Thursday, August 7, 2008

Let's Pray.....

My friend called me up from Hong Kong yesterday evening... he was supposed to fly home yesterday but the air flight was canceled due to typhoon in Hong Kong and Macau. Raynebow told me yesterday that the typhoon was level 8 out of 10, meaning it is quite serious. Furthermore, with this Beijing Olympics starting tomorrow 8th August, I hope it won't be affected by the unpredictable weather there, TV was showing participants/players were wearing face masks due to the haze.....and..... somewhere in Sichuan, there was a minor earthquake again.
Let's pray for safety and protection and fine weather for all those who are there, who are involved, who wants to come back or who wants to fly there.... May God be in control....


  1. This typhoon thingy seems to be a very common thingy in HK. When my parents were in HK a few months ago, they were sort of being "chased" by that typhoon, they were on the last ferry to the next destination due to that bad weather and were on a rocking ferry, pretty dangerous. Then, my sister went HK last month, and on the day when they were supposed to depart, there was typhoon again, fortunately, it was only a slight delay in flight instead of cancellation of flight.

    This year seems to be bad for the olympic games, let's hope everything goes smoothly during the games. Hope the weather is good and no attacks at the games!

  2. i really hope that Beijing Olympic will shelved from any bad weather conditions.

    Let us hope and pray together,that's right

  3. Yes and hope China economy will bouced back like last year and the stocks don't fall anymore! :p

  4. my goodness what happened to this part of the world??? the catastrophes are subsequent.

  5. yeah, islander, one after another. yesterday there was a poll on tv.. the question was like this.. will Beijing Olympics be a successful event? i feel it is a very negative question.. i m not staying in china but i am confident that the chinese will do a very good job impacting the world with its finest layout and performance...

  6. Last time When i was in Macau on May that site also had Typhoon, so scared me because it was sooo windy. have a good experience, typhoon experience

  7. Just hope the share market will bounced back!

  8. Well well well, whatever may come, it will...whatever may happen, it will... a way so designed, no fear, no regret ya...


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