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Lucille's At Red Rock

AFTER A DAY OF REST, we were supposed to go to Red Rocks for some hiking.  Unfortunately we did not manage to go into the National Park, we had to turn back cos we did not register online for permit.  Due to the covid pandemic crisis, the authorities were still monitoring the number of tourists for the day.   As for me I was not disappointed since I have been there few times before, but too bad for my friend... anyway, we made it up for her by having a good lunch at the Red Rock casino instead... LOL...                                                                              Took some pictures at another area though....  Ended up at Red Rock hotel and casino for our lunch...  Come, lets go in....Lucille's While waiting for our food... Let's dig in.... And after our lunch, we did our "hiking" here in the casino....  LOL..

Lost And Found For Now

AM I BACK TO BLOGGING AGAIN FOR GOOD?   I couldn't trust myself to answer my own question .... however at this moment of time, I am in the mood of putting up a post .... ....sooooo..... ta daa. .... here I AM! Lots of happenings during these few months, good times, bad times... I thank God daily for allowing me to live each day with Him by my side.  And I hope that you, my readers are doing well and good too.  I have been blogging faithfully since January 2008 and it has been more than15 years now.  Blogging is very "trendy" during that time.... and now blogging is somehow "overshadowed" by this so-called Vlog, video blog... tik tok.... and what else... I'm afraid I am not up-to-date to what's new.... Either I have to start learning if I want to follow the latest or I do what I am doing now... Blogging!  It sounds kind of "dinosaur" when I mention that... LOL.... Back to my current post, I want to thank my sister and hubby for arranging our tr