Sunday, March 9, 2008

Beautiful Sunday

After an exhausting day at the polling station ie from 7am till 8.30pm, I was really beat when I reached home... Despite the long hours and excruciating heat during the daytime, it was quite fun see all types of people from all walks of life, coming to vote for their respective candidates.... I was stationed at a classroom where the voters are mainly elderly people ... some were really really old, (99 years of age but still walking good with a stick), some sickly on wheel chairs and few were paralysed from waist down, to see is to believe, and seeing all of them, it really puts us the younger generation to shame...these 'seniors' and veterans are so committed, they are responsible citizens... I regret not taking some photos but then I think its forbidden for me to take..haha..furthermore, I was quite busy with my own tasks too...


  1. oh man,tht chee cheong fun again..nt tht taste..i prefer the short guy chee cheong fun..yea, beautiful sunday, when jusco n bought many stuffs..thanks a lot :)

  2. haha..the chee cheong fun guy has retired long this canning one has been promoted to replace him..

  3. i miss that chee cheong fun peddler. he used to sell at waller court in the morning and near cockman st in he afternoon. i think he no longer selling anymore as i was just a kid, and eat until my teen years).

  4. hey..he is still around la... but only in the mornings, yeah, now u remind me..tomorrow morning i might go and makan there.. he is the best in town...haha...


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