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Festive Time Of Togetherness

:: Thank You Lord for the food glorious food on the table....Amen.....::

Back to work after a 4 1/2 days of CNY celebration..time passed doubly fast when holidaying..
Briefly about my cny, as usual reunion dinner was at my in laws that our kids hv grown up, the used-to-be big table couldnt fit in all, we were tightly squeezed and one of them just couldnt even hv space to hold the chopsticks..imagine..i guess next year, we need to put an extra small table by the side..all are big hunks now, by the way.. After dinner, stroll to my mum's place to join my siblings..the atmostphere naturally is better there..someone prepared a session for ginrummy..great..i miss that..but after an hour or so, my eyes were blur blur already.. i guess age is catching up and mind deactivates quicker than before...

On the first day, makan at in-law's house again..see how blessed i m ? i dont hv to cook..hehe.. most are left over dishes from the previous nite, nevertheless, they were still as yummy...but i realise that my appetite was not really good, i ended up taking vegetables only instead of meat, meat and meat... maybe my digestion has slow down year after year..

Oh, not forgetting, my 2nd precious came down with a fever, rashes all over, i suspect it was measles, true enough, when i took him to see 24hr doc at 11.45pm, it is really confirmed measles.. too many late nites and taking too much heaty food prior to cny.. He felt sore, asking himself why of all days, he must get sick during this festive season??haha..i guess there is always a reason behind it...anyway, sick or healthy, continue to be thankful that we r still healthy and normal, that is what i always be thankful all day, we will know the real reason...just be patient and live each day feeling blessed..

Had a reunion with my old former classmates on the 2nd day nite, i wasnt expecting many, in fact just a 3 or 4...but to my amaze, a total of 12 turned long lost frens we havent seen for decades came to my doorstep, one mouth to another...all were looking forward to seeing each other's face after umpteen years..haha...some aged, some looked more robust than ever, some still sexy looking and one used-to-be 'hot stuff' turned out to be a typical mum of 4 goodness... Well, i guess this is the cycle of life...unexpected things happens...

Sent my 1st precious back to his campus on Sunday...looking at his face as he waved goodbye, I felt a pang of sadness from him...he will miss this wonderful festive season but i hope he will have a wonderful time partying with his hostel mates, after all, he brought a lot of food stuff that will remind them of this special occassion.... Son, if u r reading this, just wanna u to know we r looking forward to seeing u in another 2 weeks time...

Despite all the good and bad times, chinese new year is a time where families should gather together..a time to share memories, a time to be fellowship with one another.. this festive season will continue to come and go and families should take this opportunity to treasure moments of togetherness with one another... a time to share, to care and to love..................................


  1. wah such long updates from you. happy birthday.. today "hari manusia" hor.

  2. please space la...i like to read your blog but every time i finis reading sure i have to rub my eyes coz they are jutting out already hahahahahahahahah..

  3. thanks for yr suggestion..hehe.. yes, it is really messy .. my words are like siamese twins, entwined to one another..

  4. hi. nice story line and the word of of god is so nice
    keep it up and expand it more..
    and keep the story not too long



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