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Downtown San Jose For Trick Or Treats

FAST FORWARD... My lovely in-law has finished her "babysitting job" and flew back to Malaysia, leaving me to tend to my grandson who kept me pretty much occupied during the day time.  This cheeky fella has grown up by then, only started walking around 16 months and since then, it was more about running and I chasing him here and there.  Anyway, he keeps me on my toes and my food digested faster than I was in Malaysia.  LOL...  Halloween was in October, my daughter-in-law took us to downtown one evening.  She knows all about the activities happening and it was all about treat or trick for the kids.  Never knowing what to expect, I was full of anticipation especially with the young one donning a Scooby Doo outfit.  Wearing the Halloween outfit was a tedious job, after much struggling, we managed to get him into it but we failed to get him wear the Scooby Doo headgear.  We gave up....  Downtown, few roads were closed for pedestrians on that day... Let's queue for the treats!

Attire To Keep In Shape

Ladies are ladies, we love to look good in our everyday life. When we look good, we walk and work in confidence, it brightens up our day and it brings positive vibes to our daily life. But in order to look good, we must have a healthy and balanced lifestyle. It is not just about working out but eating well to. Eating a balanced diet each day can bring the freshness from our physical outlook, exercising at least three times a week will improve our stamina and have a fresh mind to face our everyday life. An excellent way a woman can euphorically bear the sweat and grind that comes with working out is to wear clothes that feel comfortable and charming. Activewear sets can make you feel proud of your body. The sportswear gives off a womanly aura and inviting ambience that makes you perform impeccably and looking stylish while at it. The buttery soft performance in this image is made from an unique texture with moisture wicking, breathable and stretchy at the same time.  It keeps you dr

At The Pumpkin Fair 2022

IT WAS FALL...  and this is the second time that I have experienced the autumn in San Jose. We went to another pumpkin farm, entrance fees was $15 for each person.  This time my grandson has two grandmas to accompany him... LOL... yes, two grandmas staying together in one room.  My son joked about it in his office, "handling three ladies in a house is no joke!"  LOL....  Well, it is indeed a joke, modern mothers like us do not give problems to the younger generation... ahem... instead we lend our four hands to getting the household chores done smoothly!  LOL...  Sorry to digress, back to my pumpkin post, we had a great time at the farm, the two grannies becoming "children" again... LOL...  Nice deco inside the pumpkin fair... Went for the train ride two times....  Up the truck wagon full of hay too! With the young and sophisticated granny.... Pumpkins for Sale! See, we played with the young one.... We helped him fed the goats...  eeeek..... A really fun time togethe