Sunday, April 20, 2008

Kimberly in Greentown Business Centre

Today is Sunday, 3 of us had a long nite before and we woke up pretty late this morning...shy to say the time la....but its been a long time since I ever slept this long... :) With our stomaches growling, we made a quick exit from the house. Inside the car, each of us gave some suggestions and eventually, we ended up in Kimberly coffeehouse..or is it a shop ..whatever...

Menus was displayed outside...they have ala carte and lunch packages, chinese and western cuisine, prices are moderately low esp the chinese lunch package...3 dishes and 1 soup cost 19.90 only...but we didnt take that one, instead we took ala carte for each of us....B, here they are...

this is called 'pillow' biscuits-bought outside Kimberly as appetiser

black pepper beef with rice eaten by Mr. A (really black la)

wan tan loe shu fun - taste nice

this is steamed cheese baked fried rice with ham & sausages- not recommended, no nice la

this is kampolo pau with meat floss, nicely toasted & crispy as well...not bad...


  1. oh man..what is this..i oso want..i only went to tronoh for lunch..take me next round..god bless

  2. hehe..sure... but not so nice la.. next time try the chinese package lunch and see...

  3. Food, food and more food!!!! What is this.....Food Blog???? but then, so yummy.... drool!!!!

  4. to eat ma... as u know, i like to eat and eat... cannot take much but like to try varieties..

  5. cannot tahan, can tapau for me next time? ooooh

  6. there are a lot better food than this shop..dont worry...u can eat yr heart out next time when u step into u go on diet first..haha

  7. come to my blog...there are more foods!

  8. seen already...all old food... make sure u take me to savour all when i m in JB...


Thank you, readers!

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