Saturday, May 10, 2008

KLIA Here We Come.....

Very exhausting day...started off the journey to Kuala Lumpur Interntional Airport at around 8.30am... stopped at this resthouse for awhile....what answer some 'call' la.... this place is called Dengkil resthouse famous for its so-called satay...but we didnt try... just answered our 'call' and then we shot off again to the airport...

Dengkil resthouse..

special satay... prices are reasonable..

Reached the KLIA at 11.30am...haiyah..too early la.. my sister's flight is at 1pm... cham.. what to do leh.. another 1 hour more to linger around, nothing much to see also.... so to pass time, take some pictures around the airport... bear with me, please...

baju kebaya - shop is called Just Nice..yeah, the clothing here are just nice only...

My favourite shop...attractive and colourful

see only, no buy one..

Malaysian Wok Express... quite empty...still early I guess

but I like the colour arrangement of this bistro...

After walking around a bit, feel kind of hungry, lunch time we went to Level 2 to look see... there is this Food Garden there... new to me... varieties of food but its quite expensive... but those working in the airport can get 20% discount leh....

this plate of rice cost rm9.50..beef curry, kerabu and some bean sprouts..very expensive la..

I ordered this... 2 of us shared... roast chicken rice rm6.50

After lunch, it was almost 1.00pm... yeh... time passed fast when food is concerned... quickly, we went up to Level 3 and waited for half hour or so...looking for a familiar face to appear from the arrival hall... ho and behold...this lady came smiling at us...there she is, at last... my beloved sister has arrived safely into our hands.... Thank you, Lord...


  1. ok, let me comment on ur trip to KLIA , 1st of all you know pretty well that this air port is a 5stars air port thing are sold much more expensive compare to KL.The enviroment there is pretty clean and fresh compare to city areas.

  2. Looks like you now know KLIA by heart eh! Hmm... our airport looks pretty good in pictures!

  3. yeah...didnt go to the arrival hall for nearly 3 years.. Now at least I know there is a Food Garden at Level 2... can take our makan there... prices a bit high but affordable..

  4. woah..... wan sister came back! Shld let me know earlier so that I can plan to come back mah.

    Dengkil satay is damn good!! U shld try it next time..wasted.

  5. haha..u tak chak kong...dont think u will come back even if i tell u earlier..


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