Friday, July 25, 2008

Sleepless Night In IPOH

LAST NIGHT yours truly here didnt sleep well, tossing and turning like a boat caught in a storm ... I suspect it must be after 1am that my brain finally called it a night. When I was tossing around, I was contemplating whether I should get up to online or not BUT I refrained myself....I must be self disciplined and have self control, ok? When its time to sleep, SLEEP... dont let the computer 'tempt' me....(now blaming on the computer, pulak) So finally after talking to myself noiselessly, I zzzzzzz off....

The Reason : 2 posts blogged, one for free, one is fictioned.... happy like mad, (macam sudah) strike lottery....


  1. looks like you are truly down with Compulsive Blogging Syndrom (CBS),dont google the words, my own concotion la

  2. Is it serious, Eugene? Do I have to consult any google psychiatrist? :) It might be just hangat-hangat ayam, it might not last long... haha..

  3. err...i also went to bed at 1am yesterday, thanks to my addiction to the Incredible Hulk's novel, which I got from the library and NEW..haha...

    Better go offline at 11pm....or should u ask your kid to curfew u? :P

  4. Discipline, my dear claire, discipline. There's a time for everything.

  5. Now baru you tau, make money online isnt really that easy after all hoh. I sit till 6am leh....

  6. T0 Chris : Dont let my son see yr comment...nanti padan muka i...

    To Sexy Jessie: yes, yes, i m practising Laura Branigan

    To Samm : U r right, not easy, one has to be a vampire...when everyone is sleeping, we r lurking around.. :)


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