Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Susan Lewis

Time passes really fast.... my blog has been sort of 'neglected' .. as my 2nd precious said in his blog, that at times we have so much to write about but dont know where to start and eventually, when we want to begin, all words fade off....
These few days, I didnt carry my 'borrowed' hp with me...thus, nothing to snap, nothing to write about. But what I have been doing each day is reading this book here "The Hornbeam Tree" written by Susan Lewis. I bought it in a book fair recently in Gurney Plaza, quite cheap selling for RM15.00 only. There were many books available too, all at the same price but Susan Lewis caught my eye.
Briefly the story revolves a few characters in the book, mainly Katie, Michelle, Tom, Elliot and Laurie. Written here, it says it is spellbinding, you just keep turning the pages with the atmosphere growing more and more intense, filled with romance, excitement, erotic and mystery...all in one this book. Worth reading...just for RM15.00 and after that, I will sell it to the Novel get back some cash...

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