Friday, March 28, 2008

Halong Bay-Hanoi Bogus Hawker

Hanoi is an interesting place to go.... I wouldnt mind going there again if there are sponsors ?? :) Anyway, while we were there, we stayed in this Hanoi Plaza Hotel, its cheap, clean and its just right in the old quarters where shopping paradise is...

Despite the heat, despite the hordes of motorcyclists charging into us (but somehow we escaped being hit, thanks to their manoeuvre expertise), and the continuous "screaming" of horns blaring non stop at each other, (i guess its their way of greeting each other)...

Hanoi is still a nice place to go is not a problem, we experienced sitting on low wooden stools eating bowls of chicken hanoi 'koayteow' and their must-try is their local 'popiah', theirs is triangular shapes deeply fried.

I didnt take much pictures due to my 'carelessness'... so hopefully, next time if I go again, i will make sure I will be smarter...(forgot to unload old pictures from my camera, so no more memory spaace....cheesssss)

Halong Bay in the morning - taken from the hotel room

Does this 'hawker' look familiar???


  1. haha..tht hawker looks bad,we took picture using her stuffs but didnt buy frm her..hehe..hanoi was a nice place..should go to ho chi minh the nxt round.. :)

  2. wanna go? check yr itininery first... all aunties going as usual...haha.. except for auntie's belinda's bf..


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