Tuesday, July 1, 2008

RAWANG Yong Tau Foo...

ITS BEEN A LONG WHILE since I last blogged about food, glorious food... I must dedicate this food blog to Pureglutton who has been 'luring' me to her blog and 'torturing' my poor stomach with her deli-sumptious pictures almost daily :))

Actually its my fault, I have been procastinating to put up these pictures... there were taken in this corner coffeeshop called Seng Kee, (if my memory is still ok) in Rawang town.... Numher of persons eating were only 4 and the bill came to around RM55.00 plus drinks.. Rawang Standard..

yong tau-fu style..
another angle of the yong tau-fu-ss

chicken wrapped with paperand deep fried...
deep fried foo pei (fish paste with beancurd skin)
and lastly fish balls with vegetables...


  1. Come on!! U know its torturous and you still do it?? Ppl like me far far away from kampung very cham one leh...Yau tak tai, moe tak sek!!

  2. thank god i just took my lunch when visiting your blog, otherwise i have to eat somemore, looks like Rawang YTF is taking pole position now to that of Ampang. Bravo

  3. wao so yammyyyyyy the yong tau foo!
    Coz this is my favourite food la...
    but i got one q that is Rawang's yong tao foo oso tasty?
    i wan to try oh.....claire tham

  4. Hey Claire, thanks for the dedication! So when u think of food, think of me, eh! YTF, as u can see from my blog, is one of my alltime favourites - lots of protein and low fat (don't take the fried stuff la!)

  5. hi..greetings from Ho Chi Minh city.. thanks for yr comments.. will be seeing u all on sunday when i get back...

  6. wow! claire, you are going international on food-pamper? show us some viet yummies soon.....


Thank you, readers!

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