remote working team, but there are software suites like that can make it a lot easier to have much more of the work behind your business done from remote locations. Whatever roles can be done from the home, you should at least make sure you have a plan to allow them to flexibly do so, so that if you do have to close your doors in the future or scale back your in-office workforce, you have options to keep their productivity in play. Be flexible wit