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Friend or Acquaintance

(some of my ex schoolmates)

Last nite the was down, a blessing in disguise for me, cos I couldnt think of what to write, my life is so routinal, everything, almost everything is according to schedule esp after my working hours are over.

It was a bit different last nite in the sense that my everfaithful pal came and we had dinner in my house...nothing special, just a plate of tomato stir-fried prawns, some stew taufoo and some soup donated by my mum...(who else?)

To while aways the time waiting for my kids to come out from tuition, both of us decided to have a drink at a nearby bistro (opposite RHB Bank, Ipoh Garden South)...surprisingly this bistro has a very quiet and peaceful atmosphere, the lightings are sort of warm and it has a comforting effect, an ambience for those who seek to chat and to meet up, this place is recommended....and not the forgetting the menu, the prices are cheaper than those I frequent. We ordered a freezy fire dragon juice...try it, esp for those who are quenching for thirst, this juicy drink .satisfying... (sorry again, no picture taken, I really must change my hp, any sponsors out there?)

While waiting for my kids, one lady came down from the tuition centre, she looks pretty familiar and it suddenly crossed our minds that she was our former old schoolmate...We called out to her, "Hum Kuen?" Then she smiled and asked who we are though according to her, we looked rather familiar too...really? After awhile, we got to know that she is my kids' science tuition teacher for quite some time now....we promise to catch up with each other more in time to come... old old schoolmates are hard to come by nowadays, everyone seems so scattered everywhere..... When we manage to find one, we must really catch hold of each other.....

Some frens come and those whom we cant get along, we say sayonara on and off....
For those whom we can click pretty well, we hope our connection will continue to last......
No man can survive on this universe all alone and lonely by himself......


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