Saturday, June 14, 2008

Meagre Meal for today...

THIS MORNING, Chris and I had our breakfast in this corner coffeeshop...most of the tables were taken up except this one table out on the 5 foot way.....Chris said "dont put parking coupon, after all we r facing our car, we can see the attendant if he comes by".....Since the petrol hike day, we have to be thrifty in everything that we face....

I ordered this water chestnut drink....cost me rm1.40

hokkien mee cost rm 3.00

For lunch - mama cook this meal for Fernie

mushroom soup

and this is my humble lunch....can guess what the white colour lump is?

3 pieces of durian....hmmmm... best to go with rice...


  1. No doubt are simple food but these are healthy food.Good effort and save cost.That's the spirit.

  2. little rice only? can full ka?

  3. haha... this is my portion each day.. when u r old like auntie, then u will understand..haha...


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