Sunday, August 3, 2008

Its Not Me...

Hey, let me straighten things out first before I go to my next post... He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not,... is not what I m experiencing... I m just ggggivvvinggg my point of view.... please don't misunderstand.... Well, blame me.. I guess I have been reading a a lot of romantic fiction books lately... 2 ladies loving one man and likewise, one man loving 2 women at the same time..... I guess it happens in real life otherwise the books won't be written....

(phew.... by the way, old lady like me, mana ada orang mahu...)


  1. Hahaha~ So pity. Kena misunderstood. Who say no one wants you.. Your kids, your friends :D Ada orang mahu lagi maaa~~ HAhahaa.. ^_^

  2. haha... yeah, i tot i was writing it as a general paper.. nothing specific.. wah, didnt know ppl tot i was heartbroken one... better explain leh..

  3. Your blog is gaining popularity fast dear....stay are loved by many ya...

  4. its all about friendship, tong.. making frens from all over the world.. i appreciate them..


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