Monday, March 24, 2008

Typical malaysian snacks

Come Monday...moody breakfast was not that good this morning, fried meehoon mixed with was not delicious at all but just eat la...for the sake of getting full... When lunch came, I was too lazy to go out to eat again, with all the schools near my office, the jam was just terrible... Called up mei mei to take lunchie with me at the canteen at 2pm (for us, this was the best time to take lunch) Below were some food made by 3 races, malay, chinese and indian respectively.....where food is concerned, its great to live in a multi-racial country...haha...

1) Malay delicacy (deep fried flour mixed with vegetables & dried shrimps)
2) Chinese tau foo far (sweet bean curd dessert)
3) Indian kacang putih (delicious crispy snacks where u eat non-stop once u begin)


  1. haha..thanks.. i m very 'wai sik' one..eating is one of my hobbies..

  2. u so that also called boring. if it's me, I munched up everything ..hahaha

  3. wei..chris, i didnt say boring can..i love to eat one, and best with satisfaction..

  4. hahha.. indian kacang putih.. yummy.. lolzz.. love to eat it.. but mom always dun allow me to eat much.. cos after i eat sure sorethroat one.. so mafan.. (Well, i did sometimes curi makan.. ahahaha.. shhh..)

  5. haha..a lot of ppl like to eat kacang putih..this wong fei hong (indian man) sells good taste kacang.. next time ask aaron to buy back some for u...


Thank you, readers!

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