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Blogging Obsession..

THESE DAYS whenever I am sitting down at home or in the office, my favourite place will be in front of the computer, fully engrossed ... doing my rounds for my blog, going into PPP and SS for open opportunities, writing up blogs and checking my gmail account for approval and rejection blogs. Bloggers will know what I mean when I talk about these.

Now I am asking myself, am I now addicted to this so call cyber world? No doubt all these are pretty fascinating especially earning some USD dollars online (I have yet to look into my CC account to check), but I hope I wont be really obsessed with it. At this moment of time, I am still very interested in blogging, so much so that anything, anything that happens, it will become the blog of the day.

Walk and talk becomes my blog.... for those who are my 'real friends', please do knock on my head if I am just nodding or shaking my head, it means I am not 'right'.... :))


  1. ouch ouch!! yau ah.. still sane.. thank you...

  2. after a while, you will probably grow tired of it but you will also renew your interest again after that, especially when there are new hypes. There was no such thing as blogging or facebook last time.

  3. sometimes it is frustrating like for instance just now, my blog on the lasik came back rejected saying its link is not there but i checked and rechecked, the links are there as required.. i really dont know what to do.. might as well delete the blog..haha..

  4. Hi hi :D Hahaha.. blogging obsession.. Good good.. blog more when u have the obsession.. wakakaka.. later u blog a lot d, then u look back at ur archive.. You will be laughing at what you blogged last time.. Ahahaa..

    Especially the stories and the nice things that you shared with ur readers. ahaha.. :D

    keep it up! Yeah! hehehe.. :D

  5. you got my support, by the way, i think blogging is kinda of destressing and relaxing too.

    keep it up, hope to see you oneday in the print media interviewed for your blogging experience and the money you earned.

    kudos,, fellow blogger's support

  6. LOL!!!! Been there, done that, and still doing it when i feel like it. You know what, i stayed up till 7 this morning. And what did i get? USD200+ worth of income. WOOHOO!!!! Who says blogging doesnt pay, hoh. But now, i'm blogging like a freak trying to meet deadlines, blehhhh. Dont play play, More than 100 posts in 48 hours time. But i'm a veteran at this. You go work on your blogs. One day, you'll be earning a lot too :)

  7. yeah lor...very cham one blog, sit blog, sleep blog, head all blocked..perhaps retire early to blog ... earn like samm.. staying up in the early dawn to catch early birds...

  8. knock knock knock again. yau moe yan ah..? again... :D

  9. may eh see ah? lei hai pin kor ah? my head now spinning a bit not bec of blogging but ppl kept knocking 3 times on my head... knock 3 times on the ceiling if u want me...

  10. Hi Claire, you should take a break and come down to SGP. It will give you a more balanced life.

  11. haha..Loo, just joking.. alright, if still sane by end of this year, surely will go... ask the crabs to hang on for me..


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