Monday, August 25, 2008

Passion in Singing

SINGING IS ONE OF MY PASSION in life... blogging only started this year but I love singing ever since I was young. Though I m no soprano or madonna, nevertheless, with my croaky voice, I still love music a lot. So when my pastor's wife gave me singing lessons few years ago, I was so ecstatic and excited... she is really a good music teacher, teaching us how to use the diaphragm and not just singing with the throaty to breathe in and out... just like doing 'big business' if u know what I mean....

Methodist Church

the entrance...

practising the day before Sunday service...

If the clock turns back to the time I was 18, I might join the Malaysia idol and experience being 'kicked out' by Paul Moss, our favourite judge like Simon Cowell... hehe...


  1. I am not a good singer but i am a member of the church choir.
    I can sing if i follow the voice of my fellow hehe, but I cannot sing alone lol

  2. well, if u are one of the church choir at least u hv overcome the stage fright.. as for me, i also havent sing alone in church yet but in office functions only those days.. i dare not become a lead worshipper yet..haha..

  3. Hi Reanaclaire, this Church in Canning gardens? I remember there was one near where I used to lived before, but can't remember what Church.
    My wife and I love singing too and once ahile at friend's house parties or our place we have karoake.

    My wife sings, 'don't cry for me Argentina' very well too. Used to tease her she should have been a nite club singer.

    I love to sing oldies, but one favourite is 'Release me', and 'Last waltz'.

    Oh ya, I was in Ipoh when that big mountain slab came down and buried a few homes and 1973 I think. Really pitiful too.

    Used to take short cut via Tasek road when leaving for Penang those days. Had a nasty accident one day, about 7am that road when a lorry carrying those long, big bamboos, the rope burst and all fell on the road, and they were about ten feet or longer too, and I was driving very fast about to overtake and one bounced and speared my front windscreen,

    I dodged in time missing me as it went right thru my car. (I posted about it sometime ago)
    .But I sure love Ipoh then....our last trip back in 2002 stayed at SIL's house....near Tambun road.

    You have a nice day, best regards, Lee.
    ps, Reanaclaire, if you have nothing better to do, reading of your Church activity reminds me of faith and prayers...
    take a look at my archives, two postings...

    1/ 'My tears never dry for you', d/d 12/2/07.
    2/ 'You are not my son', d/d 12/15/07.
    Should you wish to comment, please leave in my present posting, saves me searching where you came in, haha. Thanks, Lee.

  4. hi claire, got a problem with my post about Socialspark seafood Recipe, did you also encounter? i was tired they kept on sending your post was not approved due to links..but i think i copied the link completely..any idea?thanks

  5. hi claire, got a problem with my post about Socialspark seafood Recipe, did you also encounter? i was tired they kept on sending your post was not approved due to links..but i think i copied the link completely..any idea?thanks

  6. I love to sing but the songs doesn't like me huhuhu........

  7. good you could practice to develop your voice. i started since i was little always in the involve in theater. on all my performances fear is a factor learn to master your fear.when you started singing you will have confidence build in you little by little. c:

  8. Yes, once the fear of being onstage is overcome, the rest is easier. I am still very self conscious being in the lead, I stil prefer to be in the back up line only..haha.. wait till i hv more confidence first or maybe wait for God's calling.. :)

  9. who knows...they may organise a veteran's singing contest, like those in Astro wah lai toi? Then, you can join lor...

  10. la..they sing all mandarin songs.. my mandarin is out of the world one.. that one is for our mums to join..hehe...

  11. Hi,

    I added your link to my blog

    Chronic Chick Talk

  12. nice "gereja"!, I'm suprise. I don't think you are from Malaysia b4..

    have a nice day..

  13. when i was single, i used to be a memner of a choir. mezzo soprano. it's been a while since i sung publicly. now i only sing in the shower and when tucking in my kids. haha.

    i hope you get a chance at malaysian idol. that would be a cool experience. lol


  14. haha..i m just joking about malaysian idol.. i prefer to sing in church or in the bathroom like u.. :)

  15. This church looks kinda familiar.. I think I been there before.. during my cousin bro's wedding.. do u know ONG family? Shirley ong? LOL.. (Cant remember whether it is CGBC or CGMC) haha!

    Btw, I like singing too~ Always wish I am in the worship/choir team :P

  16. Canny, there is another church near CGMC...its CGBC...standing for Baptist church, perhaps u have been there...neighbours only...If u really want to sing, u can join in the worship group in yr church, i am sure they let u try... its really refreshing to sing praises to our Lord..focus on the words and u will feel something great is happening..


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