Saturday, May 24, 2008


THE last time I went to Lumut was about a year ago...when we reached town, there were some changes, for eg this pedestrian walk, fully sheltered till the Lumut jetty where the ferries are embarked to ferry those who want to go to Pangkor island...

at the shopping bazaar opposite the jetty

the jetty terminal

AFTER an hour or two, it was around noon then...we went to this Kampong Koh for some food and the one we went was called Yue Loi Heong, something like air con but its quite breezy due to the coconut trees and big giant fans there....

this is a must... 2 coconuts each will be enough ..haha..

the spoon to scrap the flesh of the kokonut

fried mee is a must too..

stirred-fried kangkong with sambal belacan

fried sotong, a bit spicy and sourish..

fried egg with oyster (oor jian)

fried meehoon cos the mee was walloped within minutes..

this is the best ... a must too... steamed crabs...
the bill came to RM69.00..... reasonable.....courtesy by my sister, of course.. he he ....


  1. I'm going to Lumut week after next for 3 days. Anywhere else for good food around there? :-)

  2. ah..try lunch at this shop behind Maybank in kampong koh, town area ...if i m not mistaken.. sort of a hainamese shop with this fish stomach soup, stewed pig ears towfoo, hoe jian as usual, another place is Lido restaurant behind Fajar, Sitiawan, that is all i know besides the Ah Moo seafood stuff under yum yum treees...

  3. Nice post! It's been so long since I went to Lumut, thanks for the update. Can upload more pics?
    wow...the crabs looks mouth watering!

  4. now in KL..will be back tomorrow.. but didnt take any pics though.. mostly shopping centres, no mouth watering makanan...

  5. What I noticed is that the the place is awesomely clean. How many hours is that from KL? I'm planning to see KL this year.


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