Saturday, June 28, 2008


ITS BEEN A NUMBER OF YEARS since I last went up to Gentings Highlands and I am not surprised if there have been many changes .... But what amazes me the most is this First World Hotel... ( I didnt have time to venture outside, actually)

When I reached the hotel lobby, it was almost 6pm in the evening, so I thought it would be just nice to check in, have a nice dinner before adjourning to the Osmonds concert in the Arena Of Stars..., am I in for a shock! ... Never would I expect a large crowd like this waiting at the lobby of this First World Hotel, especially at such a late hour too....

Have to take number to check in... I m one of those sitting there to wait for my turn..

How many do I have to wait?? 100 over guests !!!

How long did I wait??? One over hour la..!!!!

So I went round snapping pictures of the hotel guests while waiting for my turn...


When we finally got into the room, it was after 7pm...quickly we threw our bags on the bed and rushed for dinner...

Moral of the story ? Next time check in earlier la..and.... pay more to have a more comfortable stay....OK????


  1. In the end, its all worth it, rite? Donny wor... stay in bath tub alsi 'tai' la... hee hee hee

  2. haha..where got bathtub..the bathroom is just nice for one person to stand inside, towels and clothing, hv to put outside the bathroom..on the basin..haha..

  3. kekeke...first world is always good business.

  4. Get more money == get better stay lo. :D

  5. haha, got place to stay enough ad ler. imagine wait there for one hour then in the "bilik sudah habis". -.-"

  6. Hahah..1 hour is not considered too long ady lor~
    Go into the casino, win more money then get a good room! ;)

    Btw, thx for visiting my blog! Hello from perlis!

  7. Wow...hardly see or never see a hotel that need to get number to check in..

  8. well, it's a weekend so the picture of the crowd should always be like this, i guess.

  9. First world is like that lo.... Very crowded during weekend and I could nvr be able to book the rooms online for weekend stay...

  10. i guess u all know more than i do .. :) i havent been to gentings for the past few years and so much hv changed..

  11. simobiles with was saw your site...

    have a nice day (^_^)

  12. shld take the machine generated queue instead of waiting for the counter's faster! haiz........

    Anyway, 1st world rooms sucks time pay more for genting hotel la.

  13. more for better service.. oh, i know of the machines but i m not a world card member ma.. if member, then easier..

  14. haha..except this year, I always went to genting at least twice yearly...

    yup, a world card member but no points.


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