Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sunday Dinner at Kenny Rogers....

Our Sunday dinner at Jaya Jusco Kenny Rogers....
It was so crowded nevertheless, we mananged to get a nice place, my precious reminded me not to sit by the sides...too many people walking up and down and they couldnt eat in peace.... these were what we ordered, B... 3 plates of one quarter chicken each with 3 side dishes...cost us RM51/-.... (one week marketing gone into our stomachs)

This is A's plate...all whitish consists of macarroni, mashed pototoes, potatoes salad..hmmm.. all starchy, not for me...

This is mine, coleslaw, corns, carrots plus a small bowl of fruits

and of course, this is F's..macarroni, mashed pototoes and fruits


  1. frankly speaking...KG in msia sucks... The singapore's one are better. I tried a few outlets in melaka, batu pahat, JB and it's still taste the same.

  2. i wonder how different it is in Sg... will go one day to find out... make sure u belanja me, sg currency has gone up to 2.33...

  3. haha..anything oso good..what oso i eat..dun worry..

  4. now u got to remember where we will go when u come back... haha..

  5. yes..... finally some happy news. SG currency getting stronger against Msian ringgit!! yes.....!


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