Tuesday, June 17, 2008


REVEALING 'one of those days' as a mama-mia...

On this particular morning, I was supposed to print out an essay for my girl the first thing I reached the office..oooppss..shhh... but little did I know, my office pc only support m/soft 2003 whereas she has done her essay in a 2007 version...so how to print??? And the problem is, she has to pass up the essay today ...(afternoon session)

Oh dear, cham...what to do??? Then my colleague told me...why not go cyber cafe to get it printed, but it would cost me a few ringgit $ to do that. I guess it was a good idea that time so I went looking for cyber cafes, never been to one before.... When I entered into 1st one, all I saw, in few rows were schoolboys, still dressed in uniform...(hak sei ngor.)... no need to go school meh?

Anyway, dont be a busybody (K-por), I approached a longhaired man at the counter, "can print m/soft 2007 version here ah?" The way he looked at me, he must be thinking that I m looking for my son there...then he said, "no printer, no printer"

To cut story short, after going in and out of 3 cyber cafes, I finally got the printed out version of her essay, quickly drove home, my hair all flustered, face almost all red becos of the hot- hot sun... upon reaching the door step, my little girl was surprised to see me and gave me a good hug in return...ahhhh... all my trouble going round Ipoh, was fast forgotten at that spur of the moment.. then rushed back to the office in full speed....

Hey, its not the end yet....when I fetched her from school that evening, naturally, I asked her about the essay... passed up already??? She was behind me but I can feel her grinning ..."Teacher said no need to pass up today, Friday first.....hehe...."

Wanna imagine my face???? ..........DON'T......

Take in some deep breaths.........S-L-O-W....LY...



  1. haha, never mind ler.i believe your daughther will appreciate your effort very much.:)

  2. hehe...i modified , dint mention what i shouldnt mentioned... wei.. u so fast read one... i baru edited...

  3. that's what a mom does best, going that extra miles for her young.

    keep the memory share it again with her may be another 10 years from now, she would appreciates.

  4. haha...dont expect anything much from our kids... maybe i wont be able to remember, old already ma by 10 yrs...that is the purpose of this blog.. this blog will be one of my inheritence to my kids... ha ha ...

  5. aiyoooo....for goodness sake, convert all the files to pdf version. You can print anywhere and smaller file.

  6. convert files in my new pc at home? how wo... u know la.. illiterate ma...next time u come and do for me ... ok? belanja u chendol..chui tor..

  7. Wuah.. now so canggih manggih ah? Print essay all? She in cottage (college :P) ah? Last time in std 4, when upgraded to using ball pens, I oredi felt so damn proud. Wuah.. now type type, print print.. so pro..

  8. now only u know ah.. pity those kids that dont hv pc or printer at home, like me... got pc no printer.. how leh... fyi, she is in secondary lo..

  9. pdf are widely used nowadays. Tell you what, download 'cutepdf writer' from the internet and install onto your new PC. It's better this way so that you won't accidentally edited the Word file when printing.(don't think your kid will like the extra characters too for her teacher!) You cannot edit a pdf file.
    Else, get a printer!!!! It's so cheap nowadays...aiyo..

  10. haha...so aiyoh...next time must buy laserjet...those cheap printers always conk out when nv use for some time.. sigh.. everything needs money leh..

  11. wah...laserjet...big budget...haha.yeaho, can use pdf. i got the installer. can pass to aaron.haha, but can only use with windows xp, vista cannot use...

  12. haha..me illiterate in pc.. anyway, will remember that and thanks all the same..perhaps hv to tell that to andy... let him do it...hehe..

    This is the first time I think I'm lucky my girl is only 3 lol

  14. perhaps by then, u already hv a chauffeur to do those that i have done...haha...

  15. I enjoyed running around for the kids some years back...now, they even think we should be relaxing at home instead of trying to follow them...
    Enjoy the moments with full heart ya...you will miss these soon.... hahahaha


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