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Costume Trick Or Treats

KIDS HAVE SO MUCH FUN when it comes to Halloween, they love the dressing up and the treats are the main attraction of the day! We adults also did not want to feel left out on this day, my daughter-in-law and I wore the same  costumes on this very day.  Both of us became "cows" .. perhaps we really work like one... LOL.... and the man of the family became Mario minus the mustache.  hehehe... During the day, we went to a park nearby our house, there was an event going on there, as usual, the parade of dressing up, adults and kids alike were here and there, freebies were being handed out for everyone.   And in the evening, we walked from house to house in this area and by an hour or so, our little man's bucket was full of goodies already!  He started counting his goodies the next day... and his total is always 10 cos that is the max number he can go at that time!  LOL...  My Moo Moo costume... Two Moo-Moos, Scooby Doo and Mario.... And the treats our Scooby Doo collected!  

Yearning For Ipoh Food In San Jose

FOOD MADE FROM SCRATCH... No going out to hawker stalls or restaurants to get these type of food which I have cravings for.  Whatever we want to eat, we have to make from scratch and that is when I learn how to cook.  The two ladies in the house ended up making trial-n-error dishes.  With the baby taken care of by the male, the young lady and the senior one spent some time bonding in the cool kitchen.  Yes, one thing good about cooking here is that the weather is cool enough, unlike in my own kitchen in Ipoh, I would be sweating left and right.  LOL....  Here are some of the dishes for our own satisfaction and cravings....  *Lots to learn about presentation though.... we have to minimize washing-up, so we did not care too much about the decoration... Big wok on the table is a normal sight during meal times!* Our cravings for Chicken Koay Teow....  This one is Hokkien prawn noodles...  Forgot to put in some greens... No Kangkung here but we use spinach.... Steamed a big fish which we ha

Online Shopping Is Still The Best

When I was holidaying in Sacramento, I spent some afternoons surfing the websites for online shopping. Everything seems to be so cheap, not just the malls but from online websites especially branded shirts, wallets, shoes, household items and many more. I was thinking if I were to work in US and drawing salary from there, I would be spending a big portion of my pay doing online shopping! Malls close quite early over there, hence browsing and surfing online is a better option. In fact my brother-in-law does a lot of purchasing through the Internet. He does not like going to malls if he is given a choice, he said, he prefers to do his purchasing online, no hassle of queuing up to pay and driving around for a parking. This year 2022 is a year whereby numerous weddings are preplanned and arranged, bookings have been done in hotels, restaurants and venues to hold the wedding vows and dinner.  Well, a lot of these special occasions have been on hold in many countries and it is at this t