Wednesday, August 20, 2008


THE PRE WEDDING LUNCH was held at the most established restaurant in Tampin at 1.30pm. By then, we were feeling kind of hungry, that implicated the morning's dim sum breakfast were just not enough to satsify us ...

Ok, coming back to the topic.... The beautiful elegant Bride and the boyish yet handsome Bridegroom arrived at the restaurant...flashing their smiles of happiness and joy to everyone they see... They were so cheerful and so escatic throughout the function (well, which couple doesnt feel that way) and here's to wishing them......


The Food...

I missed snapping the 1st dish..too hungry I guess.. this was the 2nd dish, in fact..

a delicacy consisting of scallops, crab meat and shark fin...

honey lemoned chicken

roasted duck

steamed promfret

fried prawns coated with honey

sea cucumber, scallops, mushrooms.. etc etc

this is not a cap...its lotus leaf 'embracing' the rice...

the lotus leaf being 'undressed'

After the lunch, it was already 3.30pm...patting our stomachs, we said our goodbyes to the happy couple and started our 4 hours drive journey back to IPOH..........


  1. those smiles show their happiness and love to each other.

    hi~ thanks for visiting allinkorea.

    have a good evening!

  2. hello sure lo every body feel the same . when both couple getting married. as for the food it look delicious to me . any way i wish both couple a very happy lasting married. and smiles always

  3. Hi Rena claire, your new profile pic. Gosh, you sure one attractive lady. Very nice pic.

    Tampin....last time I passed by or stopped for coffee enroute to Singapore wayyy back in the 80's.
    Wow! The dishes in your posting really mouth watering, can get the lovely aromas here too, ha ha.
    Love that pomfret fish, my favorite!
    Bride and groom looks so happy, really beautiful couple.
    You have a nice day, keep well, Lee.

  4. Those foods are yummy!!!That sure made me drooling.

  5. The food looks yum! I think wedding banquets in smaller town taste and looks more appetizing as compared to those in the cities.

  6. claire, thx ur photo oh, really nice la the shooting.i cant feel that how yummy u all said that cos that day i no time to eat.Honestly, Tampin food is quit good, 'longgang mee' also very famous in Tampin.
    Thx ur blessing.

  7. You're so lovely with your off-shoulder sexy dress. You compliment each other.
    Oh my! I get hungry with all those mouth watering food. They are exactly
    the ones we usually order when we're dining out. And my favorite among them is the Peking Duck. Whew! So yummy!

  8. They look great together.. I Wish them longtime happiness!

    Gosh, those foods is making me droll right now lol..

    BTW, please change my domain into

    Thank you!

  9. Wah wah...looks like a grand feast u had! Wedding banquets in small town usually at lunch or tea time eh!

  10. OMG YUMMY YUMMY, I LOVED YOUR BLOG SOOOO SOO MUCH. You are my favorite atm. Now i'm going to a restuarant to eat the honey lemoned chicken and all of the other dishes:)) I totally loved them all. Every week we do eat some of these dishes however these foods looks soo delisious. I'm sure it tastes much better than the ones they make in London.

    Look after yourself.

  11. wow! beautiful!! and delicious foods there:D


    my new comic:

  12. Hey, I love the first dish. Can't remember what its name was though. One thing that is sure, 8-9 course meals are not cheap. Hehe

  13. whoo.. perhaps i can taste those foods first. lol. yummy! :D

  14. now i realize how i miss my uncle in canada... he's a really good cook and he's the only one who really likes to cook real chinese food... and sad to say, even if i get to visit him, he won't be able to cook for me for he has alzhiemer. huhuhu... :(

    the shark's fin soup looks really yummy...

  15. The food looks delicious! Btw, just in case you didn't know, there was a pop-up that came up when I clicked on the comment button. It's a porn site so you might want to check which widget you installed causes this.

  16. ah this is the wedding you came to malacca. mmmm, the food! :)

  17. The roasted duck look damn nice..I long time din't go wedding dinner d..don't have relative or friends marry..=.="

    as what y-ling said.."your blog make me hungry"...I AGREE !!


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